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 Denise M. Lorenz, M.S.   225 Murphy Center  Internship Coordinator + Service Learning Coordinator + Volunteer.

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2  Denise M. Lorenz, M.S.   225 Murphy Center  Internship Coordinator + Service Learning Coordinator + Volunteer Coordinator

3 2012-2013  Fall 24  Spring 25  Summer 30  Total 79 2013-2014  Fall 40  Spring 55  Summer 43  Total 138

4  “An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional setting.”  Internship for credit is online course – can do anywhere  Offered Fall, Spring & Summer semesters  Can earn between 1 and 12 credits per semester  Can do multiple internships and earn up to 15 credits prior to graduation  Any student can do an internship with Academic Advisor approval  Some majors require, others highly suggest  XXXX 287 & XXXX 487

5  Acquire valuable hands-on, professional experience BEFORE graduating  Opportunity to apply student learning outcomes in their major to an outside setting/the ”real world”  Develop network of professional contacts “It’s who you know to get the interview, it’s what you know to get the job.”  Build their resume’  Sets them apart from other graduates in their major

6  Rule out or confirm career choice  Narrow down choices in career field  Get their foot in the door  Potential to get paid  Potential job offer (7 out of 10 nationwide)

7  “Internships are the new interview.”  Test drive talent  Find future employees  Increase productivity  Increase employee retention rate  Enhance perspective (fresh, creative minds)  Utilize low cost labor  Give back to the community  Support students

8  “All Viterbo students we have encountered have been prepared for their role with the team, and ready to learn new things.”  “Student possesses a lot of energy and has confidence in his own abilities. His enthusiasm is infectious and can add to the workplace.”  “You should be very proud of _____, he represented the university well and this is a program that I will definitely be reaching out to when future intern or full time opportunities become available.”  “Viterbo has some great students that show a true desire to learn. They treat the internship as a learning opportunity rather than a job.”


10  Student discusses internship possibility with academic advisor semester before  Student sets up appointment with Career Services to review resume or attends Resume Information Session  Student contacts Community Engagement Coordinator to set up appointment or attends Internship Information Session  Student Completes online Internship Interest form

11  Student seeks out internship site  Student reports internship placement in VHawk JobTalk account  Career Services Career Services  Advisor approves internship online  Internship site supervisor approves internship online  Community Engagement Coordinator completes Change of Schedule Form to add internship course  Student takes form to Registrar’s Office to enroll before semester begins

12 Credit HoursAverage Hours Per Week Total Hours Required CreditsTotal Hours RequiredAverage Hours Per Week Fall & Spring Semester (16 weeks) Average Hours Per Week Summer (12 weeks) 14834 29668 3144912 41921216 52401520 62881824 73362128 83842432 94322736 1048030- 1152833- 1257636-

13  Online in Moodle  Orientation  Peer resume review  Monthly self-evaluations  Discussions  Site visit  Special project  Supervisor review of resume  Summary report  Survey/evaluation (mid-term and final)  Log of hours

14  $150,000 grant from the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation  The intent of the grant is to encourage students who are financially needy to do an internship in their career field  Goal is to create new internship opportunities and convert unpaid internships to paid

15  All majors are eligible to apply  Student must be of junior or senior standing (61+ credits completed)  Student must be registered for an internship or practicum course  Student cannot be getting paid an hourly wage at internship  Student must be deemed “financially needy” by Financial Aid office (have FAFSA on file)

16  Community Engagement Coordinator ensures that internship is NOT paid  Community Engagement Coordinator contacts Registrar’s office to determine if student is of junior or senior standing (61+ credits)  Community Engagement Coordinator sends Financial Aid office list of students interested in doing an internship/practicum  Financial Aid office determines eligibility based on grant formula (must have FAFSA)  Financial Aid office informs Community Engagement Coordinator who is eligible, maximum amount eligible for or reason ineligible

17  Community Engagement Coordinator informs student and Todd Ondell of eligibility  Student completes application for grant, agrees to attend professional development sessions and attaches resume  Community Engagement Coordinator contacts internship site to inform them of student eligibility for grant & encourages employer to add student to payroll and invoice Viterbo for wages

18  If employer is unable to add student to their payroll, student will be added to Viterbo’s payroll  Student must complete I 9 and W 4 forms  Student must provide Business office with proper identification (Social Security Card, driver’s license or others)  Student completes Viterbo time sheets, has internship supervisor sign and submits to Todd Ondell


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