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Victoria Chu UCEAB at UC Irvine, 9/15/2011. “The UC system is experiencing what officials have called the worst financial crisis in its history, losing.

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1 Victoria Chu UCEAB at UC Irvine, 9/15/2011

2 “The UC system is experiencing what officials have called the worst financial crisis in its history, losing millions of dollars in state funding over the past few years while steadily raising tuition and laying off employees to compensate.” The San Diego Union Tribune, 8/18/2011

3 Eliminated (or held vacant) ~50 positions Shorter library hours Reduced expenditure on information resources Reduced instruction and classroom support Service points consolidation Slowed down digitization efforts Across the board cuts to supplies and equipment budget Budget cut for facilities maintenance and renovation

4 Picture posted on the former IR/PS Library Home Page

5 Medical Center LibraryCLICS

6 SIO LibraryS&E Library


8 East Asia Collection 1988; SSH Library Primarily CJK collection Humanities and social sciences Geisel Library 4 th Floor Chinese and Japanese Studies teaching and research needs 1987; School of IR/PS English, CJK, Spanish, Portuguese, other languages Focused collections – politics, economics, political economies East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America IR/PS Library


10 Early February 2011, Budget Town Hall Late February, initial Libraries Consolidation/Integration Meeting (IR/PS & CLICS into SSHL) Mid April, Planning Meetings for Closure; Budget Town Hall July 1 st, Last Day Open to the Public July 13 th, All Staff at New Departments/Libraries

11 To identify Issues To identify a Program Manager To identify Project Managers To outline Tasks To outline Timelines

12 AUL Public Services as over all Program Manager IR/PS onsite PM for Collections Harold Colson Collections Manager for IR/PS Library Latin American Studies Librarian Web Editor IR/PS onsite PM for Closure (everything but collections) Victoria Chu Acting Head, June 2010-July 2011 Chinese Studies Librarian Online PM Tool, Confluence

13 Libraries-wide, Everyone Administration IR/PS Facilities Technical Services (Metadata & Acquisitions) Public/Access Services Web Master Communication Office

14 Closing to the Public 7/1/2011 the Earliest Space Release to Campus 10/28/2011 or Earlier 9/12/2011 Communication Plan Web Pages; Web Presence Staffing Reassignment Notifications AUL, LHR, receiving DHs

15 Staff Reassignments 3 Librarians, 4.75 Library Assistants, 1 Administrative Assistant, 0.5 DSSL Physical Relocation Furniture, Supplies, Equipment Equipment Relocation– Staff PC workstations, photocopier, printers, telephones Equipment Relocation– Public Workstations, productivity stations Standalone PCs, CDs, databases Photocopiers, Printers

16 Equipment – Other (Media Room, Digital Signage) Monitors, Projector, DVD Player Security System and Cameras Artwork Photo collections, Scroll, Plaque, Events Posters Historical/Archival Library Files and Documents Building and Collection Histories Publicity and Events

17 Reference and Research Services Reference and Consultations Instructions and Outreach Departmental Liaison, Liaison Activities Other Public Services Reserves Book Returns Web Pages Directories, Internal and External

18 Other On Location Services Media Viewing Data Drops Custodial Services Book Drops/Returns, Pickups/Deliveries Water Delivery Security Services System and PC Building and Room Keys, Security Access Cards

19 Collections CDs, Standalone Databases Reference Collection Regular Print Collection Microform Collection Current Periodicals and Newspapers New Books / New Books Shelf Circulation of Existing Materials during Transition Transportation of Materials during Transition

20 Records Adjustments Bibliographic Millennium Melvyl Circuit

21 Physical Relocation IR/PS Collection Consolidation Move to Geisel Floor 8 Floor 8 to move to the Annex LC Class Q to Z and Oversized ~8-16 Students on Moving and Reconfiguration Completed August Week 3 ~60,000-65,000 on Floor 8; 30,000 Annex Transfer Circulating Books and Journals on Floor 8 Current Journals, Microforms, Newspapers, and Reference Books on Geisel Floor2, Interfiled with SSHL’s Existing Holdings

22 Human Resources Relocation All IR/PS Staff Reassigned Considerations of strengths and organizational needs Advance notifications sent to all Receiving Libraries and Departments Biomedical Library Within Geisel Library S&E Library SSHL Access Services Department Collections Services & Support Department Acquisitions Department Metadata Services Department Facilities Department

23 Collection Development Continues Both IR/PS Collection and EA Collection Research Consultations Continue SSHL & School of IR/PS Both IR/PS and EA Collections within one Building (Geisel) Floors 8 and 4 Consolidated; De-duplicated IR/PS Collection Intact, Updated, Consolidated, Alive!

24 Loss of a Special Library and Community Space For IR/PS students and faculty Neighborhood library for northwest campus Study Space Loss of 3 group study rooms Seating increased, from 125 at IR/PS to 144 School to Re-Open Former Library Space Using select library furniture 15 out of 18 newspapers subscriptions retained



27 Project, February to September New Arrangements for the New Academic Year Contribution from All Library Staff IR/PS Library Closed IR/PS Collection Lives On! Further questions on Closures, Consolidation Efforts, and Impact on Services and Resources Brian Schottlaender, UL, Catherine Friedman, AUL, Public Services, Martha Hruska, AUL, Collections,

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