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Orange Grove Volunteer Fire Co. 800 MHZ Radio Operations.

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1 Orange Grove Volunteer Fire Co. 800 MHZ Radio Operations

2 Motorola XTS 2500 PORTABLE RADIO

3 Radio Features CPS (Customer Programming Software): Yes Integrated voice and data: Yes Man down: Yes Number of channels: 160 16 – position easily selectable rotary knob Outer ring with ABC will switch to Zones 1, 2 & 3 Center knob 1-16 selects channel/position Power On / Off volume control Ergonomically recessed PTT

4 Portable Radio Details Radio Details PDF

5 Front Features Speaker Display Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Home return button Directional Scroll Pad Do Not Use Button 1 (single dot) Activates Zone select. Use the round button with the 4 arrows to select the needed zone. Button 1 (single dot) Activates Zone select. Us the round button with the 4 arrows to select the needed zone. Button 1 (single dot) Activates Zone select. Use the round button with the 4 arrows to select the needed zone. Mutes tones made by radio when changing zones or making changes to other radio features. allows you to change clock settings. Once this button is press you will press the first button (1 dot) this will allow you to change the date and time by using the round button with the 4 arrows. Use this button after you select what Zone or any other user programmable features you will be using. Also will return you main frequency home page from other pages Six line twelve character full bitmap, high resolution display. Two lines of icons including: RSSI, battery guage, user time clock

6 Bitmap Display Current Zone and Position Time Signal Strength >50 Good <50 Bad Tower Scanning Site (Press purple button)

7 PTT Features PTT Button Site Display Button Purple button indicates what tower the radio is operating on. Also show signal strength. Press and hold this button to speak Light Button button turns light on and off in display screen. Scan Button Use this button to activate Scan

8 Top Features Outer ring with A B C will switch to Zones 1, 2 & 3 Center knob 1-16 selects channel/position On/Off/ Volume Selector Emergency Button; Not used at this time, May be added at a later time.

9 What to know about using the radio. Hold the radio directly in front of your mouth. Press PTT and wait for tone to begin speaking. Do NOT!!!! Clip anything to the antenna. Do not replace antenna’s with anything other than Motorola Equipment. Smaller antenna’s do not work as good as the longer sized ones. We recommend NOT using the scan feature. DO NOT MISTREAT THE RADIO! These are very expensive radios, they are a tool, the better you treat them the longer they will last.

10 Serial Numbers ORANGE GROVE FIRE State Viper Durham System Cary System Decimal IDHex IDAliasDecimal IDHex ID Decimal IDHex ID XTS2500 PORTABLES H46UCF9PW6N SERIAL # 205CGM19007395519A7FOG511726766688E 743496A9E8 205CGM19017395529A80OG522726767688F 743497A9E9 205CGM19027395539A81OG5167267686890 743498A9EA 205CGM19037395549A82OG5237267696891 743499A9EB 205CGM19047395559A83OG5997267706892 743500A9EC 205CGM19057395569A84OGSPARE7267716893 743501A9ED 205CGM19067395579A85OG5127267726894 743502A9EE 205CGM19077395589A86OG5217267736895 743503A9EF 205CGM19087395599A87OG5017267746896 743504A9F0 205CGM19097395609A88OG596/5977267756897 743505A9F1 205CGM19107395619A89OG5037267766898 743506A9F2 205CGM19117395629A8AOG5157267776899 743507A9F3 205CFT21257308647890OG513/5147269016915 743705AAB9 205CFT21267308657891OG5027269026916 743706AABA 205CFT21277308667892OG5047269036917 743707AABB XTL2500 514CJF1944753130 OG551727056 742942 514CJF1945753131 OG531727057 742943 514CJF1946753132 OG532727058 742944 514CJF1947753133 OG541727059 742945 514CJF1948753134 OG542727060 742946

11 800 Mhz Radio Inventory Name Serial NumberAlias Bill & Jane Waddell205CFT2125OG513 Steve McCauley205CFT2126OG502 Ron Bartholomew205CFT2127OG504 Paul Speight205CGM1902OG516 Richard Sykes205CGM1900OG511 Tommy Holmes205CGM1908OG501 Spare205CGM1905 OGSPARE Linwood Futrelle205CGM1910OG503 Bob & Allison Eaton 205CGM1909OG596 Jesse DuClau205CGM1901OG522 Ben Nichols205CGM1906OG512 Jeff Young 205CGM1911OG515 David May205CGM1904OG599 Lee Terry205CGM1907OG521 James Givens 250CGM1903OG523 Engine 531514CJF1944ENG531 Engine 532514CJF1945EGN532 Tanker 541 514CJF1946 TANK541 Tanker 542 514CJF1947`TANK542 Brush Truck 514CJF1948BRUSH551

12 Zone/Channel Description Orange Grove 800 list.doc

13 Truck Radios Motorola XTL 2500

14 Control Head Features Vol. Home Power LightNot Used Channel Select Zone Select

15 Using the Radios Video

16 Questions??????

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