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2 Introduction The Maxis Internship Program was officially established in 2006 for undergraduates to gain on-the-job exposure in the telecommunications industry. It aims to nurture and develop Malaysian talents as part of our contribution to the country, and provides a potential talent pool of Maxis Management Associate Program candidates. Open to Malaysian students studying locally in private or public Universities, we recruit interns majoring in either Engineering, IT, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Psychology, Public Relations and Communications. Chapter Heading Here 13 April 2017

3 Criteria Applicants must be Malaysian as this is part of a nation building initiative Applicants are expected to score a CGPA of 3 at the point of application or equivalent to UK –Second Class Upper High proficiency in both spoken & written English Excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills High preference towards learning and working in teams Duration for internship - minimum period of 12 weeks Complete the on line application form at Chapter Heading Here 13 April 2017

4 Benefits Besides, gaining the on-the-job exposure they are also given opportunities to network and gain industry insights from senior management, fellow interns and Management Associates. Allowance RM700.00 Leave up to 4 days for 3 months of internship Interns have been given access to our E Learning Programs. Supervisors can nominate interns to participate in some of our in-house Instructor Led Courses. Interns will attend the 5-day on boarding session where they will be introduced to the Maxis culture and organization.  Interns will be given Maxis lanyards and tags, a T-shirt and also the Campus Edition SIM Pack. Chapter Heading Here 13 April 2017

5 Conclusion Majority of the interns are based in the Central Region and there are some based in the other parts of Malaysia too. In a bid to promote continuous engagement  of  potential workforce with the industries, a double tax deduction incentive was introduced by TalentCorp in the second quarter of this year. Maxis is part of this structured internship programme, endorsed by TalentCorp, and we are eligible for double tax deduction for related expenses incurred on the interns. Our interns can be our potential future Maxisians and also our ambassadors. Let’s provide them the best experience and ample opportunities for development! Chapter Heading Here 13 April 2017

6 THANK YOU Chapter Heading Here 13 April 2017


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