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What is soil?.

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1 What is soil?

2 Soil is the top layer of the Earth’s surface.
It’s found on the ground. Plants grow in soil. Soil is a natural resource. Natural resources come from the Earth.

3 What is soil made of?

4 Soil is made of broken pieces of rock

5 Pieces of rocks are mixed with tiny parts of dead plants and dead animals

6 Soil has air and water trapped inside it

7 Many animals live in soil
Bacteria Flies Worms Woodlice

8 How do plants use soil?

9 Plants need soil for nutrients and water.
Most plants have roots that go deep into soil. Roots take in water and nutrients from the soil

10 How can you improve soil?

11 Making a compost heap

12 What’s a compost heap?

13 -It’s a pile of rotting food
-It’s made of fruit and vegetable scraps, and leaves

14 The tiny living things in the compost turn the food scraps into fresh soil

15 Discuss with your partner what you know about…
-Natural resource -Top layer -Dead plants and animals -Broken rocks -Air -Compost heap -Water -Roots -Nutrients

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