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Consumer Healthcare Education By Prof. Sumant Goel.

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1 Consumer Healthcare Education By Prof. Sumant Goel

2 WHO ? Who is be most concerned about your HEALTH…….. YOU

3 Health ? Regardless of age, sex or wealth HEALTH is your most important asset. Good communication with your doctor is very important. People can live longer if they work on health as a goal. If health is ruined your life is worthless.

4 Your Rights The right to the satisfaction of basic needs The right to safety The right to be informed The right to choose The right to be heard The right to redress The right to consumer education The right to a healthy and sustainable environment

5 Sometimes information therapy can help solve your Health problems even before you begin Medical therapy.

6 Why? Because of specialization and superspecialisation patient’s often seen as different organs rather than as a whole individual. You should know about different specialists and their qualifications and competence. Quacks ? beware.

7 Why? For getting the best medical care – it has now become imperative for an individual to learn some basics about his body and ailments and various diagnostic tests. Know about your lab tests and in which disease they should be used. Always choose a good and reliable lab.

8 Why? There has been a surge in interest in complementary and alternative therapies- like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Reiki, Acupuncture, Siddha etc. If allopathy does not give relief these systems are worth a try. They are particularly helpful for chronic problems.

9 Why? For several treatments various approaches are available. Which is the best one? To address this question concept of evidence based healthcare has emerged in last few years.


11 Why? Few people realise, most drugs have side effects, antibiotic resistance has been a major challenge in past few years. There are hundreds of drugs and new ones continue to be added each year. Each drug has a profile with regard to its use, contra indication, dosage, side effects and suitability. Some drugs are contraindicated in kids, some are not advised for pregnant women.

12 Why? You should know how to buy drugs –See the pricing and exp date –Always take receipt –Take the drug and verify with your doctor –Know about spurious and banned drugs –Dispose unused drugs properly –Inform drug controller in case of problems


14 The making of a disease: female sexual dysfunction British Medical Journal 2003;326:45-47 ( 4 January ) A new disorder being identified to meet unmet needs or to build markets for new medications? At the end of the article author concludes:----- These revelations about female sexual dysfunction should spark a more widespread and rigorous investigation into the role of drug companies in defining and promoting new diseases and disorders.


16 Blood Donation Know your blood group. If you donate blood do it with due safety. Don’t donate blood if: History of hepatitis. Currently taking hypertension medication. Blood pressure reading of less than 120/80. Under 18 years old. Weight less than 110 pounds.

17 Why? Not sure what to believe when you see headlines like these? “Scars” May Be Cancer Predictor Two Drinks a Day Keep Stroke Away Weighing the Risk of a Diabetes Cure Persistent Heartburn Is a Cancer Warning Sign The Side Airbag Controversy Children Not Getting Lead Tests, Study Says Study: High Fiber Diets Don’t Cut Colon Cancer

18 Why? There are four reasons why health care organisations should have a strong consumer focus Participation is an ethical and democratic right. Participation improves service quality and safety. Participation improves health outcomes. Participation makes services more responsive to the needs of consumers.

19 Well informed patient? Better adherence (compliance) Improved Patient Satisfaction Less unnecessary visits Lower rates of missed appointments. Informed consent

20 Trust Trust your doctor Don’t have blind faith Always cross check on –Treatment –Drugs –Diagnostic tests –Surgery Discuss with your doctor if you have doubts

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