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Esperenza Rising By Pam Munoz Ryan.

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1 Esperenza Rising By Pam Munoz Ryan

2 Vocabulary Pages 1-22 Arbors- a shelter of vines or branches
Premonition- a feeling about something that is about to happen Capricious- compulsive and unpredictable Propriety- the state of being proper Scythe- a tool used for cutting Candelabra- branched candlesticks Congregate- to flock together in a crowd Adobe- sun dried clay bricks used for building Vicious- with evil intentions Nape- the back part of the neck Philosophical- relating to philosophy Tendril- a structure used to support climbing plants Crochet- needlework consisting of interlocking loops Dwindled- to become steadily less Serenade- music that is sung or played complimentary

3 Character Analysis Esperanza Mama Miguel Hortensia Marta Isabel

4 Pages 1-3 Figurative Language Example from the text What it means
Simile Onomatopoeia Personification

5 Pages 1-22 Metaphor Foreshadowing- a hint about a future event
“he was a housekeepers son and she was a ranch owner’s daughter and between them, a river ran deep” Page 14 “There is no rose without a thorn” Foreshadowing- a hint about a future event - Esperanza pricking her finger and thinking “Bad luck” serves as foreshadowing for what event?

6 Vocabulary Pages Renegade- a person who deserts a party or cause for another Alms- money, food, or donations given to the poor Caboose- car on a freight train that is attached to the end Stagnant- not flowing or moving Sparse- thinly scattered or distributed Undulating- to move in a wavelike motion Complextion- natural color of skin Brooded- to think or worry about

7 Blustery- to be loud and noisy
Monotonous- lacking variety Spewing- to cast forward or eject in anger Cherub- a beautiful innocent person

8 Symbols The roses symbolize Miguel and Esperanza because Papa had planted one for Miguel and one for Esperanza A trellise is a structure that helps plants grow and rise. Miguel puts a trellise around Esperanza’s rose. What does this foreshadow and symbolize?

9 Irony Irony is an unusual twist of fate.
How is the workers strike ironic? What lesson can be learned from this?

10 Vocab Words Pages 140-200 Repatriation- to restore or return
Incense- to produce a fragrant odor Bereft- deprived or robbed of possessions Riveted- to attract and hold attention Ritual- a ceremony done in accordance with custom Frigid- instantly cold or lacking warmth Cavernous- having caverns or cavities; an empty space Loamy- a mixture composed of moistened clay Rutted- to be in or enter in the state of Animated- having the appearance of something alive

11 Susceptible- capable of being affected
Humanity- the quality or condition of being human Pruning- to cut off or cut back parts for better shape or growth Strewn- to spread by scattering Taut- having no give or slack Squalor- to live in poverty or hard conditions Bedraggled- left wet and limp Twinge- to affect with a sharp pain Encrusted- to cover or overlay with as with a crust Regimented- governmental rule

12 A dynamic character is a character that changes throughout the course of a novel.
A static character is a character that remains the same throughout a novel

13 Marta and Esperanza are 2 characters that have very different perspectives. They both come from different backgrounds which help contribute to the way they see things. What 2 events are a turning point in their relationship? How do these events help Esperanza understand Marta’s point of view?

14 Theme Stated Theme- a theme that is directly stated at the end of the novel. What is the stated theme? Implicit theme- a theme that is revealed by the events that occur in a story, and by what a character learns, does, thinks, or feels. What is an implicit theme in this novel?

15 Symbols Mountains and valleys are symbols for the ups and downs in life. The blanket that Esperanza crocheted symbolizes her journey and the many ups and downs that she has experienced Roses The blooming rose symbolizes Esperanza growing and changing The thorns on the roses symbolize the difficulties in life.

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