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TG Fluid Systems, USA Corporation AME Annual Conference, 2010.

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1 TG Fluid Systems, USA Corporation AME Annual Conference, 2010

2 Who is Toyoda Gosei? 25,000 Employees Four Business Units Int/Ext, Body Sealing, Safety Systems & Functional $6 Billion Sales 16 Countries 45 Facilities –North America, 9 Manufacturing Divisions 2

3 Introduction to TGFSUS 1996: Started Production as Eagle-Picher Fluid Systems. –Manufacturing Location: Green Oak Township, Michigan –Sales and Engineering: Green Oak Township, Michigan 2000: Toyoda Gosei Acquired Eagle-Picher Fluid Systems 2000: Changed name to TG Fluid Systems USA Corporation 2004: Moved operation to Advance Street, Brighton 3

4 TG Fluid Systems, Summary Plant Floor Space: 56,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse: 20,000 Sq. Ft. Office Space: 14,000 Sq. Ft. Team Members: 215 –Hourly: 173 –Salary: 42 4

5 TGFSUS Ownership Subsidiary of Toyoda Gosei North America –Directors of TGFSUS: Hiromi Ikehata (Chairman) Scott Maly Toyoda Gosei North America- subsidiary of Toyoda Gosei Company Ltd 5

6 What is our Purpose? Rapidly respond to the needs of Fuel Tank manufactures. Requires: –Product Technology –Design Support –Competitive Cost –Rapid Response 6

7 The Tank System We Support Fuel Feed and Return Fuel Fill –Canister Vent Systems –Recirculation –Fresh Air Running Loss –Vent Line 7

8 Vision, Values and Mission Vision: Through superior support to our customers, our customers advocate TGFSUS. Values : Focus for growth; Innovative solutions; Passion to deliver; Enthusiastic leadership; Trustworthy and Loyal Mission Statement: To provide globally innovative, dependable solutions that customer's value. 8

9 Fuel System Market, Tank Only 9 12M SAAR

10 Customer Base 2010 10

11 Revenue 11 *Forecasted

12 TGFS Manufacturing System Hoshin Kanri- Business Planning –Vision, Values, Mission and Goals –Key Initiatives –Key Operating Indicators that support goals- 32 –Daily, weekly and monthly review Heijunka- Level manufacturing system –Kan Ban: extrusion, assembly and shopping Root Cause and Countermeasures- 5 Why, Poka-yoke, Yoketen, 5S/2S1Y Build and enforce culture- Culture Fit & PMT Consistent Communication 12

13 Strength, Standard and Stable Key Operating Indicators –Support the Business Plan –Managers –Team Leaders –Drive Standardize and Stabilize –Data Driven –Root Cause and Countermeasures –Drive accountability 13

14 32 Key Operating Indicators 14 Review RC & CM Weekly with mgrs No Review RC & CM Weekly with mgrs

15 Strength, Process Improvement Tube Forming –Fully Manual to Fully automated 5 phases –Active interaction with machine & tool builder –ROI: 5-9 months –Reduces repetitive motion injuries by 80% –Banned: “Can’t” “Hope” 15

16 Tube Forming Technology 16 (-)Ergo, (-)Quality, (-)Efficiency (-)Efficiency and (-)tooling cost (-)Efficiency(-)Floor space, (+) Efficiency, (+)Quality Oven B1 B2 B3

17 Forming Variation 17 B3 B2 Oven Many tools, many people, few controls 2-4 tools, 1 person, few controls 1 tool, no people, many controls

18 18 Sales Vol.

19 Improvement Opportunity Business Plan –Does not Include all Stake Holders –Lacks SWOT, PEST (political, economic, social, technical) –12 month horizon –Slow to react to market and culture trends –Does not fully engage the team –Lacks prioritization for the Team 19

20 Hoshin Kanri, 2009 20 Reflection, Standardization Roles and Responsibilities Policy Idea Sheet Objective Method Form 1. Reflection for current year per Policy Item 2. 5 Why drives this document 3. This is a key supporting document to Roles and Responsibilities and Policy Idea Sheet 1. Role and Responsibilities of department and impact on the Company policy 2. Sate current state and target for the next four years. Consider department priorities when setting target 3. Consider action to sustain 4 and 5 at that level Idea Formation 1. Objectives 2. Dept KPI or KOI 3. Annual plan- April thru March 4. Recommend 2 Job Schedule or 13 week plan to provide evidence of Activities That Drive Results Activities That drive Sustainable Results 1. Weekly tracking 2. Ensure rhythmic work 3. Activities should drive results-

21 21

22 Improvement Opportunities Business Plan Process –Hoshin Kanri to Hybrid…..One Page Plan Hoshin One Page Plan Good to Great Interactive with manager conscientious Stake Holders 3-5 year Thrust, Business and Culture 18 month plan Focus Initiatives 90 Business review, re-budget 22 1PP

23 One Page Plan, 2011 23

24 24 Questions

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