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Toastmaster Meeting Roles

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1 Toastmaster Meeting Roles

2 Toastmaster of the Day The Toastmaster runs the meeting as the MC. The Toastmaster will give the introductions for the speakers and keep the meeting running on time.

3 General Evaluator The General Evaluator introduces the evaluators, evaluates the evaluators, and the meeting.

4 Speech Evaluator Evaluates the speaker that you are assigned to evaluate based on the speaker’s manual and project number.

5 Table Topics Master Create 3-5 questions to ask club members and guest so they can practice impromptu speaking. As Table Topics master you may ask for volunteers or pick someone.

6 Timer The timer monitors the time of the speakers, table topic speakers, and evaluators, including the General evaluator, ah counter and any other role of the day. Speak 1 minute.

7 Word of the Day Provide the club with a word, the definition of the word, and an example of the word in a sentence. Speak 1 minute.

8 Inspiration An inspirational moment is an excellent opportunity to use motivation, a story, or a lesson to inspire your members to greater heights.

9 Humor Master Gives the club a laugh to start their meeting with a funny story or clean joke. Speak 1-2 minutes.

10 Ah Counter/Grammarian
The Ah counter counts the ahs, ums, and any filler words that are unnecessary. The grammarian reports on any incorrect grammar. Speak 1 minute.

11 Pungent Preceptor The Pungent Preceptor asks the members questions about the speeches and Table Topics to test the member’s ability to listen. Speak 1-2 minutes.

12 Meeting Roles Create Leaders
Meeting roles are the first step in becoming a better leader. The roles give you hands on experience.

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