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The Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Process.

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1 The Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Process

2 What is CIC? The Convention Industry Council (CIC) is a federation of 32 national and international associations representing all aspects of the meeting, convention, and exhibition industry. The CIC owns and administers the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification.

3 Agenda CMP History The CMP Process Application Exam Preparation The CMP Exam The Role of CIC Member Organizations Discussion/Questions

4 The CIC Mission Provide a focal point for the industry to work collectively to exchange information Help increase the professionalism of the industry Develop programs to serve the industry and its professionals Recognize and raise industry standards

5 Major CIC Programs Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Hall of Leaders Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX) CIC Manual/Publications Economic Impact Study

6 Certified Meeting Professional  (CMP  ) Certification Program “Governed “ and administered by the CIC Not an individual membership, but a professional designation CMP is owned and managed by the CIC. CIC member organizations provide study groups for CMP preparation Follows best certification practices

7 The CMP History Began in 1985 by The Convention Liaison Council Always “Certified Meeting PROFESSIONAL”, not planner Began as a response to increase the professionalism of meeting managers Only industry certification endorsed by all 32 CIC member organizations

8 CMP Program Goals Identify a body of knowledge Establish the level of knowledge and performance required for certification Stimulate the advancement of the art and science of meeting management Provide unique networking opportunities for those involved in the program

9 CMP Program Goals Continued… Increase the value of practitioners Recognize and raise industry standards, practices and ethics Maximize the value received from the products and services provided by CMPs

10 CMP Benefits Authority to use the CMP designation on Letterhead, Business Cards, etc. Global Recognition Professional Development Personal Achievement / Competitive Advantage Newsletter Subscriptions Network of Fellow CMPs

11 CMP Program Players CMP Board of Directors CIC Staff Testing Agency – Thomson Prometric Psychometrician – “Test Development Expert” Volunteer CMPs – item writers, assistant proctors, study group leaders, promoters of the program

12 CMP Board of Directors Representative of CIC member organizations and CMP stakeholders Establish and document the level of competence required for CMP Develop and Review final exam forms Oversee all aspects of the program Market and promote CMP

13 CMP Statistics 11,747 worldwide as of July 2006 32 countries represented 478 new CMP’s from the July 2006 examination Majority (70%) are planners Suppliers and other industry professionals welcomed

14 The CMP Process 1.Obtain the CMP Candidate Handbook (includes CMP application) from CIC 2.Complete and submit the application 3.Review the CMP blueprint material 4.Study/prepare 5.Sit for the exam 6.Re-certify every five years

15 Completing the Application Website: Follow the link to order the CMP Candidate Handbook Make a copy of application, do a draft Submit completed original application to CIC along with required documentation & application fee

16 Application Requirements A minimum of three years work experience in meeting management Responsibility and accountability for the successful completion of meetings Unemployed individuals may apply within 12 months of the onset of unemployed status

17 Application Point System A Minimum of 90 points is required Experience: maximum points - 35 Management responsibility – 50 Education/continuing education – 25 Membership – 10 Professional contributions in meeting management – 30

18 Eligibility Application submission fee valid for two years. Candidates have two years from the time of eligibility to take and pass the exam. This two-year period starts as soon as CIC notifies applicants of their eligibility.

19 Exam Deadlines The exam is January 20, 2007. Deadline to submit application is September 12, 2006 The next IMEX/Frankfurt exam is April 16, 2007. Deadline to submit application is January 8, 2007 The next exam is July 28, 2007. Deadline to submit application is March 19, 2007

20 Program Fees – US $ CMP Candidate Handbook = $45 (US) + shipping/handling Application Submission Fee = $175 (US), non-refundable Exam Registration Fee = $450 (US)

21 Study Resources CIC Manual, 7 th Edition CIC International Manual, 1 st Edition APEX Industry Glossary

22 Study Groups Independent from CIC Groups can be self-led or professionally facilitated Cost and frequency of meetings depends on the group Study group guidelines are available on CIC website Many study groups offer a weekend immersion course for study tips guidelines

23 CMP Blueprint- “Body of Knowledge” 6 topic areas called “Domains” Exam questions are written to assess candidates’ knowledge of meeting management in these particular areas Numbers in brackets = number of questions on CMP exam

24 CMP Policies & Tips Adhere to the CMP policies and deadlines outlined in the CMP Candidate Handbook Study the CMP Blueprint areas in the Handbook The CMP Blueprint is divided into 5 main Domains with a range of 27 to 36 questions from each Domain Study each and every meeting management topic regardless of number of questions anticipated

25 Study Tips Purchase both the CIC Manual, 7 th edition and CIC International Manual, 1 st edition as the majority of the exam questions are inspired from these publications. CIC does NOT endorse “sample tests” for candidates other than the on-line practice tests available for purchase from CIC website.

26 Exam Info Exam items undergo review process - CMP item writers, the CMP Board of Directors Exam Committee & the testing agency Items measure competency and skill Writing & reviewing questions ongoing process to keep exam current

27 Exam Info Each test comprised of a new selection from the CMP “Item Bank” CMP “Item Bank,” is a database of test questions prepared by CMPs at CMP Conclaves Exam is designed to measure competency rather than academic excellence Exam is scored as either pass or fail

28 Test Format and Score 165 multiple choice items (questions) 3 1/2 hours * You may comment on items Flawed items are discarded from scoring Answer sheet scored by computer Tests are screened for cultural nuances

29 Recertification Initial certification is valid for three years Complete a recertification application CMPs who recertify on time, do not have to take another exam to be recertified! Based on continued employment, education and professional contributions

30 The Role of CIC Member Organizations Help promote the CMP Program to Chapters of the member organization Have one person in each Chapter familiar with program Work with CMP International Committee Hold study groups and recognize those individuals that have received the designation

31 Questions/discussion Thank you for your interest and hopefully your participation!

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