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Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, 12e

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1 Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, 12e
Chapter 17 The Age of Pilgrimages: Romanesque Art

2 Europe About 1100

3 Goals Understand the term “Romanesque” in designating the artistic style of an historic period. Examine the need for large scale pilgrimage churches, the growth of architecture and urban centers.  Understand the ‘millenial’ and apocalyptic mood of the Romanesque era and their impact on artistic themes.    Understand the role of relics and the artistic objects designed to contain relics. Recognize differences and similarities in regional Romanesque architecture and artistic styles. Understand the narrative function of the human figure in Romanesque sculpture.

4 From Dr. Bard: The Romanesque Church
Protects from Pillage. Accommodates Pilgrimage Provides for Permanence

5 St-Etienne/Durham Cathedral
Two Norman cathedrals, the later conceived as a vaulted church from the beginning

6 Figure 17-14 Plan of Saint-Étienne, Caen, France.

7 Figure Plan (top) and lateral section (right) of Durham Cathedral, England (after Kenneth John Conant).

8 The Romanesque Portal

9 The Romanesque Portal

10 St. Trophime, Arles, mid-12th cen.

11 St. Trophime, Arles, mid-12th cen.

12 St. Trophime

13 St. Trophime

14 St. Trophime

15 Discussion Questions Identify key elements of Romanesque architecture.
What factors sparked the increase in building of churches in Western Europe? Why do you think there was such a strong positive reception of the concept of relics in Romanesque society??

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