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TUC Conference 20 th & 21 st November 2014 ‘Helping Employers make a difference’

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1 TUC Conference 20 th & 21 st November 2014 ‘Helping Employers make a difference’

2 Where we can help… Recruitment and Selection Advice on funding avenues Working with schools and colleges Impartial careers information, advice and guidance Redundancy counselling Facilitating employer engagement

3 Recruitment and Selection Careers Wales is leading recruitment agency for employers considering employing young people seeking employment Careers Wales can market vacancies directly to our clients Apprenticeship opportunities with funding support (subject to criteria) Apprentice Matching Service (AMS)

4 Working in Partnership –coordinating employer engagement Will develop a coordination role referring schools to providers Acknowledge the contribution of different agencies Schools playing central role to establish relationships Avoid duplication Will work to engage new employers in education Focus on key areas Local/ Regional skills gaps Employers relating to schools in their locality STEM Areas where employers can support the curriculum

5 Education Business Link “Careers Wales will support employer engagement with education and provide capacity building support to educational establishments to help institutions develop the Careers and the World of Work framework, including the Careers Wales Quality Mark”

6 Working with schools & colleges Engagement - employer volunteering with schools and adding to existing engagement programmes such STEM Ambassadors Brokerage – putting schools and employers at the heart of sustainable, local partnerships and working with other organisation and agencies to establish long-term, self-sustaining partnerships between employers and schools.

7 Education Business Links Our aim: to act as a link between schools and businesses to help young people learn and prepare for the world of work. We can support and encourage employers involvement: Recruit and train business volunteers Provide guidance and resources (for example: provide briefings and supervision, plan and develop opportunities) Provide exemplars of good practice and a safe framework Act as a broker and facilitator to nurture project ideas

8 Collaboration and good practice Volunteers drawn from the private, public and third sectors providing support at events that continue to demonstrate an effective model of collaboration and good practice – brokering:- World of work events – sector talks to small groups of young people Work focused days – employer led workshops in preparation for work experience Careers Carousel/Careers Fair events for young people and parents Interview Skills Workshops – employer led workshops Sector Skills led workshops Develop new approaches- to raising awareness about the world of work

9 Employer mentors and role models from the world of work and the wider community Can make an important contributions to a young persons’ development:-  Provide insights, perspective and inspiration  Nurture talent and enthusiasm  May help to focus career aspirations  Improve self confidence; awareness of work related skills and communication skills

10 Benefits to Business Volunteers On a personal level and for a business as a whole Make a positive impact in education Fulfil Corporate and Social Responsibility Give something back to young people Raise awareness of the skills your sector needs and employment and training opportunities Invest in your local community Promote your business and raise your community profile attracting a potential local workforce Develop new skills and provide CPD within your company Enhance your own and others’ self-confidence Bring business, the community and schools closer together Network with other Business volunteers Do something that is worthwhile and rewarding

11 Thank you for listening Any questions please? Lesley Lloyd, Education Business Adviser

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