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Muscular System 600 Muscles

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1 Muscular System 600 Muscles

2 3 types of muscles Smooth Muscles- Which include the muscles of internal organs and blood vessels. These muscles move involuntary. Cardiac Muscle- Found only in the heart and also involuntary. Skeletal Muscles- Are voluntary and help you move.

3 Muscle Movement Involuntary- Automatically move without you knowing.
Voluntary- Brain sends message to muscle. You control the movements.

4 Occuli Facial Buccinators Sternomastoid Pectoralis Major Bicep Brachii Abdominals External Oblique Sartorius Quadriceps Extensor Digitorum Tibialis Anterior

5 Types Of Muscles Smooth Muscle- Digestive organs, Makes up 7-8% of your muscles. Involuntary

6 Types of Muscles cont. Cardiac Muscles- Only found in the heart.
Involuntary. Makes up 3% of your muscles. By age 70 heart contracts 2.5 billion times (assume resting heart beat).

7 Types of Muscles cont. Skeletal Muscles- Makes up 90% of your muscles.
Voluntary- These are the muscles that you can move.

8 Types of Injuries Strain- Muscle “pull” or “strain”
Tearing a muscle fiber(s), followed by bleeding or swelling of muscle Muscle Cramp- Prolonged contraction of muscle, ion imbalance

9 Muscle Terms Flexion- Movement that reduces a joint angle
Extension- A movement that increases a joint angle

10 Body Movements Flexing of the hamstring.

11 Body Movements cont. Extension of the quadriceps.

12 Muscle Pairs Your muscles work in teams to move your body. An example of this is your Bicep and Tricep.

13 Trapezius Deltoid Tricep Latissimus Dorsi Gluteus Maximus Hamstring Gastrocnemius

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