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Ch. 19 Hip and Pelvis.

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1 Ch. 19 Hip and Pelvis

2 Objectives Explain the importance of the hip and pelvis as a support structure for the human body. Describe the skeletal structure of the hip and pelvis. List the primary muscles of the hip and pelvis. Describe common injuries associated with the hip and pelvis.

3 Hip Anatomy Ball and socket joint
Head of femur fits into the acetabulum Strongest joint in the body Supported by muscles, ligaments, and tendons

4 Pelvis Function of pelvis is to transmit weight from axial skeleton to legs Attachment for many muscles of the leg Houses digest and urinary tracts Houses reproductive systems Important differences between males and females

5 Pelvis Ilium: broad, flared bone of the upper and lateral pelvis
Iliac Crest: upper ridge of ilium Sacrum: part of the vertebral column between lumbar vertebrae and coccyx; composed of five fused vertebrae Ischium: bears body weight when sitting Obturator foramina: openings for blood vessels and nerves Pubis: front of pelvis below the bladder Coccyx: 3-5 verebrae, tailbone

6 Pelvis

7 Males vs Females Male Female narrower, heart-shaped pelvic inlet
narrower sciatic notch narrower angle where the two pubic bones meet in front Female open, circular pelvic inlet broader sciatic notch wider angle where the two pubic bones meet in front more outwardly flared hip bones Male on the left. Female on the right. Women’s are less dense and smaller, shorter, and wider.

8 Muscles Hip flexion: iliopsoas, sartorius, pectineus, rectus femoris
Hip extension: Gluteus maximus, biceps femoris Hip abduction: gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, abductor brevis, Hip adduction: adductor magnus, adductor longus

9 Muscles

10 Hip Flexor Stretch With the leg to be stretched behind the other leg and rotated slightly outward, shift weight to the other leg. Posture is erect with hips thrust forward. Kneel on a towel, then thrust forward with the hips, maintaining an erect posture.

11 Quad Stretch In standing or sitting position, grab ankle and bring leg into knee flexion. Keep torso and hip erect.

12 Hamstring Stretch Seated hamstring stretch
Seated hamstring stretch with other leg dangling Standing hamstring stretch Standing hamstring stretch on bar

13 Hamstring Stretch Supine hamstring stretch: grasp behind knee and bring knee to chest, slowly straighten out leg, point toes toward you

14 Adductor Stretching In a seated position, pull the heels in as far as possible, then lean forward and push down on knees

15 Piriformis Stretch In supine position, place heel of leg to be stretched on other knee. Bring knee to chest. Push knee of stretched leg away for a better stretch.

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