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C-Bus Now and in the Future Presented by: DAVID RYBICKI National Manager – Residential Sector.

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1 C-Bus Now and in the Future Presented by: DAVID RYBICKI National Manager – Residential Sector

2 C-Bus Now  Key drivers for C-Bus: Control Comfort Convenience Entertainment Security Energy Savings

3 C-Bus Now  Lighting Control - Time Based Scheduling - Sensor Control - Daylight Harvesting - Scene Control - A/V Control

4 C-Bus Now  Multi-Room Audio - Distribute & control multiple audio sources - Control via any C-Bus device - Inclusion of audio in native C-Bus - Inbuilt Tuners - Digital Audio Streaming

5 C-Bus Now Sweep Fan Control - DIN Mounted (3M wide) - Fan Speed Label Control - 3 Speed Fan Control - Single Button Control - Capacitor Storage - Hard Start Option

6 C-Bus Now Blind/Shutter Control - Direct Motor Control (AC or DC) - DIN Mounted (2M Wide) - Flexible Control (1, 2 or 3 Button) - Open, Close, Stop - Programmable Time Delay - Inclusion In Scenes

7 C-Bus Now Wiser Home Control - Seamlessly Joins Technologies - Consistent Look & Feel Music Lights Security Fan

8 C-Bus Now

9 C-Bus in the Future Measure, Monitor, Control

10 C-Bus in the Future Measure, Monitor and Control Energy costs are rising Power consumption is front of mind Homeowners are becoming conscious of energy usage Need to understand where power is being used, and how much Empower the homeowner to take appropriate action

11 C-Bus in the Future C-Bus Current Measurement Unit 4 Channels of monitoring 0-80A CT 40A or 80A ranges Broadcasts onto C-Bus Load management Plan to schedule

12 C-Bus in the Future

13 Connectivity

14 C-Bus in the Future



17 Integration

18 C-Bus in the Future Integration Options Native C-Bus – e.g. C-Bus MRA, WISER, C-Touch Low level – relay (I/O) based High level – custom written code C-Bus Enabled – ‘out of the box’ solution that just works! Real-time – external information

19 C-Bus in the Future Low Level Integration Simple but effective method of system integration Provides simplification through common control devices and user interfaces Involves a contact being closed (usually a voltage free relay) Send and receive information between systems: C-Bus Air-conditioning zone dampers Irrigation solenoids Access control systems Blind/shutter systems

20 C-Bus in the Future High Level Integration More complex that Low Level Integration but provides a more flexible solution Interaction between control systems and devices at a communication or ‘protocol’ level Custom written serial strings Serial RS232 and TCP/IP via Ethernet or WiFi Send and receive messages between systems: C-Bus Security A/V equipment Pool equipment

21 C-Bus Now C-Bus Enabled Program Co-development approach Support native C-Bus Protocol Interpret and send data directly to C-Bus using specifically designed application types Consultation, engineering support, testing and validation Successful validation results in the product being certified

22 C-Bus Now C-Bus Enabled Program Available to Companies from many different areas –HVAC –Security –Automation panels/controllers –Access control systems –Motorised shutters/blinds –Integrators with custom hardware & software –Energy monitoring

23 C-Bus in the Future Using the Internet to your advantage ‘Scrape’ real-time information from the Internet A more efficient and intelligent method of control Dynamic system response based on current conditions or environment Save power and money Extend the information to other C-Bus devices to make them more intelligent and intuitive

24 Questions? Thank you

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