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TOPSoccer Coaching Tips for Kids with Autism By: Sharie Landsverk

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1 TOPSoccer Coaching Tips for Kids with Autism By: Sharie Landsverk

2 Autism in a Nutshell Information processing disorder Neurological difference Unmotivated to seek out uncertainty Competence is the motivator they need

3 The Coaches Mission Gross motor skills Teamwork skills Competence, competence, competence!

4 Benefits of TOPSoccer Someday may play soccer on a typical team Not picked on in PE class Interest in soccer may help them fit in Put a big smile on their face Great exercise Builds Confidence Better cooperation with others Improved Quality of Life

5 Competence, Competence, Competence ! Plenty of chances to make goals Capture success before adding more difficulty to drills.

6 Introduce Silliness: Celebrate every success Chants and sound effects Exaggerate facial expressions Exaggerate body language Give them something too look at Create the desire, instead of making commands

7 Reduce the Stress Routines Uncertainty can be painful Structure can provide comfort Productively, slowly increase demands Visual schedule

8 Showing instead of telling Less words are better Language is difficult Sound effects and chants Gently guide them Your turn my turn Side by side

9 Declarative Language Avoid asking questions Avoid making demands Make Statements Make Comments Fewer words Slow down when waiting for a response

10 Motivation Success creates motivation Make a bid deal about everything Let’s do that again! Use special interests Try different things Keep using what works Motivation is the key to success

11 Teamwork Team concept is difficult Emphasize success of other players Encourage them to celebrate each others success Colored jerseys, red team – blue team

12 The Big Picture Many are visual learners Older typical kids are great role models to play with and against our kids Suggest parents rent kids soccer movies Suggest parents watch sports channel soccer games Soccer video games

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