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Dial-in Number: 877-730-0735 OR 706-679-6709 Participant Passcode: 6104583035.

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1 Dial-in Number: 877-730-0735 OR 706-679-6709 Participant Passcode: 6104583035

2 Spatially Enabled ProjectWise A Web Seminar for Organizations using ProjectWise

3 Agenda ProjectWise Geospatial Management What is Geospatial Management? What are the benefits? Case Studies Product Demonstration How do I get ProjectWise Geospatial Management? Todd Rothermel Gary Cochrane


5 Geospatial Management A ProjectWise extension that adds spatial context to a managed environment … Spatial indexing Projection management Spatial display Query and locate

6 Spatially Indexed Documents Spatial Navigation Background Map The Spatial Paradigm

7 Scaleable Background Maps

8 Spatially Indexed Documents

9 Spatial Display Options Shaded ROI’s Centroid Pushpins Metadata-driven symbolization with legend control

10 Benefits of Geospatial Management Empowering a spatially enabled managed environment … Integrates mapping and engineering Secures the record of constructed infrastructure Improves individual and group productivity Ensures all data and documents in an area are known to users

11 Case Studies City of Tampere, Finland Total, France and The Netherlands AEM Torino, Italy Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

12 © City Of Tampere 2003 Tampere region has 350,000 inhabitants, one of fastest growing areas in Finland Need for new infrastructure New suburbs, light railway, roads, tunnels and parking halls Challenge: Large organization large volume of documents in “isolated” archives variety of user profiles and access privileges no existing tools for project data management City of Tampere

13 Projects: spatial locations thematic representation local coordinate systems City of Tampere


15 Which documents are inside the area?” City of Tampere

16 Managed Environment Geospatial Index to E&P Documents Total E&P Nederland B.V.

17 Total Geospatial Index to E&P Documents Documents linked to a geographical location can be found and quickly reviewed Previous geological study results will always be found, minimizing the risk of redundant work Study information and thematic maps stored in dgn, raster, mxd, and other formats are indexed

18 Total Geospatial Index to E&P Documents Paper maps and documents can also be found via a storage location reference in the technical archives Search amongst tens of thousands of documents with an intuitive, easy interface

19 Telecommunication Network AEM net S.p.A. Utilities

20 AEMNet Telecommunication Network AEMNet a part of AEM Torino, a multi- utility in Italy Fiber documentation, such as circuit and equipment schematics, are spatially related to the network Documents and drawings associated with other types of infrastructure and networks are also geo-referenced Fiber network planning is optimized via easy identification and access to information about other types of infrastructure information in the area of interest

21 Archive Plan Conversion Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Managed Environment

22 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Management of a converted microfilm archive of more than 400,000 cards Project data in MicroStation, ESRI, TIFF, and PDF formats Users navigate via spatial project location boundaries or query Project focus is on Customer Service, making information available over the web Previously Manual search took hours/days and required travel to the appropriate KYTC office to access archives New approach enables customers to search, retrieve, and print in less than 10 minutes

23 Demonstration

24 Prerequisites ProjectWise Geospatial Management requires: Geospatial Management RTR ProjectWise Application Server RTR ProjectWise Client UCL’s available (Optionally, ProjectWise Web Server RTR is needed to utilize Geospatial extension to WEL)

25 Implementation Simple and practical to implement: Spatially aware files (DGN, DWG, GeoTiff, etc.) automatically indexed Rapid assignment of location to business and other aspatial documents Automated display in a common projection Leverages existing metadata for spatial oriented searches Intuitive, requires minimal training

26 More Information? Bentley Geospatial Management Product Sheet An overview of the Geospatial Management application along with features and prerequisites. Case for a Spatially Enabled Environment White Paper Bentley’s vision for the spatial management of drawings, models, images, and other varied document types characterized as AEC content. Implementing a Spatially Enabled Environment White Paper Highlights the steps involved in implementing Bentley Geospatial Management. All available at

27 Questions

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