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1 EHA Wellness School Nurses Conference June 9-10, 2014

2 What is Wellness? Wellness is being aware of your present health status and actively working toward maintaining or improving it.

3 Dimensions of Wellness


5 Behavior Change Think about your morning routine… Think about a behavior you have changed… How do people change?

6 Behavior Change 1.Pre-contemplation Not thinking of changing 2.Contemplation Thinking of changing 3.Preparation Planning for change

7 4. Action In the process of changing 5. Maintenance Change is maintained for 6 months or more Behavior Change

8 Changing the Culture Think back to a behavior you have changed…how did the following affect your success? Family Friends Coworkers Environment


10 Educators Health Alliance NCSA NSEANASB

11 EHA Wellness Program Westside Community Schools Pilot Project 2005 - 2008 EHA Pilot Project 2010 to present EHA Wellness Program - Statewide January 2011

12 EHA Wellness Vision The EHA Wellness Program is designed to support the health and wellbeing of each individual in the EHA program.

13 EHA Wellness Mission The EHA Wellness Program will implement evidence-based wellness initiatives focused on creating a wellness culture at EHA Subgroups and empowering EHA members to improve their health status resulting in healthier, more productive members and lower medical expense.

14 239 EHA sub groups participating 41,000 individuals EHA Wellness

15 Wellness Representative – each location Participation in Personal Health Assessment Online Programs – 6 per year Screenings – Biometric & Vascular EHA Wellness

16 Personal Health Assessment –Health status report individually and for school/EHA –Fall or Spring –Participate one time per school year –$25 incentive each time EHA Wellness

17 Personal Health Assessment

18 Personal Health Assessment

19 Personal Health Assessment

20 “It doesn’t matter whether you are super fit or out of shape…you need to be a part of the wellness program!” -Lisa Nelson Hastings Public School

21 EHA Wellness Program



24 “Office staff encourage each other to eat healthy and our principal brings in fruit & veggies instead of donuts & candy!” “After “surviving” on little sleep for so long, I have begun tracking my sleep quarterly which has made me more aware of the amount I am getting and how it affects my health.” “Since we started the EHA Wellness Program, wellness is now a part of our culture.”

25 “I have lost 20 pounds over the past several months. Your encouragements via emails have really helped me!” “I have been working since November to lower my cholesterol through diet and exercise and this program helped – my numbers are much better now!”

26 My family and I have never had more healthier choices for snacks. We now look for opportunities to include a variety veggies and fruits into our daily meals.

27 “I think healthier people are just happier folks.” - Kyle McGowan Crete Public Schools


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