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What to look for, What to correct, How it should look,

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1 What to look for, What to correct, How it should look,

2 Lessons Learned from the shop inspection in NM OSHA inspected our shop for noncompliance items and found several items that needed attention Each item that need attention is shown in the original state, and compared with the corrected state Our site audit along with this presentation should help you look for items that may trigger a citation. We received one citation.

3 Inspection Criteria Inspections should take place every month on all of our projects and at our facilities Inspection team should consist of a safety member, and two or three personnel that work at that facility Teams should be rotated and have a mixture of experience levels, for a mixed prospective Utilize the safety audit in the safety forms folder on the projects documents disc for your inspection

4 Fire Extinguisher Signs Signage marking Fire Extinguishers should be placed in a visible location Extinguishers should have a current MONTHLY inspection Extinguishers should have a current ANNUAL inspection from a third party

5 Extension Cords Extension Cords are considered temporary power supply Power strips are considered a permanent power supply Replace all extension cords in offices with power strips

6 Extension cords continued Extension cord was used to supply power to the clock in the shop Replaced the clock with a battery operated clock to remove the extension cord Extension cords are for temporary power, which is daily use only

7 Extension cord inspections The cord on the left has the insulation pulled back from the end, this is a stress Release, it needs to be taken out of service, discarded or repaired by a QUALIFIED person, in other words a licensed electrician. Inspect for other damage or signs of repair, taped sections in cord? it needs to be discarded. The cords on the right have been inspected and are in great shape, they can be used for temporary power

8 Lights, GFCI Outlets All lights in every room needs to be working change out bulbs, when needed Check GFCIs outlets with a voltage pen to ensure they are working correctly

9 Electrical Rooms Electrical rooms are not storage areas, remove all stored material Panel boxes require a three (3) foot radius of protection and should be marked Storing items or material underneath stairs is not recommended

10 Electrical Panels Not flat storage areas Need to be kept clear of material

11 Electrical Panels Continued Electrical Panel Boxes need to have a legend The legend needs to be so anyone working in the area can understand what breaker controls what equipment

12 Electric Panels Continued… Citation Item We had three panel boxes that did not have covers over missing knock outs this left the employees working near the panels exposed to live electrical circuitry Material Cost of abatement $11.00 and 1 man hour for the electrician to install

13 Exit Signs, Emergency lighting Exits that lead to the outside of a building need to be clearly marked and properly lighted

14 Exits All Exits that are leading to the outside of the building needs to be kept clear of Debris, material and obstructions Employees need an unobstructed exit path in the case of fire or emergencies

15 Walking Paths Walking paths should be kept clear of all tripping hazards Route extension cords up and hoses over the path Cover cords with a high visibility covers that removes the hazard or highlights the crossing

16 Utilities All utilities service lines need to be labeled, air, potable water, steam, etc. When an employee reaches for the valve they need to know which valve is the correct valve

17 Bench Grinders The resting table or guard on the bottom of the wheel needs to be adjusted to within 1/8 of the wheel All guards need to be in place, the tongue guard over the top of the wheel to keep the material binding up on the wheel

18 Flammable Liquids Flammable liquids are to be stored in an approved cabinet, With a fire extinguisher within 75 ft

19 Clear access Clear Access to Start/Stop switches and control panels Electrical Panels need to have a clear access and the area marked Such as in yellow paint

20 Other Guidelines Write down all the infractions you find in the inspection Document the inspections and have the team sign the audit form Create an action plan to correct the problems with start and end dates Involve local upper management in the action plan to ensure completion Once the process starts, Monthly inspections keeps the work areas safe Listen to others for ideas on providing a safe work place Together we can build safe work areas, shops, and projects

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