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Construction Technology Division High Voltage Area PassChamberlain.

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2 Construction Technology Division High Voltage Area PassChamberlain

3 High Voltage Lineman Instructors Gene Nunn PSO Retired Jimmy Jones USAF Retired Steve Presser REC Retired Ed Allphin AEP Retired

4 Two Years Six Semesters 90 Credit Hrs. Technical Courses General Eds 5 Internships

5 Safety Minded Good Work Ethic Hands-on Learner Problem Solver Good People Skills Minority Status a Plus

6 Average age of Student: 20 years old in the High Voltage area Diversity of Students: Female – American Indians – African American Staci Southerland OG&E Stassa McDaniels Oncor Michael Shoemake GRDA Nolan King Oncor

7 1st Semester Introduction to Climbing High Voltage DC & AC Power Ethics Computer Literacy Small Group Communication

8 2nd Semester Intro. To High Voltage Elec. Safety Principles of Operation of High Voltage Distribution Systems Heavy Construction Equipment Internship I

9 3rd Semester Overhead Distribution Systems American History, Before or Since 1865 Business Math or College Algebra Paid Internship II

10 4th Semester Paid Internship III Underground Distribution Systems Transmission Principles Psychology of Personal Adjustment

11 5th Semester Paid Internship IV Advanced Distribution Systems US Government Technical Writing 1

12 6th Semester Paid Internship V Electrical Capstone Experience Technical Writing II

13 Internships: Student goes to work for a contractor, municipality, or utility company. The student is treated as an apprentice lineman. The student is paid a salary that is negotiated between the employer and the student.

14 Internships: Eight to Ten weeks long except between semester 3 & 4 and it is Min of 16 Weeks. Employer grades the student along with a weekly report sent in by the student. Those are sent to OSU for the Internship grade. This will affect their overall GPA. Internships are rotated so that students are almost always available to the companies.

15 Sponsoring a Student: OSU-Okmulgee DOES NOT get involved with the agreement/arrangement between the student and the sponsor. Examples of Sponsorships: Tuition, Equipment, and/or Book costs paid by sponsor Internships will be completed with sponsor 3 to 5 year post-graduation employment commitment.

16 Who is currently taking advantage of our program? We currently have 59 companies who have used our Apprentices, here are some of them. OG&E AEP/PSO TXU/OnCor Westar Energy NationalGrid WFEC KAMO Power SWPA GRDA East Central Elec. Kiamichi Elec. Canadian Valley Red River Valley Kiwash Electric Coop KAY Electric PEC Twin Valley

17 Westar Energy

18 Storm Rolling In Mark Mulliniks AEP/PSO

19 Students working at Hurricane Katrina

20 Full Time: Justin Fausett Jeff Stewart Interned: Bruce Paulus Ryan White Josh Hasselback Michael Dickenson Brent Moffett Josh Standridge

21 Erecting a Steel Tower with a Crain

22 Isaac Rodriguez working with James Whitaker on a Baker board Isaac works for OnCor James works for AEP/PSO

23 Ready, set, go! A little Competition in Class makes for a great day

24 Installing a Transformer at OSU-Okmulgee Matt Logan, OG&E

25 Staci Southerland Operating the Digger Truck OG&E


27 Chad Reeves, AEP/PSO

28 CDL Driving test taken with our Line truck

29 Class just hanging out after finishing a 69KV Line Class just hanging out after finishing a 69KV Line

30 These are just some of the Companies Interning and Hiring our Students NationalGrid Transmission

31 More Companies that Intern and Hire our Students

32 Questions: Web Site: Gene Nunn E-mail: Phone: (918) 284-5304 Jimmy Jones E-mail: Phone: (918) 293-4743 Steve Presser E-mail: Phone: (918) 752-5571 Ed Allphin E-mail: Phone: (918) 740-0618 Steve Olmstead – (918) 293-4744

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