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The EMS Directory Project Team PinchHitters Mark Blakley Stephen Hutsal Heath McLean Justin Ricci.

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1 The EMS Directory Project Team PinchHitters Mark Blakley Stephen Hutsal Heath McLean Justin Ricci

2 Agenda Sponsor Background and Vision Old Risks and New Risks Process EMS Directory Phases Architecture and Database Schema Metrics Demo

3 Sponsor Society for Total Emergency Programs (STEP) Council Dr. David Kluge, MD  Former President of STEP  Current Editor of the EMS Directory Rick Voight, RIT graduate has been providing business and marketing input

4 Project Background EMS Directory: “reference document for EMS providers and related organizations” Created in 1993 Four sections  Ambulance, Fire, Police, Hospitals, Nursing Homes  Physicians Telephone and Admitting Hospitals  Resources  Protocols STEP’s annual publication appears to be the only comprehensive EMS directory in the US

5 Vision Write software that automates the creation of STEP’s annual EMS Directory Get Regional EMS Councils to create directory for their region Expand the EMS Online Directory to become State and then National

6 Old Risks Dr. Kluge is not familiar with software engineering Continuation of last year’s project  Quickly learn about project and assess current software

7 New Risks Live site for entire Spring quarter  Create testing database  Check for connected users before updating and rebuilding code on server  Make sure didn’t check in file containing testing database SQL address  Troubleshoot users’ problems Software Maintenance  No one to maintain software after we leave  Society of Software Engineers

8 Launch – Process Iterative Approach  Series of milestones that continually add more functionality  For each Iteration Requirements -> Design -> Code -> Test

9 Milestones - Spring IDNameDurationStartFinish 2Create PDF from database1/17/054/30/05 2.1InDesign Template Iteration 18 days3/20/053/28/05 2.2InDesign Template Iteration 214 days3/29/054/11/05 2.3Finish InDesign Templates14 days4/12/054/25/05 2.4Create Database Dumper98 days1/17/054/25/05 2.5Test PDF Creation6 days4/25/054/30/05 3Continue work on new web pages3/7/054/25/05 3.1Web pages for updating22 days3/7/053/28/05 3.2Web pages for adding physicians22 days3/7/053/28/05 3.3Web pages for searching36 days3/7/054/11/05 3.4Web pages for editor functions.50 days3/7/054/25/05 3.5Test New Web pages5 days4/26/054/30/05 4End To End Testing14 days5/1/055/13/05

10 EMS Directory Phases Information Gathering & Storage  Enter directory information  Allow organizations to update their information  Store the directory in a database Document Generation  Create a document template  Generate CSV for template Information Searching and Editor Functions

11 Status Database/Stored Procedure Refactor Complete Web Service Implementation Complete Web Application Implementation Complete InDesign / PDF file can be generated for region

12 Architecture

13 Database Schema

14 Metrics  Slippage Chart  # of test cases per requirement  Pie chart of defects by type

15 Metrics Continued

16 Beginning of Spring realized that Spring milestones were too vague  Made more, smaller milestones so we could track progress Reasons for slippage  Dynamic SQL generating more difficult than anticipated for searching  Lack of organization information and expertise for printing aspect

17 Metrics Continued Test cases per requirement  Hazmat: 4 / 37 = 0.11  Initial Rewrites: 36 / 28 = 1.29  2 nd Rewrite: 55 / 33 = 1.67 Hasn’t changed

18 Metrics Continued 35 total bugs 74% Medium or Lower Many Low Severity bugs were fixed and not recorded

19 Assessment Has Worked:  Division of the architecture to separate team members  Communication: Teleconferences & Email  Separate Testing Database Hasn’t Worked:  Working directly on the server for ASP & C#  Printing took excessive amount of time Better suited for someone with that expertise (printing major)

20 Demo

21 Questions?

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