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Healthy Eating at School and ECECS Health Promotion Service Early Childhood focus.

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1 Healthy Eating at School and ECECS Health Promotion Service Early Childhood focus

2 FVSSRW Ministry of Health Snapshot Overweight and Obesity- Healthy Children’s Initiative _June 2014.PNG

3 Childhood Prevalence STATUS REPORT Year 1 2014 Healthy Eating and Active Living Strategy 2013-18



6 Munch & Move Practices 1.Site monitors food and drinks that are in children’s lunch boxes each day 2.Site menu includes fruit and vegetables every day 3.Site menu includes only healthy snacks options every day 4.Site supplies age appropriate drinks every day 5.Site provides structured and specific learning experiences about healthy eating 6.Site provides tummy time for babies 0-12 months of age every day 7.Site provides physical activity for 1-5 year olds 8.Site provides fundamental movement skills for children 3-5 years of age 9.Site use of small screen recreation by 3-5 year olds 10.Site has a written nutrition policy 11.Site has a written physical activity policy 12.Site has a written policy restricting small screen recreation 13.Site provides health information to families within past 12 months 14.Primary Contact Educators trained in healthy eating and physical activity 15.Site monitors and reports achievements of healthy eating and physical activity objectives annually


8 What is your service’s stance on nutrition and what does your service use to guide healthy eating practice? Children Health and wellbeing Food (5 food groups) Drink/Water Safety Energy Growth Development Variety Breastfeeding Australian Dietary Guidelines Caring for Children

9 What’s happening in your service?

10 Questions to guide reflection on practice for standard 2.2Examples of what is happening in your service How do we ensure food and drink is nutritious and appropriate to each child? How are children encouraged to make healthy food and beverage choices? How do we plan to meet the individual food and nutrition requirements of children, including managing their likes, dislikes, special dietary needs and any cultural or other requirements that families may have in relation to children’s eating? How do we ensure that foods used on excursions or other special activities encourage healthy food and beverage choices? How do we incorporate discussions and activities about healthy eating and caring for their bodies into children’s everyday experiences? How do we ensure staff members are familiar with current guidelines about healthy eating …..and understand and implement procedures relating to food handling, transportation and storage? How do we set up the environment and resources to encourage and support children to engage in movement and physical play? (This could also be extended to play around healthy eating) How do we encourage child-initiated or child-directed play and recreational experiences (re healthy eating)? How do we encourage and support breastfeeding in the service? Activity 2: What’s happening in your service re element 2.2.1?

11 Healthy eating conversations Learning environment Celebrations Breastfeeding The kitchen Healthy Eating Learning Experiences across the Curriculum Kitchen Gardens Healthy Lunchboxes

12 Categories of Green foods Menu Items. Fruit Vegetables Reduced fat Dairy Lean meat, fish, poultry and alternatives Cereal foods Breads Drinks Legumes

13 Overcoming barriers to greening up the menu Common ones Parent is complaining that there are no treats on the menu Having trouble getting the children to eat veggies at morning tea The meals budget makes cooking healthy food difficult Having enough time to prepare healthy foods on the menu Others??

14 Other support activities

15 Resources aplenty!

16 Curriculum resources aplenty

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