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Pruning Ornamental Plants

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1 Pruning Ornamental Plants

2 Principles of Pruning Shrubs that produce flowers on wood grown the previous season should be pruned immediately after flowers fall off. Examples include early spring flowers like…. Forsythia Azaleas Spirea


4 Principles of Pruning Shrubs that bloom on current year’s growth should be pruned in the fall or early spring. Example: Roses ROSES

5 Principles of Pruning Some shrubs require annual pruning to thin out old, dead wood like…. Hydrangea Spirea HYDRANGEA SPIREA

6 Principles of Pruning Some suckers or shoots from plant roots should be removed to keep plant from becoming too thick.

7 Methods of Pruning Thinning
Removal of certain branches to open up the plant and keep the natural shape.

8 Methods of Pruning Heading Back
Removes the end section of branches at the same height so that new shoots make the plant thicker.

9 Methods of Pruning Renewal Pruning
Removes old branches that are large and unproductive by cutting them back to ground level. Usually effective on flowering shrubs.

10 Methods of Pruning Root Pruning
Usually done one growing season prior to transplanting. General Rule is…. One inch of stem diameter equals 10” of circle diameter for pruning roots around plant.

11 Pruning Tools & Supplies

12 Tool Care Keep sharp & clean.
Keep handles and bolt nuts secure & tight. These practices will increase safety.

13 Pruning Saw Has a blade with coarse teeth.
Blade may or may not fold into the handle for safety & storage. Cuts live & dead limbs.

14 Pole Pruner Has a saw & pruning tool on a pole to remove branches that are up to 12 feet overhead.

15 Grass Shears Have two blades designed to cut grass around edges of walks or flower beds.

16 Lopping Shears Have long handles and will cut limbs from 1 to 1½” in diameter.

17 Hand or Pruning Shears Have a single blade that cuts against another piece of metal or two blades that work like scissor to cut limbs up to ½” in diameter.

18 Hedge Shears Have longer blades that cut young tender growth.

19 Chain Saw Has a gasoline, battery, or electrical powered chain that cuts large limbs from 3” up to the blade length.

20 Power Pole Pruner Has a power saw on the end of an extended handle.

21 “If they will cut plants, they can cut you”
Safety Tip Use caution with cutting tools. “If they will cut plants, they can cut you”

22 Designed By: Johnny M. Jessup; FFA Advisor Hobbton High School

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