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Bentley MAPscript High Performance Publishing and Plotting.

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1 Bentley MAPscript High Performance Publishing and Plotting

2 Bentley MAPscript Network Publishing and Plotting Complement to Bentley CADscript Designed for Single or Batch File Transactions Queue Based Includes Integrated Accounting Fully integrated with Bentley CADscript Modules MAPscript Server MAPscript Explorer (Windows Client) Document Management Client HTTP Server and Client

3 Who Uses Bentley MAPscript? Governments DOTs Oil and Gas Companies Mapping Firms Surveying Firms Engineering Firms Utilities

4 Bentley MAPscript Features A robust Digital Output Management server Simple Setup and Administration Plot or publish MicroStation DGN files completely WYSIWYG Empower users with high quality output at any format size Supports many types of input formats and output files Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use queues to drive any number of printer/plotter models Provides complete cost accounting and auditing capabilities Flexible plot set creation for archive and reprint Offers a choice of Windows, MicroStation, or Web clients Integration with ProjectWise and document management systems

5 A Robust Digital Output Management Server High performance network publishing and plotting Print / Plot to any destination on the network Prioritize plotting sequence via a queue-based system Remote administration Single or batch file transaction Includes Postscript RIP Definable off-peak print period - Night Printing Supports large format plotter and printers Support for OCE and Xerox finishing features such as folding

6 Simple Setup and Administration Easy Setup Printer Definition Queue Definition Job Ticket Paper Sizes Media Users

7 Plot or Publish MicroStation DGN files Completely WYSIWYG Color, grayscale and B&W Color Postscript EPS files with variable headers 24 & 3 bit RTL PCL PDF, TIFF, JPEG and others

8 Input Features Read ZEH element tables automatically Convert unfilled see-through DGN files to WYSIWYG DGNs Convert RGB data to CMYK Read IPLOT pen tables automatically Convert plot patterns to WYSIWYG associative pattern by cells

9 Comprehensive Print Settings

10 Empower Users with High Quality Output at any Format Size Predefined and user selected output sizes No limit on output dimensions Independent DPI for vector and raster No limit on vector DPI resolution Raster resample of DPI resolution

11 Supported Output Formats BMP JPEG TIFF TFW PDF PNG PostScript B&W and Color RTL B&W and Color PCL Direct Plotting of DGN and DWG Files Creation of a single multi-page PDF file by selecting a set of files and desired order

12 Queues Simple GUI for Queue Definition Easy View Queue Structure Right click functions for operations Divert/Pause Queues

13 Accounting Keep track of who has plotted what, when and where Accounting Definitions Cost codes Media Costs Assign codes to jobs Produce Invoices Accounting Reports by User Project Date Queues

14 Plot Sets Create Plot Sets by Drag and Drop Single Click Printing or Publishing Archive and register files for easy reprinting of document sets in the future.

15 A Choice of Windows, MicroStation, or Web Clients CADscript client for MicroStation prints directly to MAPscript queues Object ordering Transparency Graduated color fill Separations Easy print control MAPscript Explorer Navigate directly from Windows Explorer to print dialog Checklist Completed files are returned to inbox Plot and Publish Files Over the Internet through Web Server Plug-in

16 Integration with ProjectWise Support for indexed document sets Single click printing or publishing Event and status driven MAPscript can be integrated with third party document management systems

17 Bentley MAPscript Benefits Simple, minimal administrative overhead Scaleable Leverages existing technology Reduces publication costs of data Empowers MicroStation users with high quality output at any format size Supports Windows users with the same high quality output at any format size Increases map publishing speed and quality

18 Bentley MAPscript High Performance Publishing and Plotting

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