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Motivation Breakthrough Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child Richard D. Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed.

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1 Motivation Breakthrough Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child Richard D. Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed.

2 THE MOTIVATION BREAKTHROUGH: Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child



5 “Oh, you must have so much…


7 “The squeaky wheel gets the grease !!”

8 “The squeaky wheel NEEDS the grease”

9 “We are in a different time educating for a different time”

10 “You are using a CLOSED BOOK format to prepare kids for an OPEN BOOK world”


12 17,400 pages



15 Unlearn Learn Relearn

16 Myths and Misconceptions About Motivation

17 Myth #1 “Danny…NOTHING Motivates that kid”

18 Myth #2 “That kid! One day he’s motivated…the next day he’s not”

19 Myth #3 “Give him something…that’ll motivate him!”

20 Premack Principle “Eat your vegetables and you’ll get your dessert”

21 Myth #4 “He won’t even try! He’s so LAZY!”

22 Learned Helplessness

23 “Give the chain a tug”

24 Myth #5 COMPETITION: The Great Motivator


26 85% games, quizzes, bees and other competitive activities

27 WHY? It’s motivating! It’s a big bad world out there!

28 “The only person motivated by competition is the person who thinks he has a chance of winning.”

29 Competition Myth #1 “We do our best work when involved in head-to-head competition with others”


31 Competition Myth #2 In the classroom, a teacher has no option. The classroom is - by its very nature - competitive

32 Individualized Cooperative Competitive

33 Competition Myth #3 Our modern society is very competitive and schools should prepare students for this competitive environment

34 Adult, real world competition Only compete when you wish to Only compete against peers

35 Competition Myth #4 Children are naturally competitive

36 WHY DO YOU PLAY SPORTS? 1.To have fun 2.To improve skills 3.To stay in shape 4.To do something I’m good at 5.To get exercise 6.To be part of a team 7.The challenge of competition Athletic Footwear Association 3900 High School Athletes

37 Myth #6 “The more you put into it…the more you get out of it” “The harder you try…the better you’ll do!”

38 “It will be a great day when we recognize Performance Inconsistency as part of the LD child’s profile…rather than as evidence for the prosecution.” Mel Levine. M.D.

39 Myth #7 Turning WORK into PLAY

40 A B C

41 Turning PLAY into WORK

42 If he would only try HARDER, he would do BETTER

43 If he only DID BETTER, he would TRY HARDER

44 Primary Needs Hunger Thirst Sex (uality) Air Rest Escape from Pain Elimination of waste

45 Secondary Needs Status Inquisitiveness Affiliation Power Aggression Autonomy Achievement Gregariousness

46 STATUS: The need to be important

47 “The degree to which YOUR self-concept is influenced by the opinions of other people…”

48 INQUISITIVENESS: The need to know and learn

49 AFFILIATION: The need to associate

50 POWER: The need for control, power, influence and/or authority

51 AGGRESSION: The need to be contentious

52 AUTONOMY: The need to be independent

53 ACHIEVEMENT: The need for recognition and acknowledgment

54 Achievement is: Learning Effort Improvement Completion

55 GREGARIOUSNESS: The need to belong

56 “For those of us who know the pain Of Valentines that never came and those whose names were never called when choosing sides for basketball” Janis Ian

57 People Prestige Prizes Projects Praise Power

58 Richard D. Lavoie

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