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THE ERA OF GOOD FEELINGS The Presidency of James Monroe.

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1 THE ERA OF GOOD FEELINGS The Presidency of James Monroe

2 Era of Good Feelings  Elected in 1816, effectively unopposed  His term in office marks the beginning of the “Era of Good Feelings”  Nationalism (love for one’s country) was sweeping the nation  Victory in War of 1812  New generation of war heroes  American System

3 American System Henry Clay’s Theory on Economic Growth Industrial North – Agricultural South/West South – Produce Agriculture Provide Market for Industry North–Produce Industrial Goods Provide Market for Agriculture

4 Necessary Measure for the American System to work  Protective tariffs  Improved transportation  National banking system

5 Protective Tariffs  Protective Tariff: tax on goods imported into a country; designed to make imports more expensive than domestic goods  Tariff Act of 1816: Congress adopted a mild protective tariff  Tariff is strengthened in 1828

6 Improved transportation  Building of the National Road (today it is I-40)  Construction of canals begins  $ comes from protective tariff

7 Second Bank of the U.S.  The charter of the First Bank of the US expired in 1811 and was not renewed  State banks took over the business of banking and printing money which makes trade difficult  1816: Congress chartered the Second Bank of the US with 25 branches  Issues its own paper money which is accepted throughout the US  Starts a two year business boom

8 Foreign Affairs Relations with Britain  Rush ‑ Bagot Agreement (1817)  Britain/Canada and US agree to disarm the Great Lakes  Treaty of 1818  (1) joint occupation of the Oregon Territory for 10 years  (2) north Boundary of Louisiana Purchase is 49th Parallel

9 Foreign Relations  Relations with Spain (1817-Florida belonged to Spain)  United States sent Andrew Jackson and a small army down to the Georgia-Florida border to stop the Indian & outlaw raids  Jackson is NOT supposed to attack the Spanish.  So, he invaded Florida  Adams ‑ Onis Treaty (1819)  Spain gave up Florida and Spanish claims to the Oregon Territory  US took $5 million in Spanish debt and agreed to stay out of Texas

10 Missouri Compromise-1820  Missouri territory is divided in half  North of the 36*30’ latitude slavery was banned (except Missouri) and south of the line slavery was legal  Establishes a precedent that lasts until the Civil War: states would enter into the Union in pairs-one slave and one free

11 Missouri Compromise-1820

12 Monroe Doctrine  1823  Monroe warns all European powers against interfering with affairs in the Western Hemisphere  They are not to attempt to colonize or overthrow any newly formed nation  US would protect the Western Hemisphere  US would stay out of European affairs

13 Assignment Today  Political Cartoons  You will each create two political cartoons. Choose from two of the topics covered in the Era of Good Feelings. On one side you will create the cartoon and on the other side you will explain the cartoon.

14 Examples


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