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TRAINING FOR MACC AFFILIATES. You need to know several acronyms  MACC: Michigan Academic Computing Center  MITC:  Michigan Information Technology Center,

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2 You need to know several acronyms  MACC: Michigan Academic Computing Center  MITC:  Michigan Information Technology Center, the building where the MACC is located  Also the overarching term for one of the main MACC affiliates (see next slide for more detail)  HPC: High Performance Computing  EPO: Electric Power Outage  UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply

3 The MACC is a shared space  MITC is both the building name and the overarching term for the major tenants of the building: Merit Network and Internet2.  The MACC, a space inside MITC, is operated as a partnership between the MITC and the University of Michigan. Costs have been split 15/85 between the two entities.  Because the MACC is a shared space, access is tightly controlled.  Because it is a shared space, you should not touch equipment belonging to others.

4 The MACC facility provides:  Floor space for a total of 254 racks, not counting network distribution racks  Basic network services including a connection to the main campus fiber network:  Up to 10 gigabytes of connections  Pre-terminated and dark fiber run to each  Management services, including delivery service, a prep room and on- call availability  Secure environment using both a biometric scanner and HiD access cards  Generator-backed power for heating and cooling  Protection from outages based on redundant UPS units, used in conjunction with (3) 2 MegaWatt generators in an N+1 configuration and (12) Eaton Powerware flywheel units in a redundant configuration

5 You provide:  Your own racks  Your own servers (consistent with policies and standards)  Network equipment such as switches (Note: You will incur additional costs if you desire more networking capacity than the basic package provides.)


7 You need a proximity cards for access  MACC M-Card for U-M users  Replaces affiliate’s current M-Card  Provides access to the MITC building and the data center  MITC access card for non-University users  Currently used by building tenants  Will be encoded for MACC access  You should not share access cards or loan them to anyone.  The building is open between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. After hours, you will need to use a proximity card to access the building.

8 You will get an iris scan  Using the iris scanner entry system in the MACC Operations Center, the data center coordinator will scan your iris and enter your proximity card data into the access control system at the same time so they are keyed together.  The iris scan ensures that access is limited to you even if your card is lost or stolen.

9 Guests must be escorted at all times  The iris scanner system mandates that guests, including vendors, are escorted at all times.  Do not leave guests unattended in the building.  The MACC is not staffed during off-hours and no escorts are available.  As an affiliate, you are responsible for any guests you escort in, including after hours.  The MACC is a “No Smoking” facility. You and your guests must adhere to this rule.

10 Security features monitor off-hours  Access logs for both the MITC building and the MACC itself are beside each door.  Off-hour access to the MACC will be reviewed weekly and compared to the video recordings as required.  Unmanned security cameras monitor the facility. Video is retained for security purposes for one month.

11 Racks should be locked  Though it’s not required, we strongly recommend locking rack doors.  The MACC coordinator will hold a key to each rack in a locked cabinet. (See Move-in document for more information)


13 Telephones are available  Four telephones are available, one in each corner of the room.  Dial “9” to reach an outside line.  To reach “911,” dial 9, get the dial tone, and then dial “9-1-1.”  If absolutely necessary, you may use the phone to call long distance.

14 Fire protection systems: MITC  The MITC building has a fire protection system that will activate the alarm and strobe lights in the event of a fire.  When this happens, you must exit the building.  The MITC system will not activate the EPO.

15 Fire protection systems: the MACC  Fire alarm pulls are located near each exit.  Pulls are connected to data center EPO system, which shuts the power off in case of fire.  Fire extinguishers are near each door and on each column.  You should notify the data center coordinator immediately if you smell smoke or see fire.

16 Other safety concerns  EPO switches are near each exit door, to be used only in case of extreme emergency.  The noise level in the MACC does not mandate ear protection, but such protection is recommended.  Vented floor tiles are weaker than non-vented ones. You should avoid rolling heavy loads over them. Go around them instead.  When floor tiles are up, the area must be marked with orange traffic cones. See the data center coordinator for more information.

17 Final safety notes  Please load all racks from the bottom to avoid tipping them.  The MACC is unmanned. Staff and affiliates are encouraged to work in pairs when in the facility, especially after hours.


19 Some equipment is dangerous  Do not touch:  Power panels and electric circuits. (Each row has its own locked Remote Power Panel.)  Air conditioning units around the perimeter of the room and above some rows.  Equipment belonging to others.  Large equipment carrying high voltage levels.


21 Moving in and out  You must make arrangements ahead of time for a delivery of equipment with the data center coordinator. (At least three days notice is recommended.)  Carts are available for moving material into and out of the data center.  Not intended for storage or system storage  Must stay in the facility  A lift is also available for moving material into and out of the data center.

22 No storage is available  No storage space is available inside the MACC or in the U-M prep room.  No boxes, tools or equipment may be stored in the MACC.  Limited space in the prep room is available for short- term staging.  The MITC will manage storage separately.

23 U-M prep room available for staging  University of Michigan network access is provided inside the prep room.  ** amp circuits are available.  The room is not protected by the UPS.


25 Some general rules  No food or drinks are allowed, including water. These items can seriously damage computers.  If you can bring your own tools, please do so.  However, common tools will be on hand in the prep room and in the MACC office, as well as cable ties and wraps.  You must return all tools once you have finished using them.

26 Packing material and trash  You must remove any material you bring in by the end of the day.  The U-M prep room is for the unpacking and staging of equipment to be installed in the MACC.  Trash cans are available in several locations.  A dumpster for packing material is available outside the loading dock area.


28 Visit the MACC website  A major way of communicating MACC information is the MACC website:   Please check it regularly. As an affiliate you will need to log in with your UMICH uniqname and Kerberos password.  To understand rates and billing, under Prospective Affiliates, read the “Rates and Billing” page.

29 MACC news will come via e-mail  Make sure you join the MACC e-mail list (Check with the data center coordinator or sign up on-line.)  The coordinator will send e-mail alerts to all affiliates on the list as needed, such as for pre- planned maintenance.  The coordinator is available for questions during normal working hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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