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Joanne Lunn Nutritionist Can Retailers Change the Nation ’ s Diet?

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1 Joanne Lunn Nutritionist Can Retailers Change the Nation ’ s Diet?

2 Overview Nutrition at Waitrose –Who we work with –What our objectives are –Examples of activity

3 We don ’ t have all the answers People who eat a healthy diet and keep active seem to –Live longer –Keep healthier

4 But what we do know… Most people in the UK are not managing to eat a healthy balanced diet –Don’t eat enough fruit and veg –Don’t eat enough fibre –Don’t eat enough fish –Eat too much saturated fat –Eat too much salt –Don’t get enough exercise Vitamin A, B2, D, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium intakes low in the population

5 Food to help them feel good –Reduced bloating, more energy, less infections Food for a special dietary need –Either real or perceived/self diagnosed Food to lose weight Food to maintain weight Food for a particular life stage –older age, pregnancy Food to help manage diabetes or other condition How can we make healthy eating more interesting and individual? Not everyone wants the same thing

6 DH FSA/Defra WAITROSE EU Food Safety & Hygiene Allergen Thresholds GM & Novel Foods Labelling & Packaging Integrated Consumer Advice Workplace Initiatives Condition Based Diseases Responsibility Deal Front of Pack Labelling Nutrient Profile & Ads Nutrition & Health Claims Nutrition Advice Service Nutrition Strategy Suppliers Allergen Thresholds The Interlinking Relationships CSR

7 Driving Change Suppliers RangeBehaviour Helps consumers make ‘ at a glance ’ decisions when time pressured Encourages reformulation and improves the nutritional profile of many every day processed food products Customers can access nutritious and delicious products, and indulge themselves from time to time according to the meal occasion

8 The Waitrose Assortment Nutrition policy for own label foods –Salt reduction –Quality & quantity of fats –Reduction of additives –Removal of allergens –Portion size


10 Public Health Responsibility Deal 2011 Waitrose agreed to: Salt reduction Out of home calorie labelling Eliminating trans fats

11 Salt Update 5 year programme of work with suppliers Helping customers adjust to lower levels Gradual step wise reductions to fully meet the original 2010 targets Work continues beyond 2012 –92% of targets achieved Food safety is paramount Technical barriers exist

12 Out of Home Calorie Labelling May 2011 commenced Extended in Autumn 2011 Over 50 cafes Introduced into our own dining rooms for beverages & breakfast menu

13 Public Health Responsibility Deal 2012 pledges: 5 a Day Calorie Reduction 2013 pledges: Saturated Fat Promotions and Marketing


15 The LOVE Life Range

16 Our aim is to encourage our customers to eat more of the foods that provide us with the nutrients many of us are not getting enough of Fruit and vegetables Oily fish Wholegrain foods Vitamins and minerals Omega 3 Fibre

17 LOVE Life you count

18 LOVE Life free from

19 Range of Kitchen Utensils

20 Front of Pack Labelling New hybrid format it the Government’s Approved Scheme Minimum font size Consistent format

21 Food Information Regulation New EU regulations coming into effect this year Three year transition period Impacts on Front of Pack labelling –Minimum font size –Remains voluntary Impacts Back of Pack labelling –Nutrition panel – reconfigured –Allergen declaration in ingredients –And many other non nutritional aspects Far reaching changes

22 & nutrition Personal & tailored advice – 5500 queries p/a Queries relate to heart health, cholesterol & weight management

23 Is coconut milk good for you? How much water is safe to drink? How can I lose a couple of pounds? I need to cut gluten out of my diet – how can I avoid it? Help! – I ’ ve just been diagnosed with gout! How many calories in a yum yum? Last year we responded to over 5500 customer queries Ask our nutritionists

24 We also offer a number of dietary lists free from particular allergens. These include: –Suitable for those avoiding…. Gluten Nuts Milk Soya –Low salt –Suitable for diabetics –Suitable for vegetarians/vegans Keeping you shopping


26 Service Counters Allow customers to buy foods in individual portions Expert & friendly advice on ‘how much’ to buy and ‘how to’ use Reduced wastage Support for ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ WRAP campaign

27 Marketing & Consumer Activities

28 Who is responsible?

29 Healthy Basket Food messages –Plenty of fruit & veg –Include fish every week –Choose wholegrain –Meat & alcohol free meals –People sized portions Our goal is to have an assortment that delivers the best taste, quality, and nutrition

30 Thank you –Joanne Lunn –01344 824278 – –

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