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400 Meter Training Phil Lundin Men’s Track and Field Coach Adam Steele

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1 400 Meter Training Phil Lundin Men’s Track and Field Coach Adam Steele
University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN

2 Basic Periodization 101 Annual Plan Periods
General Physical Preparation (GPP) Volume stimulus paramount Special Physical Preparation (SPP) Volume/intensity stimulus of equal importance Competition Period (CP) Intensity stimulus paramount

3 Mesocycles Generally 3-4 weeks in duration
Most important time frame in planning. Minimal time for adaptation to training stimulus

4 Microcycles Generally 1 week in duration General microcycle themes
Developmental Competition Transition/Restoration

5 Daily Sessions – Themes/objectives
Monday: Speed development; max strength  power Tuesday: Work Capacity  Competition Specific Wednesday: Max St.  Power/Restoration Thursday: Work Capacity  Speed Endurance Friday: Acceleration; Max strength  Power Saturday: Work Capacity  Competition Sunday: Rest

6 2005-2006 Annual Plan 2005-2006 Mesocycles.doc
annual plan - weeks

7 Monday Speed Development
Speed Skill- done daily as part of WU A skip A run B skip B run Fast leg isolate Fast leg alternate All reps over 20-50m

8 Monday Training GPP – Speed Development
100m on the minute 1-2 x 10 6 – 8 minutes/set Shuttle runs 3x5x60m 1 minute/reps,6 minute/sets hand time Start watch on first step

9 Monday Training SPP – Speed Development
30m fly progression - 30m Master Fly1.xls 3x3x30m fly 3-5 minutes/reps & 7-10 minutes/sets Mindful of sprint technique Tall posture Stretched neck, level chin Toe up Knees together at touch down “swish” knees past each other Other cues

10 Monday Training CP – Speed Development
30m % Stick 85-95% of max stride length work on stride frequency 20m acceleration into 20-30m stepping over 85-95% of max stride length 100m “in-out” 40m acceleration w/ 20 m fast+20m “float” + 20m fast Acceleration work according to need

11 Monday Training GPP – Weight Training
Max Strength October Power Clean Incline Press Back Squat 55% max/3 55% max/3 55% max/3 70/2 70/2 70/2 80/1 80/1 80/1 85/2 85/3 85/3 85/2 85/2 85/2 *Ancillary exercises for hamstrings group. Important: whatever load, maximize acceleration of bar!!!

12 Monday Training SPP – Weight Training
Late November Power Snatch Back Squat Jump Squat 55% max/3 55% /3 70/2 70% /3 80/1 80% /1 85/ %/ pair with 50% Bwt/6 90/1 85%/ pair with 50% Bwt/6 75/ %/ pair with 50% Bwt/6 75/1+1 *ancillary exercises for hamstring group

13 Monday Training CP – Weight Training
May Power Snatch Bwt Squat Jump Incline Press 55% max/3 66% Bwt /5 55% max/2 70/3 33% Bwt /5 70/2 80/2 High box jump /5 80/1 80/2 rest 65/3 85/2 66% Bwt /5 65/3 90/1 33% Bwt /5 65/3 90/1 High box jump /5 90/1 66% Bwt /5 90/1 33% Bwt /5

14 Monday Multi-Jump General Physical Preparation
In-Place Jumps Teaching: “Extended” and “Rudiment” on grass; RIP into pit Special Physical Preparation Extended, RIP, Basic, Ascension Competition Period Maintenance

15 Monday Multi-Throw General Preparation Special Physical Preparation
Med Ball Circuits: Gas and Tank 3-5k med ball Teaching: Bomb, Shell, Mortar Special Physical Preparation Bomb and Shell Start with big shot and reduce to 3k med ball through the year Emphasis on speed of movement with full range of motion Competition Period Mortar (combination of throw and jump)

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