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Athletic Development of GAA Footballers Ian McKeown Strength and Conditioning Coach Lead Coach SINI GAA Programme.

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1 Athletic Development of GAA Footballers Ian McKeown Strength and Conditioning Coach Lead Coach SINI GAA Programme

2 Introduction Lead S&C/Athletic Development Coach GAA Programme Philosophy – Physical Competency into Athletic Performance

3 Aims of Session Athletic Development pathway Challenge Conventional/Classical Thinking Answers “Earn the Right” SINI Programme interventions

4 SINI Football Squad 17 male / 3 female University students – QUB + UUJ University Competition Club Competition – 21s + Seniors County Competition – 21s + Seniors Ages 18-24 2/3 year Programme

5 What Makes the Best Footballers - Physically? Strongest Highest Quickest Fittest

6 Historically/Classically how do they attempt to get there? X2 leg Loading – Back Squat/Front Squat/ Dead lift/Clean Upper Body “Beach” Weights - isolation Bodybuilding loading sequences Plyos / SAQ Interval training LSD Training Small-Sided/Conditioned Games/ Technical sessions

7 To get to performance levels what skills need to be there first? Stronger – 1RM Bench / Squat Faster – 10m Fitter – Multi-Stage Shuttle Test - Bleep Highest – Jump and Reach

8 But….. Why?!! Life is lived on 1 leg at a time! Sport is Multi – Planar Sport is Multi - Directional

9 Physical Competence What “Competence” is needed to be the BEST? – Strongest/fittest/highest etc Single Leg Ability Trunk Endurance + Strength General Body Function – Kinetic Chain Upper Body Function

10 Physical Competency Football Prone Stabilization Lateral Stabilization Back Extension 60° Sit up OH Squat - Bwt Double Leg Squat Single Leg Squat – Box Walking Lunge Standing Long Jump Forward Hop and Stick Lateral Hop and Stick Push up Pull Up Horizontal Pull up MB Rotation

11 Results

12 Raising the Bar - World Class Athletes Examples of what we are aiming for Prone Stabilization – hands @ 30° Lateral Stabilization – Star Position OH SL Squat – Bar 20+ Pull Ups X5 hops for distance + Stick OH Squat + 50% Bwt

13 How do we train for this? Training = Assessment Trunk Integrity General Body Function Lower Body Function Landing Skills Upper Body Function Pushing Pulling Rotation

14 Strength Training Does have its place… Olympic Lifting + Derivatives Sessions Coupled with movement skill exercises

15 Metabolic Training - Conditioning Running? – Off Feet Continuous work on Movement Skills Use of conditioned games Importance of Warm Up

16 SINI GAA Programme Annual Planner October – Movement Skill / Strength Development November – Strength Dev / Hypertrophy December – Max Strength January – Revision Movement Skills February – Dynamic Strength / Strength Dev March – Dynamic Strength maintenance April – Competition Skill + Str maintenance

17 SINI GAA Programme Weekly Timetable Oct – Dec 08 Monday – Strength Session Tuesday – Recovery Wednesday – Pitch Session/Match Thursday – Prehab/Flexibility/Movement Skills Session Friday – Strength Session Saturday – Club Session? Sunday – Club Session?

18 Example Strength Session – Year 2 30 minutes Injury Prevention Circuit -Proprioception -Eccentrics -Kicking Prehab -Gluteus Activation -Landing Skills

19 Example Strength Session – Year 2 45 minutes Strength – Strength Development Phase -Deep Squat - 4x2 -Chest Press – DB – 5x4 -Straight Leg Deadlift – 4x8 -Pull up – 4x max -Split Squat – 4x4el

20 Example of Strength Session – Year 2 7-8 minutes Power transfer -Hopping to balance -Lateral Hopping -Hopping with rotation -7-8 minutes Trunk Integrity -60° Sit up 4x30s -Side Lying Stabilization with Hip Abduction 4x10es

21 Example Strength Session – Year 1 45 minutes Strength – Strength Capacity + Lifting Skill -MB Good Morning -Sandbag Deep Squat -Inc Push up -Straight Line Deadlift – DB -Assisted Pull up -Split Squat *Done as a Circuit

22 Re-Test Results

23 Strength Results Year 1 Poor (1/5) Bwt Squat X1 Bwt Back Squat CMJ <30cm CMJ >40cm

24 Strength Results Year 2 x1.75 Bwt Squat SL Squat >Parallel CMJ >50cm Clean + other Olympic Derivatives

25 Earn the Right to Progress Physical Technical Tactical

26 Technical Skills – Earning the Right SINI Workshops – Kicking / High Catch Coach Assessment Video Assessment Physio Assessment What is going to make this player kick better / Jump higher? (Physically)

27 Does this process work for all ages? YES! Senior Players Adjustable and Fluid Timescale considerations? –1/2/3 years? Efficiency of Training Regime Different priorities – injury management Competency? Athletic Senior players?

28 Does this process work for all ages? YES! Youth Players Long Term Athlete Development Adjust competency levels

29 Thank you Questions ? 028 90 368522

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