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Disconnected access to network information for field personnel Bentley PowerMap Field for Communications.

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1 Disconnected access to network information for field personnel Bentley PowerMap Field for Communications

2 Presentation Overview What is PowerMap Field for Communications? Value Proposition Where is PowerMap Field Used? Features Benefits

3 PowerMap Field for Communications Disconnected access to communications network maps and information Enables rapid collection of field data, as-built reporting, and other field applications Query and review data without the need for a database server connection or local database

4 Value Proposition Provides all the necessary tools to convert your network model into an efficient format that marries graphic and database information together (XML Feature Modeling) Device, facility, or address search and review Displays splice diagrams and manhole butterfly diagrams Redlining tools for taking notes and recording as-built information directly on the map

5 Where is it Used? By field personnel or anyone requiring disconnected access to network information −CATV Providers −RBOCs, PTTs, CLECs, IXCs, Telephone Cooperatives −Consulting Engineers −Utilities −Community Broadband −Defense Community

6 Top 10 Features 1.Locate Address 2.Locate Device 3.Review Properties 4.Manhole Butterfly Diagram 5.Splicing Diagram 6.Cross Section 7.Duct Review 8.Seamless Mapping 9.Imaging 10.Redlining

7 Locate Address Search by street address Select address from a list and zoom to the location Maps are loaded automatically

8 Locate Device Search for any facility or network device Results found are displayed in a list for the user to choose from Zoom directly to the device Maps are loaded automatically

9 Review Functionality Review critical information from active devices such as signal level, power, voltage, plug-in Review manhole and splicing diagrams Review fibers and ducts cross-section Review facilities and addresses

10 Manhole Butterfly Diagram Open Butterfly Diagram while reviewing manhole facility Get different kinds of information −duct location on walls −cable type and position in duct −duct owners and lessees −and more!

11 Splicing Diagram Open Splicing Diagram while reviewing splice enclosure Splices, fibers, buffers and cables are displayed in a graphical format easily understandable by anyone

12 Cross Section Review Fibers contained in a cable are automatically displayed in the cable review dialog box Critical information, like fiber’s owner, status, restoration order, optical system name and color are displayed in the dialog box

13 Duct Review Review cables installed in a duct simply by selecting the duct containing the desired cable A cross section view of the duct with its inner duct and cable are displayed in the duct dialog box

14 Seamless Mapping Identifies and automatically displays maps that are needed for your work Displays all adjacent maps Displays all network layers with a single click (Copper, Coax, Fiber, Facilities)

15 Integrated, Superior Imaging High performance display Support for industry standard file formats Support for MrSID and ECW image compression types Up to 32-bit color image depth support Automatic positioning of image types supporting georeferencing

16 Redlining Comprehensive review, annotation and printing Easy redlining with text or drawing tools Drawing tools inherited from MicroStation Redlines of contributing individuals displayed in unique colors to support easy review Field personnel add notes, actions, or depict as-built information that can be shared with others in the organization

17 Benefits Single source of information to locate address on a map and quickly identify network devices and facilities Field personnel have access to intelligent network information in the field Information is much more current than paper records. More information is available and it can be updated daily if desired Saves time by providing valuable information to workers, such as details needed to locate a cable inside a manhole, a vault or other enclosure Ease to use, for example, a worker may obtain the status of a fiber, its optical system names and its priority of restoration by simply clicking on the cable sheath Fast feedback from the field to the office. Notes and redlines can be transmitted in a redline file so the as-built network information can be updated in the GIS

18 Disconnected access to network information for field personnel Bentley PowerMap Field for Communications

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