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Self Directed Work Teams Lean Six Sigma in a Self Directed Work Force.

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1 Self Directed Work Teams Lean Six Sigma in a Self Directed Work Force

2 GE … a tradition of excellence Founded in 1878 as the Edison Electric Co. 130 years of successful operation 300,000+ employees worldwide Strong technology focus … Research centers in Germany, India, China and the U.S. First Carbon Filament Light Bulb, 1879

3 A heritage of innovation 1879Thomas A. Edison invents carbon- filament incandescent lamp 1913Develops X-ray tube & first commercially practical X-ray device 1941Develops first US jet engine 1952Develops LEXAN ® polycarbonate resin—a transparent plastic 1962GE invents solid state laser 1983Develops magnetic resonance imaging 2004Introduces the GE90-115B, the world’s most powerful jet engine GE founded in 1878 as Edison Electric Company … Today 300,000+ employees and $173 billion revenues

4 Jack Welch’s “Vision 2000” “Quality... is the next opportunity for our Company to set itself apart from its competitors Dramatically improved Quality will increase employee and customer satisfaction, will improve share and profitability, and will enhance our reputation.... This Quality drive will require the passionate commitment of all of you to make it happen... A Six Sigma 2000 target will require a significant commitment of resources and your strong, highly personal commitment to the objective.” J.F. Welch, 10/15/95 Why 6  ?

5 Lean and Six Sigma …that are strong together Six Sigma can help Lean to reduce waste by improving the process capability in processes in the value stream. Lean can help Six Sigma to increase process capability by eliminating waste in processes. In the end you need both to create a world-class business. Two separate improvement approaches… They both can help you improve your processes. Depending on what you want to improve, you either choose one of the two or both.

6 Self Directed Work Teams “Increasing employee involvement through self- directed work teams is not only a good thing to do, it is a business thing to do.” Ron Williams, 3M Quality Manager Greater Flexibility Reduced Operating Costs Faster Response to Change Fewer, Simpler Job Classifications Better Response to Workers’ Values Increased employee commitment to the Organization Ability to attract and retain the best people

7 GE Durham Durham Family Day Sept’08 Kids to Work ‘08 Special Olympics Plane pull at RDU ‘08 Paintfest Health Awareness Day Durham Bulls Day Staff Team building at Jordan Lake

8 Durham’s History ‘93 ‘94 ‘99 ‘02 ‘03 ’04 ‘08 Site opened for assembly of aircraft engines DEF ships first GE90 & CF6-80C2 DEF ships first CFM56-7 & CF34-8C GE90-115B CF34-8D/E CFM56-5 GP7000 CF6-80C2 L1F LMS100 CF34-10 GEnx Constructed in 1972 for GE Energy PS Steam Turbines 500 acres of land 500,000 sq. ft. of floor space

9 Engine Output Growth thru Lean Zero Additional Footprint & Double Digit Productivity

10 CF34-10 CFM56-5/7 GP7200 CF34-8 GE90 GEnx Horizon Raven Synergy Heritage Liberty Odyssey Phoenix Freedom GP7200 Mirage Summit Apollo Intrepid Support Commercial Products GEnx

11 High Performance Team Flat Organization Self Directed Workforce Flexible Culture Multi-skilled Talent Boundryless Structure Improvement Driven Culture Odyssey Apollo Summit GP7200 Intrepid Mirage Freedom Raven Heritage Synergy Horizon Phoenix Liberty GEnx

12 Human Resources Discipline & Development Training People Quality Systems Nonconforming Delivered Quality Quality Tool & Gauge Materials Processes Environmental, Health & Safety Safety Councils..Facility Wide Decisions One Representative per team Rotate members every 12 months Weekly Meetings

13  Assemble Engines  Meet business objectives  Track incoming material shortages  Develop schedules to meet ship dates  Create & maintain operation planning  Acquire tools & components  Coach & train other team members  Ensure quality of parts & engine build  Perform inspections  Ship to Peebles Test Operation  Conduct post-test fault reviews Technician Deliverables

14 Pay Increase with Achievement of Each Level Two-week training before build Extensive training matrix “P” License Required Tech I Basic Assembly Skills Finance Computers Team Building Skills Quality Systems EH&S Compliance Tech II Advanced Assembly Skills Machining Tech Writing Personal Development Computers Quality Systems Leadership Roles Tech III Advanced Assembly Skills Machining Computer Systems Personal Development Business Initiatives Personal Logbook Assessment Process Technician Growth Opportunities Tech < 9 months< 4 year< 2 year> 9 months

15 Communication Tools Communication Videos Training & Voic Customer Visits DEF Business Review

16 Multi Skilling Flex Time PB Days 360 Feedback Extensive Training Flexibility

17 Safety Quality Results Double digit productivity Zero Injuries Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Culture

18 GEnx Flow Line 1/8 th Scale Model Today Summer ‘07 250% Reduction in Footprint & Utility Costs

19 Team Metrics… Drive Accountability Reward & Recognize

20 Our Workplace Community Veterans Day Team Cookouts GE Volunteers Xmas Lunch Casino Night Team Competitions “Family Feud Game” Qtr Point Celebration


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