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ROP Nursery/Greenhouse & ROP Landscape Maintenance

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1 ROP Nursery/Greenhouse & ROP Landscape Maintenance
Pruning lingo 101 ROP Nursery/Greenhouse & ROP Landscape Maintenance By: Mrs. Deanna Cargill

2 Pruning lingo 101

3 1. ROOTSTOCK is the base of the plant, below the union

4 2. Sucker A shoot which grows from the rootstock.

5 3. Heading Back Cutting back branches to buds or side branches .

6 4. Evergreen Plants that have leaves on them throughout the year.

7 5. Deciduous Plants which shed their leaves yearly.

8 6. Terminal Buds Growing point of the stem.

9 7. Lateral Buds Side branches

10 8. Bud Union Point at which the rootstock and top of the plant unite

11 9. Stub Improperly pruned branch which leaves a protruding hook; bad
because it allows for entry of disease and pests

12 10. Watersprout Long, vertical shoots arising from branches

13 11. Primary Scaffold Branch
First main branch from trunk

14 12. Secondary Scaffold Branch
Limb branching from primary scaffold

15 13. Spur Short lateral that bears the fruit in many species

16 14. Leader The central stem in a plant

17 15. Lateral Those branches growing from primaries and secondaries

18 16. Thinning Complete removal of branches to the
trunk or to the ground

19 17. Node or bud A small swelling or projection on a
plant where a shoot, cluster of leaves or flowers

20 18. internode Distance on stem between leaves or buds

21 19. pinching Most basic pruning technique, using
thumb and forefinger to remove the stem tips of new growth

22 20. shearing Method of clipping the surface of densely foliaged plants using hand or electric shears

23 21. Espaliering The practice of training a tree or
shrub to grow flat either on a trellis or against a wall

24 22. canopy Refers to the top, shade-producing
structure of a tree or shrub, made up of branches and foliage

25 23. Crotch The angle formed between the trunk
and the scaffold branch or between a pair of trunks

26 24. Double leader When two trunks or main stems
compete for the dominant, leading position

27 25. pollard Shearing off the top of a tree so that
it puts out a dense head of slender shoots

28 26. standard A plant, not naturally growing as a
tree, that is trained into a small tree- like form with a single, upright trunk and rounded crown

29 27. topiary The technique of shearing trees and
shrubs to geometric or animal-like shapes

30 28. conifer Cone-bearing trees and shrubs,
primarily evergreen with needle- or scale-like foliage

31 29. bonsai To dwarf a shrub or tree by various means in a container

32 30. Pleaching Weaving together or intertwining of
upper branches of several trees

33 31. framework The basic branch structure of a tree
which gives it its shape

34 32. One-year-old wood Growth that develops during the
previous growing season

35 The End

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