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HR Liaison Network Meeting

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1 HR Liaison Network Meeting
Welcome: Roxane Walton

2 Meeting logistics- Patty Farris
Purpose, goals, upcoming sessions

3 Meeting Purpose Provide a forum for communication between HR Staff and the HR Liaisons for continuous improvement in HR programs, services, and best practices for the UCF community Build partnerships with colleges/departments This slide was presented previously For those new attendees…

4 Meeting Goals find out about dates and deadlines for events (performance reviews, benefits open enrollment, payroll processing, etc.); bring problems or concerns from departments to be discussed with HR staff; share ideas, solutions or obstacles in their positions with other HR liaisons; take back information to their own departments; act as a point person within a department for HR to contact with questions or to relay information; occasionally attend round table sessions with HR to help generate ideas, address concerns, and work with other liaisons. This slide was presented previously For those new attendees…

5 2014 Meeting Dates Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Tuesday, April 15, 2014
2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Cape Florida 316ABCD, Student Union Tuesday, April 15, 2014 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Key West Room 218ABCD, Student Union Tuesday, July 15, 2014 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Human Resources Tuesday, October 7, 2014 9:00 – 11 a.m. Cape Florida 316ABCD, Student Union

6 Guest Speaker: UCF Victim Services

7 Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale: Beth Scheitzach

8 Realize that the first step begins with the employer
Realize that the first step begins with the employer. To recognize the value of your employees is key. Many business have the attitude that employees are a 'dime a dozen'. If one leaves, another can be found to take their place without much trouble on their part. While this maybe true to some extent, the cost of advertising, interviewing and training the new employee can be prohibitive.

9 Let people know they are appreciated
Let people know they are appreciated. Simply stating a few words of thanks or sincere admiration for a job well done will help increase morale among employees

10 Casual Friday and gift certificates
Casual Friday and gift certificates. Sponsor social events such as barbecues for employees and their families, or office picnics.

11 Give employees a goal to work towards and can create enthusiasm which is often contagious among employees. Open the lines of communication with employees to find out what kind of things or programs would get them motivated. This will also help them feel like they are an important, contributing factor of the company.

12 Understand that the work environment can greatly affect employee morale. A dreary office lacking light and color can cause depression and a lack of motivation. Brighten up the space with a soothing paint job, green plants, and tasteful artwork. If it is not possible to fix up the environment (i.e. a warehouse or factory), make sure you offer adequate breaks and a break room where employees can relax, eat, and rest.

13 Use 360 degree feedback surveys as a way to illustrate to employees that you support and encourage an atmosphere of continuous improvement and dedication to improving work conditions.

14 Encourage communication between employees and management
Encourage communication between employees and management. Doing so will allow employees to feel comfortable to voice their opinions and make suggestions to improve conditions and work. Listen to the employees you do have. What are their concerns? Well, money probably ranks right up there at the top, but what other concerns do they have? Is it lack of recognition? Lack of perks? Lack of appreciation for the job they do?

15 Revise the company mission statement to include all employees and departments to ensure each employee feels as though they are an integral part of the company’s future.

16 Make sure the values and ethics of the company are of those employees can take pride in. Most employees in the work force want to work for a company they can trust and believe in.

17 Find ways to make life more pleasant in general for employees
Find ways to make life more pleasant in general for employees. Offer flexible schedules, etc.

18 Be loyal to your employees
Be loyal to your employees. If business starts to decline, find ways to keep employees without cutbacks or lay offs. Be sure to offer promotions and pay raises to those who deserve it.

19 Give employees a chance to help others
Give employees a chance to help others. 'Wear a Hat to Work Day' can be turned into a chance to help a local charity. Employees pay a dollar or two for the privilege of looking silly and the money goes to charity. Jeans Day

20 Change the atmosphere. Do you rule by intimidation
Change the atmosphere. Do you rule by intimidation? Surely not, but every atmosphere can be lightened up to a degree. Stop and think, "Will what I'm doing today have an impact a hundred years from now?"; or, "Will what I'm doing today hurt or harm someone if I don't act like a dictator?". If not, come out of the throne room and lighten up!

21 Have fun! You don't have to dress in a clown's costume, but you can promote a feeling of happiness and satisfaction in the workplace. Go out and talk to your employees. Smile. Recognize what they do, for without them, you wouldn't have a business to start with.

22 Benefits Human Resources Liaison Benefits - Human Resources

23 Open Enrollment No plan changes for the 2014 plan year
October 21 – November 8 at 6pm All Open Enrollment elections must be made through People First, our insurance administrator or Hours: 8am – 6 pm EST

24 Open Enrollment If an employee has not logged on to People First within the last 90 days, they will need to reset their password Avoid the rush and make changes early through People First Know your PF password and ID

25 Open Enrollment Update addresses through Employee Self Service through myUCF If OPS employees have already received their PF ID#, they can call PF directly to update addresses Ongoing, Open Enrollment will always be mid October through early November due to the annual measurement period for OPS employees ending 10/2 every year

26 Open Enrollment Changes made during Open Enrollment period of 10/21/13 – 11/8/13 will be effective January 2014 Correction Period for errors: 11/11/13 – 11/22/13

27 Open Enrollment Resources
View the myBenefits website at to compare plans and check to see if doctors are in the plan network Insurance plan phone numbers and websites can also be accessed on the myBenefits website

28 Questions??

29 UCF – Healthcare Compliance
OPS Healthcare Implementation HR Liaison – October 08, Healthcare Compliance – Human Resources UCF – Healthcare Compliance

30 UCF – Healthcare Compliance
Agenda Federal and State laws Determining Eligibility Reporting to People First State Group Insurance Coverage Options OPS Information Sessions Additional Information UCF – Healthcare Compliance

31 OPS Healthcare is Florida State Law
The federal government has postponed the effective date of the Employer-Shared provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation that stipulates that large employers offer affordable health insurance coverage to employees working 30 hours or more per week until January 1, 2015. Florida amended current state law to extend benefits offered through the State Group Insurance to eligible OPS employees that meet defined measurement criteria effective January 1, 2014. UCF – Healthcare Compliance

32 People First Responsible for the following:
Plan administrator for State of Florida State Group Insurance program Responsible for the following: Providing Reporting Requirements Determining Eligibility Notifying Eligible OPS Employees Coordinating Benefit Enrollments UCF – Healthcare Compliance

33 Determining Eligibility
People First determines eligibility based on provisions set forth in the federal Affordable Care Act legislation and Florida state law. OPS Employees are eligible for coverage through the State Group Insurance beginning January 1, 2014 if they meet the following criteria: Hired to work 30 hours or more per week (or) Worked an average of 30 hours or more per week for a defined measurement period Important to note that hours worked with another state agency that participates in the State Group Insurance Program concurrently with UCF employment are combined with hours worked at UCF to determine eligibility. UCF – Healthcare Compliance

34 Eligibility Measurement Period
People First determines eligibility based on hours worked reported for defined measurement periods determined by the state. Initial Measurement Period (IMP) April 1 – October 2, 2013 Six month measurement period determines eligibility for plan year Ineligible OPS employees will continue to be measured during the next measurement period (refer to Open Enrollment Measurement Period) Open Enrollment Measurement Period (OEMP) October 3, 20YY through October 2, 20YY Annual one-year measurement period determines eligibility for next plan year For example, next OEMP begins 10/3/13 and extends through 10/2/14 and will determine eligibility for plan year with coverage beginning January 1, 2015 New Hire Measurement Period (NHMP) Begins 1st of month following hire date for employees hired to work less than 30 hours per week For example, NHMP begins 10/1/13 for employee hired to begin work on 9/7/13 Extends for 12 months and eligibility is determined at the end of the period If an OPS employee is determined to be eligible at the end of NHMP a qualifying event window will open allowing the employee 60 days to enroll in benefits UCF – Health Care Compliance

35 Reporting To People First
UCF began reporting OPS employees and hours worked to People First last month based on parameters provided by the state New Leave & Pay Exception Report distributed for OPS contract employees in non-instructional roles to report hours for new “ACA” Time Reporting Code – went into production for PPE 9/26/13 For teaching adjuncts we are reporting using the calculation provided by the state equating 1 credit hour to 3 hours worked (or 3 – 3 credit courses= 27 hours worked) Graduate Assistantships employees reported, do not need to report “ACA” TRC Remaining OPS hourly – report hours submitted on timesheet – no business process change People First will send eligible OPS employees an enrollment packet containing detailed information To continue to comply with the state’s OPS reporting requirements it is important that we hire employees and submit hours worked in a timely fashion and terminate inactive employees’ job records when they are no longer actively working for the university UCF – Health Care Compliance

36 Notification of Eligibility
People First will send eligible OPS employees an enrollment packet containing detailed information Confirming eligibility Information on benefit options Enrollment process Enrollment deadlines OPS employees must keep their mailing address updated in\Employee Self Service. (OPS employees with an assigned People First ID# must contact People First to update their address) UCF – Health Care Compliance

37 UCF – Healthcare Compliance
State Group Insurance Benefit Options Eligible OPS employees have access to the following pretax benefits offered by the State Group Insurance Health Basic Life (employee pays 100% of premium) Dental Vision Hospitalization Cancer Disability Dependent Care FSA Health Savings Account (eligible for employer contributions) OPS employees are not eligible for Optional Life and Medical Reimbursement Accounts For the initial Measurement Period, enrollment in state benefits must be made during Open Enrollment – 10/21/13 – 11/8/13. ALL enrollments must be made through People First. UCF – Healthcare Compliance

38 Health Insurance Options – PPO & HMO Cost
Types of Health Insurance: Standard Plan Health Investor Health Plan PPO – Florida Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield) HMO – AvMed (FL counties only) Aetna (Brevard County only) Plan Type Coverage Level EE Monthly Premium ER Monthly Premium PPO or HMO – Standard/HIHP Individual $50.00/ $15.00 $537.74 Family $180.00/ $64.30 $1,149.14 Spouse Program $15.00 (per spouse) $649.58/ $ (HIHP) UCF – Healthcare Compliance

39 OPS Information Sessions
Information Sessions for OPS employees will be held at the Student Union the week before Open Enrollment begins Monday, Oct. 14, 2013 from 9:00 – 10:30 AM Student Union – Cape Florida 316AB Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013 from 9:00 – 10:30 AM Student Union – Cape Florida 316CD Friday, Oct. 18th from 3:00 – 4:30 PM Student Union – Garden Key 221 Employees should register in Employee Self Service for Course Number: OPS01 - OPS Healthcare Information UCF – Healthcare Compliance

40 Additional Information
Questions regarding OPS healthcare can be sent to Additional information on the state and federal healthcare reform laws can be found on the following websites: State of Florida OPS Healthcare Implementation U.S. Department of Labor – Comprehensive information about the Affordable Care Act UCF – Healthcare Compliance

41 UCF – Healthcare Compliance
Thank You! ? UCF – Healthcare Compliance

42 Human Resources Recruitment
BACKGROUND CHECK PROCESS Patsy Fan Popelas, Recruitment Manager Shanika Gooding, HR Representative Karen Sgambati, HR Representative Phone:

43 Why Are Background Checks Necessary?
Ensure Integrity of Organization Ensure Safety of Employees Reduce Risk and Protect the University Reduce Workplace Violence Negligent Hiring Liability Falsified Information

44 Recruitment Website
HR Managers & Liaisons Interviewing & Hiring Background Checks Background Checks

45 How To Submit A Background Check Request?
When Requesting A Background Check: Go to website Download Affirmation Form/Applicant Affirmation Form Applicant completes Affirmation Form/Applicant Affirmation Form Submit completed Affirmation Form/Applicant Affirmation Form via Recruitment or Fax: (with cover sheet) Before Submitting Forms Verify: Affirmation Form/Applicant Affirmation Form is signed, completed, accurate, and legible Applicant dated and signed form Department number is not payroll number (5th digit is a #2) Department account has adequate funding for background check

46 Affirmation Form GA-GTA-GRA-GTG-OPS-Work study-Volunteer-Temp
Previous Form Updated Form

47 Applicant Affirmation Form Faculty-adjunct-post doc-courtesy appt.
Previous Form Updated Form

48 Recruitment Process Receive Affirmation Form From Department
Applicant TrueScreen Link Please Note: Applicant has 2 business days to complete online FCRA form Review Information And Submit For Processing Department Results

49 Why Do Some Background Checks Take Longer?
Alias Name Lived In Another State Driver’s License From Another State Criminal Records Some States/Counties Are Slow!

International Applicants: Without valid Social Security Number (For Example: Numbers starting with 666 or 998) Recently received Social Security Number Background Check Waiver May Be Granted: If the background check was not processed at the time of hire, one must be completed one calendar year from the date of hire. It is the hiring department’s responsibility to follow up with Recruitment concerning the processing of the background check.

51 Recruitment Deadlines GRA-GTA-GA Background Checks
Spring 2014 Submit by November 18, 2013 Summer 2014 Submit by March 24, 2014 Fall 2014 Submit by June 20, 2014

52 Things To Remember Affirmation Form is clear, complete and legible
Do not send Recruitment an Affirmation Form more than once Having trouble accessing the updated affirmation forms ? Clear your internet cache Department number to be charged CANNOT be a payroll number (In general if the 5th digit is a #2.) Verify if Department number provided has adequate funding for background check. If not, Recruitment will charge operating department number Background checks for A&P and USPS hires should ALWAYS be sent to your designated coordinator in Recruitment An ePAF should NOT be submitted nor should the employee begin working until the background check is cleared by Recruitment

53 Questions?

54 Break and Raffle

55 Recognition of HR Liaisons Perfect Attendance

56 HR Liaison Perfect Attendance
Records Fall 2011 HR Liaison Perfect Attendance 2 Years Bren Bedford Jeanette Holder Deirdre Campbell Jade Laderwarg Naya Ramirez 1 Year Linda Anderson Laurie Carroll Marta De Corral Janet De Los Santos Gail Drabczuk Cissy Glowth Denise Hiatt Susan Jefferson Katie Lee Suzanne Lin Sandra Major Joanne McCully Margaret Melli Judy Minei Janice Oddo Salliann Phrampus Cristina Rever Chrislee Todd Barb Woodford

57 New HR Liaisons

58 HR Liaison Graduates Patricia Ballard Esther Pennepacker
Teresa Bridges Angelika Carroll Sandra Davidson Pamela Dow Anita Gabbard Nicole Henry Bettyna Lahens Linda Lockey Esther Pennepacker Tracy Reedy David Santiago Huertas Barbara Sherwood Kelly Slattery-Snavely Patricia Stroupe Roxanna Tarrab Chrislee Todd Laverne Turner Susan Wiesen

59 HR Liaison Survey In June 2013, an online survey link was ed to the HR Liaisons. The survey message conveyed: HR specifically interested in communication and customer service Responses would help HR enhance improvements to HR Liaison

60 HR Liaison Responded Of the 214 HR Liaisons –70 (30%) completed the survey. 61% USPS staff 49% Administrative staff 49% HR Liaison for 5 years plus 51% HR Liaison 5 years or less

61 When asked, HR Liaisons sought the following HR Services …

62 You Identified the following:
HR Strengths Showed consideration & respect Was Courteous Handled my requests efficiently Followed through well on their commitments Treated me as a valued customer HR Needs Improvements In being organized Operating smoothly and efficiently Meeting my expectations Looking for ways to improve their services Responding promptly to my requests

63 HR Action Item Plan Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3 Topic 4 Topic 5
More training for HR Liaisons and HR staff Working to improve search engines on HR web-site Topic 2 Topic 3 Continue to implement changes to streamline efficiencies Continue to look for ways to make improvements Topic 4 Topic 5 Continue to work with CS&T to improve job posting web-with eRecruit and electronic position descriptions

64 “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”
~~Albert Einstein But YOU COUNT!

65 Human Resources: Records

66 Records Fall 2011 Resignation Letters Effective 10/21/2013, resignation letters/forms will be required for OPS Employees when the termination reason of RES is selected on the ePAF A termination checklist has been created. Further communication will be sent out.

67 Teaching Adjunct Job Codes
Records Fall 2011 Teaching Adjunct Job Codes Only individuals who are the instructor of record should be in the following teaching adjunct job codes: 9001A-Adjunct Professor 9002A-Adjunct Associate Professor 9003A-Adjunct Assistant Professor 9004A-Adjunct Instructor 9005A-Adjunct Lecturer

68 Teaching Dual Compensation Job Codes
Records Fall 2011 Teaching Dual Compensation Job Codes Only individuals who are the instructor of record should be in the following teaching adjunct job codes: 9001X-Professor-Dual Compensation 9002X-Associate Professor-Dual Compensation 9003X-Assistant Professor Dual Compensation 9004X- Instructor Dual Compensation 9005X- Lecturer Dual Compensation

69 Records Website Information
Fall 2011 Records Website Information Records information Manager & HR Liaisons- (scroll all the way to the bottom)Records -Employee Sign-In Paperwork Manager & HR Liaisons- (scroll all the way to the bottom)-Records-ePAF A-Z Index

70 Regular ePAF Deadlines
Records Fall 2011 Regular ePAF Deadlines

71 Adjuncts, Faculty, GAs Hire/Rehire ePAF Deadlines
Records Fall 2011 Adjuncts, Faculty, GAs Hire/Rehire ePAF Deadlines

72 Compensation: Yvette Best

73 Performance Appraisals: Michelle Brooks

74 Questions & Answer Open Forum: Managers

75 Announcement and Wrap-Up: Patty Farris

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