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Jumpers How to make them jump farther! Lucky Huber.

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1 Jumpers How to make them jump farther! Lucky Huber

2 How do you make them jump farther? Training Technique –All Jumps –LJ & TJ breakdown

3 5 BIOMOTOR ABILITIES Strength Speed Skill Endurance Flexibility * All 5 bio-motor abilities must be addressed at all times.

4 Combinations of Biomotor Power = Strength + Speed Agility = Skill + Speed Mobility = Flexibility + Skill

5 Strength Training OWT –Cleans, snatch, jerk –Med to high resistance –Med to low reps –Multiple joint exercises (coordination) Core weightlifting exercise –Squats (all types), press, dead lifts, etc… –High resist/low reps Body Building (3 X failure or stage) –Varied recovery –Increase endurance, helps with recovery & problems from OWT

6 Core builders… Ab’s Posture/ Balance drills Bar workouts

7 Speed training Goal- Increase optimal speed in proper position Sprint Drills Acceleration Absolute Speed Speed Endurance

8 Plyometrics We use plyo’s and bounding as an opportunity to teach- proper foot mechanics and heel to butt, step over knee, lead with heel. In Place Bounding Hops or Bounds w/cones Quality over quantity!

9 Things we do at The U. Lifting- feet together  feet split Combine Plyo’s and Lifting Jamaican Jump Series (Lunges) Combine Lifting and Balance Speed and technique (cone drill) Hurdle Flexibility Multi-throws for power Recovery week Testing

10 Commonalities of Jumps Approach (14-22 strides) –Drive phase (6 steps- 8 for elite) Focus on accel angle, consistency and PUSH HARD not fast –Continuation phase (??) Transition into Max Velocity Knees up, –Transition Phase (last 4 steps) Steering –about 4 steps out Checkmarks Posture concerns Take off

11 Long Jump Penultimate step Take-off Drive Flight- focus on posture Landing


13 Triple jump No pentultimate step Take-off Hop Bound Jump –Foot placement, movement of hips, arms


15 Things that we do at The U. Break things down –(pent drill) Short approach jumps Spring board and box drills Video analysis Medium approach jumps in meets Focus on speed & technique

16 At The U. we believe in… Sprint mechanics. It is the foundation for all that is good, or bad! Speed That what you see is caused by something done earlier. Change…if nothing ever changes –then nothing ever changes.

17 Questions?

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