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Strength of America, Inc. Coaches Speed and Agility Clinic 2009.

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1 Strength of America, Inc. Coaches Speed and Agility Clinic 2009

2 Goals of Clinic -More Productive Workouts -Testing your athletes -How to increase; Speed, Agility, and Power -Stretching is it necessary? -Hydration of your athletes

3 Myths in training young athletes 1.Stunt their growth 2.Can’t teach speed 3.They are just kids and special training takes the fun out of sports

4 Testing the Athletes 1.Look at the sport 2.The 1 Mile is not very effective for most athletes 3.Speed Tests 1.10 yard 2.20 yard 3.40 yard 4.Agility Tests 1.Pro Agility 5.Power Tests 1.Vertical Jump 2.Broad Jump 3.Medicine Ball Throw

5 Testing Athletes (cont.) 1.Strength Tests 1.Squat hold 2.Push Ups 2.Flexibility Tests 1.Hamstrings – Sit against a wall 2.Lying Quadriceps 3.Crossover 4.Heel Wedge 5.Rotator Cuff 6.Chest Stretch

6 Warm Ups Need to Reflect Goals of your athletes What Type of Warm Ups Traditional Warm Ups –Jog or Calisthenics Don’t Waste time Drills Heel Walks Heel Toe Walks Arm Swings High Knees Heel Ups Shuffle Shuffle with Change of Direction Form Sprints Toe Punches Mountain Climbers Tennis Ball Drop

7 Mountain Climbers

8 Tennis Ball Drop

9 Power Development What are Plyometrics Bodyweight vs. Gravity Training the Nervous system to react Decrease the Potential for Injury Improves Tolerance to the Stretch Loads Improves Explosive Power and Reaction Time

10 Power Development (cont.) Why “Plyometrics” make people nervous Train Incorrectly Not enough rest Boxes too big – form first Too much volume (Sets and Reps) Technique Most Important

11 Power Development (cont.) Sample Plyometrics Broad Jump Squat to Broad Jump Broad Jump into Sprint Bounding Lateral Bounding Split Squats Rim Jumps Line Jumps Cone Jumps Box Jumps Ski Jumps Broad Jump into Sprint

12 Lateral Bounding

13 Ski Jumps

14 Split Squats

15 Agility Training Being able to maintain speed and control while changing direction Head movement and hip direction are critical Rather than round a corner, explode

16 Agility Training (cont.) Sample Drills Cross Drills Four Corner Drills Ladder Drills 1 In High Knees 2 In High Knees 2 in Lateral High Knees Forward Slalom Forward Shuffle 1 In High Knee/Jump Sprint

17 High Knees 1 in

18 Lateral High Knees

19 Cone Jump into Sprint

20 Cone Jump Zig Zag

21 Sprint from Stomach

22 Flexibility Is it Beneficial to perform Static Stretches When should you Stretch How long to Hold a Stretch Seated toe touch Modified Hurdle Stretch Butterfly Straddle Crossover Lying Quadriceps Stretch Seated Toe touch Rotator cuff Chest Stretch

23 When working with Athletes Limited Attention capacity Demonstrations Verbal (Brief, Concise Cues) Be informative and motivational Working with athletes of different level Different levels of progression From 2 legs to 1 leg Body weight to add weights Small box vs. large box Form must be perfect before progressing to more difficult resistance or skill

24 Nutrition and the Young Athlete How often to eat What to eat to prepare for training and games Protein Caffeine and Energy drinks Hydration of your athlete Water vs. Sports Drinks

25 Contact us at: Strength of America, Inc. (480) 219-0868 Speed and Agility Camps Coaches Clinics Speed and Agility Kit for your school Questions anytime

26 With your help, we will change America, one athlete at a time!

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