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How the UCLA Library Conquered Space and Time

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1 How the UCLA Library Conquered Space and Time
Susan E. Parker Deputy University Librarian, UCLA Library Living the Future 8, University of Arizona April 23, 2012

2 Deputy University Librarian
Following Form With Function: Using Library Spaces to Facilitate Organizational Change Susan E. Parker, Ph.D. Deputy University Librarian UCLA Library

3 Reorganizing for the 21st Century
Research Teaching Learning Patient Care

4 Reduce Duplicate Work Cataloging PLUS Metadata
Merge print acquisition units Licensing & scholarly Communication Centralize special collections administration

5 Trim Redundancy Close Educational Psychology Library
(merge into Biomed) Close Physics Library (merge into Biomed) Close Chemistry Library (merge into Biomed)

6 Reconfigure Service Points (Young Research Library)
Maps and Government Information Microforms Unbound Print Periodicals Current Newspapers

7 Renovations & Capital Projects
Kinross Conservation Lab Kinross South Collection Management Management Library Active Learning Environment Young Research Library Renovations (1st Floor, A Level Floor)

8 Export Research Commons Concepts and Functions
Biomedical Library Science and Engineering Library

9 Host Collaborations Research Commons
Digital Cultural Heritage Laboratory Technology-Enriched Spaces for Information Studies Courses “Sandbox” Digital Humanities Computing Instruction Room The “Street”

10 Identify & Utilize New Talent
AUL for Digital Initiatives and Information Technology CLIR Postdoctoral Fellows (Humanities & Social Sciences) CLIR Postdoctoral Fellows (Data Curation) UCLA Digital Humanities Experts Fundraising/Development Staff Community Outreach

11 Fund New Initiatives Collecting Los Angeles Conservation Lab
Data Curation Postdocs E-Research

12 Get the Word Out Tours of Renovations Publicity Presentations
Strategic Plan/Town Hall Meetings

13 Collaboration Grants for Digital Projects in Academic Departments
Teaching & Learning Director of the College Library and Teaching and Learning Initiatives; Teaching & Learning Director; Remaking Information Competency Instruction Public Programs Research Informatics Strategic Planning

14 New Consolidations and Configurations in the Works
Biomedical Library planning Library for Health and Life Sciences Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF) WEST; Hathi Trust; collection of record; digitization; new income; relocate collection management staff

15 UCLA Century Campaign External Affairs YRL expansion
Incorporate Arts Library, Music Library Expand and improve East Asian Library Expand and improve Special Collections reader, service, teaching & work areas

16 Next: Generate and Capture New Data
Google Analytics Create new dashboards Develop new qualitative data Promote everything Library research agenda: Connecting the Library’s programs, expertise, and spaces with research results and student success The Library in every stage of the research lifecycle

17 Thank You!

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