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Get your feet wet in the professional world… with internships!

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1 Get your feet wet in the professional world… with internships!

2 Why consider an internship? A college degree is no longer a guaranteed ticket to success *61.9 % of the class of 2004 had internship experience* Experience=key to competing

3 From the mouths of interns… “The experience that I gained from the internships I have had are invaluable to me; they have made me more comfortable in a business setting, they have honed my skills in my field, and they have made me more marketable to future employers.” --Jason Hardy, RIC client & frequent intern

4 Why take an internship? You will… Strengthen your resume Develop marketable skills Network! Apply your class work Test a potential career

5 What is expected of me? Develop goals & objectives Self-evaluate and reflect Communicate with your mentor Maintain professional & ethical standards Ask Questions!

6 Where do I start looking? Your school’s Career Services Department Faculty Advisors, Professors and Student Organizations Career/Internship Fairs Networking Events Company Websites Internship Search Sites such as:

7 What are the steps involved in finding an internship? Define your goals & priorities Conduct a search Create a resume and cover letter Contact employers Prepare for interviews Follow-up on all interviews

8 How will I be compensated? Paid oRecent Survey of Pay: Academic Credit oContact Career Services to determine pre-requisites and eligibility – BEFORE you talk to your employer Alternatives oTravel reimbursement, special events tickets, etc. Undergraduate $6-9 Graduate $12-15

9 From the mouths of interns… “The experience is the most important part of the internship—not the money nor the credit hours.” --Ashley Greco, RIC client, former intern and new hire at Enterprise Bank

10 When should I start looking? Fall or Spring Semesters Summer Break Take an internship when you are ready! Job Descriptions Posted Interview DatesWork Term Begins August – SeptemberSeptemberSeptember- November November –DecemberNovember –JanuaryFebruary – April AprilMay – August

11 How do I get the most from my internship? Keep a journal Maintain a portfolio Meet regularly with your supervisors Ask to attend meetings Seek constructive criticism

12 The Regional Internship Center (RIC) Serves as centralized internship system Increasing the number of internships in Southwestern PA Catalyst of student retention FREE!!

13 How does the RIC serve students? Connects students to internships opportunities in SW PA Offers career-planning resources Staff is available for personal guidance & feedback

14 Can my internship lead to a job? 74 % of employers offer internships to recruit entry-level talent 36% of interns become full-time hires --National Association of Colleges & Employers 2005 Experiential Education Survey. In 2004 40% of RIC employers offered their interns full-time positions

15 Any other real-life benefits? 44.9% of employers said they offer higher salaries to incoming hires with internship/co-op experience than they offer to those without such experience --National Association of Colleges and Employers 2005 Experiential Education Survey

16 From the mouths of interns… “My first internship let me know exactly what I didn’t want to do with my life. My second internship gave me an idea of the kind of workplace environment that I needed to be happy. My third internship taught me invaluable skills that I use to this day.” --RIC intern Eric Verprauskus

17 Any questions? Erin Baker Student & University Relations Associate 412.258.2687

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