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Kyle Marzola CSCI 150-01 Assignment 7.

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1 Kyle Marzola CSCI 150-01 Assignment 7

2 Order Day 1 Hotel Disney Epcot Hanging out in the sun Animal kingdom Last day

3 First day We met in our highschools gym at two in the morning. We then took a greyhound bus to the buffalo airport where we waited until seven for our flight.

4 Hotel After a long morning of not sleeping and being in an airport, we flew to charlotte where we had our layover, after we flew to florida where the fun began.

5 Disney When we were at disney we were told we could go to any park at any time as long as we were back at the main part by nine. It was fantastic because of all the freedom we were given.

6 Epcot We went to epcot, and one of the girls I was with kathleen was feeling sick all day, and I kept making fake vomiting sounds. After two hours she got sick, so I took a photo of the Epcot ball.

7 Hanging out in the sun When we weren’t at Disney we were busy laying by the pool or just walking around the hotel. It was huge it had a huge game room, a movie room, a suana, and a basketball court.

8 Animal Kingdom While we went to the animal kingdom it was raining out and we were on a ride that got you wet throughout. Since there was no line we were told we could go on it as many times as we wanted in a row. We were on the ride for over an hour, because we went on it ten times in a row.

9 Last day The last day was really depressing because we didn’t all leave together. Some groups left early in the morning some in the morning, and some in the afternoon. I was in the last group and out of everyone that was there they’re was only twenty of us. On the way back we continued the fake throwing up in the barf bags.

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