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Nortel Meridian 1 – Option 11C Family of Definity PBXs

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1 Nortel Meridian 1 – Option 11C Family of Definity PBXs
PBX AND ACD SYSTEMS OVERVIEW Nortel Meridian 1 – Option 11C Family of Definity PBXs

2 Nortel Business Key Telephones
PBX AND ACD SYSTEMS PBX FUNDAMENTALS Nortel Business Key Telephones Thought For The Week No Question Is A Bad Question!

3 Lessons In Unit 2: PBX Fundamentals PBX Features And Functions
PBX Configurations DEFINITY ECS Hardware PBX Networking Basics Of Automatic Call Distributor

4 Key Point PBX Systems Are Similar To CO Switches.

5 At the End of Lesson 1, You Should Be Able To:
Like CO Switches, PBX Systems Are Powerful Computerized Systems That Offer A Wide Range Of Sophisticated Features. At the End of Lesson 1, You Should Be Able To: Describe the Main Components Of A PBX Explain How A Call Is Made Through A PBX Define Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Name and Briefly Describe Key PBX Functions Name and Briefly Describe Common Auxiliary PBX Equipment

6 The General Structure of Most PBXs Is
PBX Components The General Structure of Most PBXs Is Similar, And Includes The Following Major Components, Shown On The PBX Components Diagram: Trunks To Connect The PBX To The Telephone Company Extension Lines To Connect The PBX To Internal Telephones

7 PBX Components Continued Equipment Cabinet: Main Processor, Trunk
Cards, And Line Cards Telephones And Attendant Console Administrative Terminal

8 PBX Components

9 Trunks The Connections Between A PBX And CO Switch Are Called Trunks. Trunks Are Usually Large-Capacity Connections. Businesses Configure Their Trunks Depending On Their Telephone Systems, Business Needs, and Employee Calling Patterns. PBXs Can Connect To Three Types Of External Networks.

10 Extension Lines The Connections From Individual Telephone Sets To The PBX Are Called Lines, Or Extension Lines. Each Line Is Formed By A Twisted Pair Of Copper Wire, And Is Assigned A Telephone Extension Number By The PBX Administrator.

11 Equipment Cabinet The Equipment Cabinet, A Large Metal Box In The Main Equipment Room, Is The Heart Of The PBX. Much of the Cabinet’s Circuitry Is Contained On Electronic Circuit Cards That Slide Into Slots And Plug Into A Main Processor Board.

12 Most of Equipment Cabinets Are One Of Two Main Types:
Trunk Cards Contain The Circuitry Necessary To Communicate With the CO Switch. Station Cards Contain the Circuitry Necessary To Communicate With Internal Telephone Extensions.

13 Telephones and Attendant Console
Telephone Sets Are Designed To Work With A Particular PBX System. Each PBX Telephone Set Includes Programmable Features That Can Be Enabled Or Disabled By The Company’s Telephone System Administrator.

14 Administrative Terminal
A Computer Workstation Provides Administrative Access to the PBX System. The Company’s Telephone Administrator Uses The System To Configure The Wide Range of Features And Options Available.

15 Line Card Density Line Card Densities Across PBXs Vary From
Eight To 32 Ports Per Card (How Have We Encountered Line Card Density In The Lab?) Cable Pairs Required For A Proprietary Telephone One Pair Of Cables Is Always Required For Analog Telephones. Digital Telephones Can Require Two, Or More Pairs Of Cables.

16 Examples Of Distinctive Code Feature Access
Principle PBX Features - Continued Distinctive-Code Feature Access User’s Access A PBX’s Principle Features By Code Dialing. *7 – Call Pickup *3 – Call Forwarding Option 11-C PBX Nortel Meridian 1 *8 – Call Hold Examples Of Distinctive Code Feature Access

17 Examples Of Single-Button Features Access
Principle PBX Features - Continued Single-Button Feature Access User’s Access A PBX’s Principle Features By Dialing Individual Single Buttons. Call Pickup Nortel Meridian 1 Option 11C PBX Call Forwarding Call Hold Examples Of Single-Button Features Access

18 Making a Call on a PBX Making A Telephone Call Within A PBX
Environment Is Very Similar To Making A Call From Home Using The Public Telephone Network. When You Lift The Receiver, Placing the Telephone In The Off-hook Position, The Telephone Signals The PBX That It Needs A Connection. The PBX Then Sends Dial Tone To The Extension Telephone, And Waits For Incoming Touch Tones.

19 Call Routing The Primary Function Of A PBX Is To Provide Internal Access To Telecommunications Trunks Provided By A Telephone Company. A PBX Can Queue, Or Hold, Calls Until A Trunk Becomes Available.

20 Supplementary PBX Features
In Addition To Its Core System Features, A PBX Can Provide Many Supplementary Services: Call Hold Music On Hold Hunting Call Restrictions Or “Class of Restriction Call Tracking

21 Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
DID Connects Incoming Callers Directly To The Employees They Need To Talk With. DID Is An Effective Means Of Increasing Customer Contact While Reducing The Load On PBX Operators.

22 Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Allows An Outside Caller To Dial Directly Into The PBX System, Then Access The System’s Features And Facilities Remotely. DISA Is Typically Used to Allow Employees To Make Long Distance Calls From Home Or Any Remote Area, Using The Company’s Less Expensive Long Distance Service.

23 Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Enables Callers To Dial A Telephone Number And A Password To Gain Access To PBX Features. NYC Office Chicago Office Business Traveler CO – Class 5 Switch Tie Line Long Distance Network Restricted Verses Unrestricted DISA Feature. Security With DISA Is A Problem.

24 Station Set Features Many Telephone Sets Now Include Special
Function Keys To Access Popular Functions Such As: Call Forwarding Call Transfer Speaker Paging Speed Dialing Message Waiting Light

25 Attendant Console Services
PBX Operators Are Often The Most Vital Part Of A Company’s Information System. In Addition, They Can Provide The Following Key Functions From The PBX Operator Console: Call Processing Company Directory Assistance Organizing “Meet-Me” Conference Calls Night Service Camp On

26 The Following Management Features
Administration and Management Reports The Following Management Features Provide Detailed Information On Calls Being Processed And Completed Through A PBX System. Call Detail Reports (CDRs) Test Reports Busy-Hour Studies

27 PBX Enhancements A Variety Of Other Systems Can Be Added To A PBX To Provide Specialized And Enhanced Services. Voice Response Voice Recognition Call Following Automated Call Distributor (ACD)

28 A Principle PBX Enhancement
Follow-Me Forward – User Keeps The PBX Informed As To Where She Or He Is, i.e. Office, Number, Home Number, Cell Number. Home No. Choices Change – Caller Preference 2nd Choice Outside Caller 1st Choice Cell No. 3rd Choice Nortel Meridian 1 Option 11C PBX Work No.

29 PBX Enhancements Follow-Me Call Flow

30 Other Auxiliary Equipment
Other Common Types Of Auxiliary Equipment Include: Station Message Detail Reporter (SMDR) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Direct Station Selector (DSS) Headset

31 PBX Costs And Requirements
In Addition To The One-time Installation Cost, A PBX System Usually Incurs The Following Ongoing Charges: Equipment Maintenance, Upgrades Lease or Finance Charges Trunk Usage DID Termination Service Charge DID Numbers In Blocks of 10, 20, or 100 Office Space, Heating/Cooling, Electrical Power Staff Salaries And Training

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