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The Washington State Office of the Attorney General’s 2013 Wellness Story -- a Snapshot Steven W. Reneaud and Judy St. John June 25, 2014 1.

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2 The Washington State Office of the Attorney General’s 2013 Wellness Story -- a Snapshot Steven W. Reneaud and Judy St. John June 25, 2014 1

3 Why did the worm enter the apple? Because it knew that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 2

4 Everyone Knows What is Good for Them... Eat your veggies Exercise Get enough sleep Drink water …or do they??? 5 servings of fruits and veggies Carbs are bad and they come from plants I hurt when I workout I need a lot of protein and that comes from animals Milk, it does a body good 3

5 Why do different opinions exist? People are all different There are many vested interests behind different outcomes and guidelines The science keeps advancing 4

6 How does the AGO Promote a Individual Wellness? Create a Culture of Wellness We continually try to rebuild and tweak an organizational structure that supports wellness programs. We seek AGO Leadership support and participation. We influence the agency’s policy and physical environments supporting individual pursuits of wellness. We offer challenges and programs that employees may choose to join. 5

7 AGO Wellness Network Structure Strategic Plan identifying general objective for Wellness Committee and Chief of Staff Policy Wellness Committee – Currently 10 Members – Members assigned to subcommittees 41 Liaisons distributed across 17 AGO buildings/locations 6

8 Activities 12 Monthly Activities Major Activity Each Quarter HH or Other Between Breast Cancer Awareness & Mammography Full Plate Diet Approve Local Activities Engage Employees Inside AGO Photos/Articles Promotions/Updates Linkage to Health Benefits Challenges on ACE Reminders of AGO Wellness Resources Monthly Biometrics Wellness Incentives Store Culture of AGO Wellness Your Way Population Statistics Demographics-May Building Locations & Numbers Environment Seek WWW Redesignation Biannual Env. Survey Promote Env. Improvement Refine Procedures/Policies Evolving Committee & ACE Maintain Leadership Support Measurement Health Risk Assessment – Spring Each Year – UMP/GH – At Least 30% (Goal 60+%) Monthly Participation Tally Regular Check Ins Re: Vitals Intermittent Search for Success Stories Community Linkage HCA LNI/Health/SHS/DNR/etc. Invite Community Speakers Look for Community Partnerships 7

9 Recent Wellness Projects 8

10 Vendor Acquisition and Facilities Use Agreement Procedure 9

11 Wellness Fun Store Reward Yourself – Choose Your Fun! This is the site where you choose your own rewards – those in addition to the greatest reward you give yourself by doing things to maintain your health and well-being. You accrue Wellness Fun Points for eligible Fun Activities you successfully complete and record. Wellness Fun Points will be identified for all eligible Fun Activities; o annual health risk assessment completion = 150+, o standard monthly challenges = 100-150, or o reading an article or doing other small things = 2. o We estimate that approximately 1800 points will be available during the year. Wellness Fun Points will appear with this symbol: Points accumulate from January 1 through December 31 of each year and must be used by January 11 of the following year. After the new year, points for the prior year are erased. Redeem your points at any time through the deadline – Items available while supplies last. Wellness Fun Store Inventory will be posted and regularly updated on ACE. All Fun Incentives were purchased with grant funds specifically designated for promoting wellness. 10

12 Wellness Fun Store Choose Your Own Fun 11

13 2013 Health Assessment Promotion 12

14 Mobile Mammography 13

15 Culture of Wellness is Built Over Time and it Changes 14

16 Demonstration of Culture Change NOT ME Diabetes Prevention Program 15

17 16

18 Internal Communications 5 months before launch: Messaging to Committee and Liaisons 5 months before launch: Communications with AGO Core Leadership Several months before launch: Communications with AGO Management, including Building Managers One month before launch: Communication with AGO Employees 17

19 An “innocent” email about Diabetes Awareness Month turns into a position on the Wellness Committee leading to coordinating the program for the AG’s office for the state! 18

20 The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) was ramping up when Judy jumped on board as we prepared for the testing event coming up in mid-January. Communication with Maime Marcus and the Operation’s Committee to obtain approval of the program to educating the liaisons about the program and finally developing the “advertising” to encourage participation. 19

21 Posters and emails sent up to the end of the year promoting the event. 20

22 Signs of Developed Culture Immediate and complete support from AGO Core Leadership and Operations Committee No complaints about program were received from AGO employees Why? – Fantastic proven program – Our agency is now accustomed to successfully running wellness programs 21

23 The One Constant in Life and Wellness Promotion is Change 22

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