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Raspberry Ketone “Miracle fat-burner in a bottle”.

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1 Raspberry Ketone “Miracle fat-burner in a bottle”

2 WHAT IS RASPBERRY KETONE? Raspberry ketone is a chemical from red raspberries(Rubus idaeus) Most commonly used for weight loss and obesity BUT it is also believed that it can improve hair growth by being applied to the scalp It is also used in foods, cosmetics, and other manufacturing as a fragrance or flavoring agent

3 HOW DOES IT WORK? Some research (in animals and/or test tubes) shows that raspberry ketone might increase some measures of metabolism It is also believed to affect a hormone in the body called adiponectin Adiponectin-is a protein which in humans is encoded by the ADIPOQ gene. It is involved in regulating glucose levels as well as fatty acid breakdown

4 SIDE EFECTS AND SAFETY: Raspberry ketone has never been scientifically studied in humans to determine if it causes side effects. There are concerns about the safety of raspberry ketone because it is chemically related to a stimulant called synephrine. Synephrine (or oxedrine) is a drug aimed at encouraging fat loss. It has gained significant popularity as an alternative to ephedrine. Its is a related substance which has been made illegal or restricted in many countries due to concerns about potential problems with heart disease risk and its use in methamphetamine manufacture

5 SIDE EFECTS AND SAFETY (continued): Raspberry ketone might cause feelings of: jitteriness increase blood pressure rapid heart beat. In one report, someone who took raspberry ketone described feelings of being shaky and a pounding heart beat (palpitations).

6 BEING A GOOD CONSUMER: There many companies on the internet that claim to have the best product out there, however, not all companies are as reliable as we would like. We need products from a company that can be trusted. We want products that have been tested by third parties and have strict guidelines for allowing the sale of their products.

7 According to there are four things to check before buying a product, in this case, buying raspberry ketone. 1) Effectiveness 2) Quality 3) Price 4) Return Policy

8 1) EFFECTIVENESS In order for any raspberry ketone product to work effectively it has to contain the proper amount of raspberry ketones. The recommended amount of raspberry ketones should be 500mg per capsule taken daily.

9 2) QUALITY In order for any raspberry ketone product to rank high in quality it should contain natural 100% pure real raspberry ketones with no fillers or additives in the capsules. (stay away from synthetic raspberry ketones grown in a lab) In addition, it should be made in an FDA registered laboratory and it must comply with the US Pharmacopeia's quality standards.

10 3) PRICE An important part of losing weight is trying to find a weight loss supplement that is reasonably priced. When looking for raspberry ketone the best product is one that contains the recommended 500 mg of raspberry ketone with no other fillers or additives. Most cost anywhere from $50 to $60 per bottle.

11 4) RETURN POLICY Every customer should have the right to ask for their money back, with no questions asked when purchasing a product. Some products don’t work for everyone and not having a good return policy is simply unfair. The best products will offer at least a 60 day 100% money back guarantee from the date the product was purchased.

12 TOP RATED RASPBERRY KETONES FOR 2013 1)Raspberry Key 22.95 per bottle Not grown in labs Contains recommended dose of 500mg No fillers or added ingredients

13 2) Raspberry Ketone Max All natural ketones Few fillers Costs around $40 for a month’s supply Each capsule only contains 300mg Have to take more than one capulse per day for best results

14 3) Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Raspberry Ketones Contains 125mg of the recommended dosage of raspberry ketones $29.99 for 90 capsules

15 The Dr.Oz Show Feburary 2012

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