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Muscular System.

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1 Muscular System

2 Muscle Facts There are over 600 different muscles in the human body
Body contains three muscle types: skeletal, cardiac, and smooth Skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles Cardiac and smooth muscles are involuntary

3 Functions of Muscles Work with bones to create movement
Gives body shape and support Protection for vital organs Vital bodily functions (heartbeat, digestion, excretion of waste, etc.) Contractions create heat to maintain a normal body temperature

4 Skeletal Muscles Make up approx. 40% of body mass Work in pairs
Named for shape, location, function Connected to bones by tendons Can grow in size with repeated resistance work Can contract quickly, but get tired easily and must rest

5 sterno-mastoid Head movement “yes” and “no”

6 Trapezius (upper back, neck)
Pulls head and upper arms back “yes” and “no” movement Work with deltoids to lift arms

7 Trapezius (developed)

8 Pectorals (chest) Move arms to center of body Press away

9 Deltoid (shoulder cap)
Lifts arms to shoulder height Named for Greek letter “D”

10 Biceps Flexes forearm; palm up

11 Triceps Extends forearm; Fixes elbow when writing

12 Brachioradialis Flexes forearm, palm down

13 Latissimus dorsi Pulls arms down and back; give body “V” shape

14 For real???????

15 Abdominals Protects internal organs Helps hold body erect

16 Gluteus maximus Lifts leg backward Helps hold body erect

17 Hamstrings Flex knee to buttocks

18 Quadriceps (quads) Four muscles groups Extends lower leg

19 Sartorius Longest muscle Allows leg crossing

20 Tibialis Pulls toes toward face

21 Gastrocnemius (calf) Extends toes

22 Achilles Tendon Connects calf muscle to heel Named for Achilles of
mythological fame

23 Human Muscular Anatomy

24 “I’ll be back!

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