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Equinox 73 launch update. Key Messaging/Positioning Equinox iOS or Android Tablet APP Rich media "quick to access control" apps with integrated dashboard.

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1 Equinox 73 launch update

2 Key Messaging/Positioning Equinox iOS or Android Tablet APP Rich media "quick to access control" apps with integrated dashboard control of lighting, audio, video, comfort and security systems on Android and iOS tablets through the InFusion system. Equinox 73 A rich media "quick to access control" LCD touchscreen for integrated dashboard control of lighting, audio, video, comfort and security systems through the InFusion system. Reference Equinox 40 A single-gang "quick to access control" LCD touch keypad for lighting, audio and comfort controls through the InFusion system.

3 research 3 key elements hardware user experience software tools agenda why equinox? selling tools wrap up & qa

4 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL the unmet need the category is undifferentiated, with an overall high-tech feel that confirms the perception of bulky, bleeding-edge technology

5 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL we set out to understand the ideal homeowner experience … the whole journey from investigation & concept, though specification & install to living with and supporting the system unfortunately or FORTUNATELY we got the full story … what we asked for and more equinox – “we listened to the homeowner”

6 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL equinox – “what we learned” keep it simple … consistently deliver a system that feels right for everyone especially spouses and houseguests grow with me … allow the system to grow and adapt to the ever changing needs of the home let me play … enable those who want to play, let them feel comfortable “discovering more” talk to me … extend appropriate communication to the homeowner, tell them about update opportunities my dealer defines the magic … further empower dealers to provide an amazing experience freeing time to truly appreciate their need and do what they do best – being consultative and creative (!) defined by vantage delivered by the dealer

7 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL equinox – “the family” equinox 41 equinox 40 equinox 73 mobile app tablet app standard keypad range of products varying capabilities deliver an experience

8 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL equinox 40 release equinox 73 install kits 2013 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 equinox 73/DC app release equinox 41/DC app release CEDIA ’13 eq simplicity roadshows CEDIA ‘12 2012 equinox – “the timeline”

9 hardware user experience software tools equinox platform– 3 key elements

10 HOME SYSTEMS equinox hardware – “aesthetics” badging painted & backlit bar laser engraved buttons hand finished zinc alloy frame ambient light & proximity sensors stack up – low profile LCD, digitizer, mask, glass chemically treated titanium paint home button

11 equinox 73 4.9” x 6.9” screen 480 x 800 pixels landscape orientation in-wall system portal equinox 40 & 41 4.3” x 2.3” LCD screen 480 x 272 pixels portrait orientation in-wall local control 4.3” 6.9” 2.3” equinox hardware – “aesthetics”

12 3 choices: - standard install kit (stud or between stud with bracket) - upgrade TPT650 (wall box with our new retro-fit support frame) - retro-fit (bracket can be used for LV install (POE) with modular fixing) - power 41, 73 (POE or cat5e + 12vDC power or WiFi + 12vDC power) NOTE: this means an end of life situation for TPT650/1040 … transition planned for CEDIA 2013, with warranty and extended project support equinox hardware – “install options”

13 quantities eq4011 devices / bus run 24v controller 21 devices / bus run 36v controller eq73, 41 60 unique ethernet bus devices / controller 24 or 36v use cases 73 vs iPad 40 vs standard keypad 41 q to infusion w/ 40 equinox hardware – “installation”

14 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL equinox hardware – “part #s” EQ40TB-TI EQ41TB-TI EQ73TB-TI EQ73ST-INSTALL EQ73RT-INSTALL 40% discount category *MSRP TBD

15 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL equinox user experience – “mini widgets” equinox 40 single layer UI multiple combinations extra pages

16 mini widgets temperature / climate / clock / weather scenes / lighting audio temp + scenes + audio temp + scenes scenes + audio scenes only four mini-widget combinations

17 quickly view the room temperature temporarily override your temperature setpoint and enjoy active real-time feedback temperature with a quick glance, you can accurately tell what time it is clock keep an eye on the weather with a visual display weather for a minimal look, simply opt for a blank area blank adjustable temperature premier partners: Vantage AprilAire Bryant (Coming Soon) Carrier (Coming Soon) Daikin VRV Fujitsu VRF Hitachi VRF Honeywell VRV Mitsubishi VRF RCS (Coming Soon) Sanyo VRF Tekmar (Coming Soon) Toshiba VRF WSI Weather header mini-widget

18 page indicator shows which page out of three you are on status indicator determine what scenes are active 5 scenes scenes can be simple ON/OFF, dimmable or can contain conditional logic for convenience and energy savings customized scenes enjoy personalized naming of buttons + / - buttons easily raise or lower the lighting levels 3 scenes + audio when using audio, Equinox 4 allows for three scenes per page scenes mini-widget

19 source indicator swipe between sources source controls volume server playliststunerstreaming services current playlist / cycle playlist current preset current station / cycle preset choose AM/FM/XM current channel/ cycle channel choose service audio mini-widget Premier Partners: Vantage 450, 850, DMM, IMS Nuvo Grand Concerto, MPE, NVT2 Autonomic Mirage MMS, MMS5-A Kaleidescape Music System Mozaex Solo iPort FS, IW Series Integra TUN3.7 Onkyo T4555 shows which source you are on

20 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL equinox user experience – “full widgets” equinox 73 equinox 73, 41, apps 3 levels of navigation profiles consistency

21 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL 3 levels of navigation

22 HOME SYSTEMS watermark abstract / live representation of the function primary information area secondary information area “discovery dots” touch point pressable command points choose which profile to enable dashboard 90/10 rule live feedback

23 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL full screen discover more… swipe, flick, touch launch quick jump bar graphical status more, detailed information side hints for swiping enter edit mode

24 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL do more… add/remove rearrange edit mode top item reflected on dashboard press a city to change its parameters show/ hide citiesdrag bars to reorder add a new city

25 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL go ahead and play create, edit, save lighting, audio, video, hvac or button presses create/edit user scenes 4 schedules, 4 start/stop times, 7 days, link/unlink create/edit tstat schedules rearrange lights order for dashboard select favorites for lights playlists, tuner presets, pandora channels edit mode – “enhanced”

26 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL climatemusicweathervideosceneslighting equinox widget family energy* home thtrcamerassecurity shades*pool / spa*timers* 9 widgets to release initially, followed shortly by more custom*

27 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL profiles collection of widgets based on user, time, space or function who – mom, dad, kids, guest time – morning, night space – kitchen, media room, master suite function – party, guest or maintenance modes language – english, french, spanish, chinese, hebrew, cyrillic, more click for more profiles

28 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL same screen…multiple collection options profiles

29 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL same look and feel…multiple device options vantage OS iOS android OS consistent

30 software tools bringing it all together ease of set up & time efficiencies premier partners licensing

31 software – how it all comes together Add system objects (lighting, audio, climate, energy, etc) Drivers / Integration Custom programming of scenes and macros Conditional logic Timers Sensors Prescribed UI Systems based widgets UI shell loaded at factory in firmware Updateable in field Tablets & Mobiles Prescribed UI Systems based widgets UI shell loaded from iTunes or Marketplace app stores Updateable in the field Design Center Programming and configuration data all sent to controller System / Controller App stores In-walls (40, 41, 73) 1 1 2 2 3 3

32 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL time efficiencies Simple : time needed to configure a simple control system consisting of a few lights, keypads, hvac, a touchscreen and an app Advanced : time needed to configure an advanced control system consisting of multiple touchscreens, apps, lights, keypads, hvac, energy, audio, video, security and shades Before:After: 1 hr+/- 16 hrs 2 daysDays / weeks Configure DC file Send file to controller Auto build Equinox 1 1 2 2 3 3

33 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL system specs 7,000’ sq - residence 1 controller 4 enclosures 105 loads 40 keypads 8 motion sensors 3 thermostats 10 zones audio 1 media server 1 theater: Projector, Receiver, Bluray 1 Security system 3 TPT650s 1 TPT700 1 TPT1210 current environment - 8 days to program: (3 days system, 5 days touchscreens) equinox environment - 4 days to program: (3 days system, 1 day touchscreens) (replaced 650s, 700 and 1210) sample project total savings: 4 days @ 100$/hr = $3200

34 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL premier partners MZ VideoCameras Climate Power / Energy Shades / Motors SecurityPool / SpaNetworking MZ AudioHome TheaterMZ Sources

35 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL configure DC each 73 or 41 adds a license each tablet/mobile needs a license add App Objects as necessary, such as iPad, tablet, etc controller holds license info pings SD card periodically app checks with ctrlr for authentication checks with ctrlr for license qty if no license at start – will not start if no license after config – splash screen appears order SD Card as necessary loads license info 3 SKUs EQ-APP-5 EQ-APP-10 EQ-APP-X 2 2 3 3 4 4 app checks 1 1 licensing

36 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL EQ-APP Licensing Model equinox 73 & equinox 41 devices do NOT need a license apple, android and future other non-vantage devices (pcs, macs) DO need a license purchasing a 73 or a 41 and installing on project will provide 1 app license each the equinox app will be free and downloadable from the app stores (iTunes, marketplace) licenses for apps are added automatically through the DC file to the controller and need to be on and configured A license will be needed per project to cover "X" qty devices past any 73 or 41 counts example: a dealer purchases and installs two 73s and one 41 for a project. that project is allowed up to 3 mobile/tablet apps for iPad and/or android. if more apps are needed, the dealer can purchase and install the appropriate SD card in the controller to allow “X” more app devices. licensing

37 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL EQ-APP Licensing Model 3 app SKUs: 1-5 devices (EQ-APP-5) 6-10 devices (EQ-APP-10) 11+ devices (EQ-APP-X) flat rate SKUs - no discounts, no commissions licensing follows a “floating” license model (any authorized app device can connect, but once max # is reached no more can access controller benefit - allows users to buy replacement or new iPads and add them without having to contact dealer if more devices are needed, dealer can purchase the next SD SKU for more devices dealer could reuse low qty SD card for next project upgrade path: existing vantage app stays independent. if existing home wants app either buy a 73 or the license. licensing

38 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL why equinox? we delivered – “the unmet need” selling tools what next

39 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL equinox – “delivered” defined by vantage delivered by the integrator

40 for the homeowner it’s the easiest way to immediately access lighting control, comfort and audio through a single layer interface, touchless scenes … for the dealer of new or remodel opportunities where hardware revenue can be made on both product & programming. POE wifi 12v infrastructure DC configured that is flexible & adaptable …. for the designer a unique aesthetic & specification proposition no downtime, little compromise to traditional build cycles a product for the global market. … always on always there and personalized … it’s as reliable as a light switch but will provide so much more … three functions, three pages … a native Vantage product that is consistent with other equinox and ce devices equinox – “truly differentiated”

41 VANTAGE CONFIDENTIAL equinox website video brochure – digital.pdf –.ppt – keynote cutsheets install guides solutions guides – digital.pdf – web thumb drive demo boards selling tools

42 plan for future projects engage vantage “design services” demo boards for sale? review selling materials attend certification trainings online in field factory what next?

43 q & a


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