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Introducing……. San Andres School of Masinloc HIGHSCHOOL GRADUATES BATCH 2007-2008.

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1 Introducing……

2 San Andres School of Masinloc HIGHSCHOOL GRADUATES BATCH 2007-2008


4 AVELINO, KIER SALCEDO Birth Date: August 10, 1992 Address: North Poblacion, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Generoso Avelino Mother: Jenny Rose Avelino Involvements: Saliksi, Likana, Math & Science Club, Kagapas, English & Filipino Club, Hitara Motto: Failure can hurt you. But failure is the start of a new change. Ambition: To be a Hotel & Restaurant Manager

5 EBUE, DUSTIN PAUL URETA Birth Date: October 27, 1992 Address: 0361 Inhobol, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Juliano Ebue Jr. Mother: Maria Ofelia Ureta Ebue Involvements: The Sanctuary Staffer, Science & Math Club, English & Filipino Club, Kagapas, SASMA Music Ministry, LIKANA Motto: Behind the hills of sacrifice lies the treasure of paradise. Ambition: To be a Business man.

6 ELFALAN, RONAN JAY Birth Date: September 7, 1992 Address: Tanguile, Baloganon, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Eric Rokhol Elayba Mother: Jocelyn Elfalan Elayba Involvements: Sanctuaryo Staffer, Saliksi Member, SASMA Music Ministry Member, Likana, Kagapas, Science – Math, English Motto: If a equal success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y and Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut. Ambition: To be an IT Perfectionist

7 ELGARLINO, MARVIN CANLAS Birth Date: Dec. 10, 1991 Address: Bani, Masinloc Zambales Father: Edmond Ebelte Elgarlino Mother: Corazon Canlas Elgarlino Involvements: Likana Math & Science club,Hitara, Kagapas, Saliksi, Class officer (1st - 4th ) Motto: There are many oceans to explore but only for those who leave for shore Ambition: To be a Nurse

8 EMPENO, MARK ANTHONY ACILO Birth Date: February 6, 1992 Address: #403 Sta. Rita, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Ruel E. Empeño Mother: Ana Liza Acilo Empeño Involvements: CAT Model Officer, SALIKSI Vice Pres., Theater Arts member, SASMA Music Ministry member, Math & Science Club Secretary, Ang Sanctuaryo Staffer, HITARA member, Badminton player Motto: Be not afraid of growing slowly. But be afraid of standing still. Ambition: to be a successful businessman

9 ESPINOSA, CLAYTON MARK MONJE Birth Date: September 23, 1991 Address: #27 Capt. Albright St., South Pob., Masinloc, Zambales Father: Cesar A. Espinosa Mother: Clarita Monje Espinosa Involvements: Class officer, Science & Math member, English club member, HITARA President, The Sanctuary Staffer, SASMA Band member, CAT officer, KAGAPAS member Motto: (mens sana in corpore sano) a beautiful soul in a beautiful body Ambition: to be an Electronics & Communication Engineer

10 GIGANTO, MIKHAIL EGUITA Birth Date: March 23, 1993 Address: Inhobol, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Miguel Tacatani Giganto Mother: Benedicta Eguita Giganto Involvements: Math & Science club member, English & Filipino club member, SALIKSI, HITARA, KAGAPAS, LIKANA Motto: Go first with what is needed and not what is wanted. Ambition: to be a Nurse

11 LEONARDO, ADRIAN EGUITA Birth Date: November 18, 1992 Address: Cristina St., Masinloc, Zambales Father: Albert Leonardo Mother: Maricris Eguita Involvements: HITARA, LIKANA, Saliksi, DLC, Kagapas, Band, Science & Math Club, English & Filipino Club, Varsity player. Motto: One is enough. Two is too much. Three is a poison that can kill a person. Ambition: To be a Marine Officer

12 PERALTA, JUSTIN Birth Date: December 12, 1990 Address: Taltal, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Joy Peralta Mother: Virgie Peralta Involvements: Science & Math Club, SASMA Band, HITARA, SALIKSI, Theater Arts, LIKANA, Badminton Player Motto: If you can’t beat them, join them. Ambition: To be a Nurse

13 QUITELES, IZZ ALDEN COTACTE Birth Date: September 3, 1991 Address: Sta. Lucia St., Masinloc, Zambales Father: Aristoteles Quiteles Mother: Iluminada Quiteles Involvements: Ang Sanctuaryo Encoder, Science & Math Club Auditor, LCG, Class Beautification Officer, Badminton Player, Curriculum Secretary, Saliksi, Likana, Kagapas, CAT Officer. Motto: Before you believe others are better, show them what you’ve got. Ambition: To be a Famous Designer in Italy

14 SAHAGUN, RAYMOND PERALTA Birth Date: December 19, 1991 Address: Bani, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Zaldy Sahagun Mother: Josie Peralta Sahagun Involvements: Hitara, Saliksi, SASMA Band, Science & Math Club, Saliksi, LIkana Motto: Do slowly but surely. Ambition: To be an NBA Superstar someday

15 SALEM, MARK EFREN PUNDEVILLA Birth Date: May 20, 1992 Address: San Andres St., South Poblacion, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Efren Salem Mother: Lorwena Pundevilla Involvements: Saliksi, Hitara, Science & Math, English & Filipino Club Motto: Why follow if you can lead? Ambition: to be a Computer Engineer

16 ABELLA, MAILA PERALTA Birth Date: May 30, 1991 Address: Bamban, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Eddie Abella Mother: Luzviminda P. Abella Involvements: DLC, Campus News Writer, English Club, Science & Math Club, Saliksi member, LCG officer, Likana, Kagapas, Volleyball player. Motto: the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Ambition: To be a Certified Public Accountant.

17 BAGORIO, KATHLEEN JANE DIMALANTA Birth Date: January 9, 1992 Address: Baloganon, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Alfonso Bagorio Mother: Martina Dimalanta Bagorio Involvements: Saliksi member, Science & Math club member Motto: No one is hopeless when hope is in God. Ambition: To be a Nurse

18 BAUSA, KATRICE MARIE HEBRON Birth Date: March 1, 1992 Address: 27 Esperanza St., South Poblacion, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Calixto Dagasaan Bausa Mother: Gemma Hebron Bausa Involvements: Class Officer, Curriculum Officer, Math & Science Club Member, Kagapas, LCG, English & Filipino, Likana, The Sanctuary Staffer, CAT Officer, Badminton Player. Motto: Success… it is not the sail that directs the wind. It is the wind that directs the sail. Ambition: To be a Nurse

19 EDILLON, MARISSA Birth Date: December 15, 1991 Address: Collat, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Ruel Abaniel Mother: Jocelyn Edillon Involvements: Math & Science Club Officer, English & Filipino, Saliksi, LCG, The Sanctuary contributor Motto: It’s hard to fail, to disappoint. But it is worse than never to have tried to succeed. A man never fails because he never tries anything new. Ambition: To be a successful Entrepreneur.

20 EDILLOR, LHEA AGAS Birth Date: September 15, 1991 Address: Bani, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Efren Elorde Edillon Mother: Araceli Agas Edillor Involvements: Math & Science Club member, Saliksi Motto: Try and try until you succeed. Never say never. Ambition: To be a Civil Engineer

21 EGARAN, REGINE PASAMONTE Birth Date: March 15, 1992 Address: Sta. Rita, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Richard Abella Egaran Mother: Eden Pasamonte Egaran Involvements: DLC member, LCG Officer, Class Officer, Saliksi, Hitara, Ang Sanctuaryo contributor, Likana, Table Tennis Player, Kagapas, English & Filipino club member, Science & Math club member. Motto: If you believe what you say, what you say becomes more believable. Ambition: To be a Hotel & Restaurant Manager.

22 ELAMPARO, ETHEL FAITH GARCIA Birth Date: November 2, 1991 Address: San Lorenzo, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Willy De Jesus Elamparo Mother: Estela Garcia Elamparo Involvements: Class Attendance Officer, Math & Science club member, CAT officer, LCG, Saliksi member, Theater Arts. Motto: Dreams are true interpreters of our inclination but arts is required to sort and understand them. Ambition: To be an Administrator someday

23 ELAYDA, ISABEL QUIJANO Birth Date: October 12, 1991 Address: Bani, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Abraham Elayda Mother: Regalada Quijano Elayda Involvements: HITARA member, SALIKSI member, Science & Math Club member. Motto: It is better to fail than to cheat. Ambition: To be an Accountant.

24 ENCISO GRACE AQUINO Birth Date: September 5, 1992 Address: 0251 Inhobol, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Junar N. Enciso Mother: Emma Aquino Involvements: Likana, Saliksi, Theater Arts, Science & Math, English & Filipino club Motto: Before you say that you can’t, make sure that you have tried. Ambition: To be a Nurse

25 FINES, VALERIE FAYE ALCARIOTO Birth Date: October 17, 1991 Address: Bani, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Juanito Fines (deceased) Mother: Tessie Alcorioto Fines Involvements: Saliksi President, Sanctuaryo Encoder, Math & Science club, Table Tennis Player Motto: Smart is when you believe only half of what you hear. Brilliant is when you know which half to believe. Ambition: To be one of the famous artist.

26 FLORES, KERINESSA HUGAN Birth Date: December 28, 1990 Address: Yakal II St., Baloganon, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Daniel Flores Mother: Vilma Arnosa Hugan Involvements: Choir member, LCG, Saliksi, Ang Sanctuaryo writer, Science & math Club member, English & Filipino club member. Motto: To seek, to strive, to find and to yield. Ambition: To be Business woman

27 FRANCISA, DONNA MAE ABELLA Birth Date: May 4, 1992 Address: 292 Purok 4, Bamban, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Dante Ebalobo Francisa Mother: Marly Abella Francisa Involvements: SSC President, 4th Year Curriculum Governor, Class mayor, The Sanctuary Managing Editor, English and Science-Math member, LCG Officer, Saliksi, Likana, Kagapas, DLC Flag Bearer. Motto: Aim for success, not perfection. Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; never give up your right to be wrong, but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. Ambition: To be a Certified Public Accountant and Lawyer

28 GATDULA, MABELLE JOYCE POLONIA Birth Date: March 4, 1992 Address: Narra St., Baloganon, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Manolito Enciso Gatdula Mother: Anabella Polonia Gatdula Involvements: The Sanctuary Feature Editor, Science & Math Club Officer, Saliksi, Kagapas, Likana, SSC Treasurer, Choir member, DLC member, Class Officer, English & Filipino Club member, CAT officer. Motto: Do not boast upon tomorrow for you do not know what a day may bring forth. Ambition: To be a well-known Lawyer.

29 GRIFFIN, CAMILLE EJANDA Birth Date: June 2, 1991 Address: Collat, Masinloc, Zambales Father: David Stanley Griffin Mother: Elsa Ejanda Griffin Involvements: Science and Math Club Treasurer, Curriculum Muse, Kagapas, Likana, Class Treasurer, Saliksi, CAT Treasurer, The Sanctuary Staffer, Ang Sanctuaryo Staffer Motto: Man attains the best if he believes it can always be done. Ambition: To be a Navy Officer someday

30 HAO, SARAH JANE PIMENTEL Birth Date: May 7, 1992 Address: Collat, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Fernando Merino Hao Mother: Antonia Pimentel Hao Involvements: Hitara member, Science & Math member, Saliksi member, LIKANA member, Kagapas member, Motto: There are many oceans to explore but only for those who leave the shore. Ambition: To be a successful Business woman

31 HIDALGO, JAZMINE ECLARINO Birth Date: March 8, 1992 Address: 233 San Andres St., South Poblacion, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Jaime Bueno Hidalgo Mother: Elena Eclarino Hidalgo Involvements: Ang Sanctuaryo Editor in Chief, LCG President, The Sanctuary contributor, SASMA Music ministry, HITARA member, Kagapas, member, LIKANA member, Science & Math club member, English Club member, CAT section Officer, Class Officer, SALIKSI member. Motto: Common sense is instinct and enough of its genius. Ambition: To be a Veteran Film Director

32 LAYSON, JENNIFER ANGKAJAS Birth Date: August 13,1992 Address: 2 Encarnacion, St., South Poblacion, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Robert Francisa Layson Mother: Christina Angkajas Layson Involvements: LCG member, Ang Sanctuaryo contributor, Science & Math member, LIKANA member, CAT Officer, The Sanctuary contributor, Kagapas member. Motto: In every journey, there is a first step. Ambition: To be a Tourist Guide

33 LIM, CAMILLE NASTASHA MONZON Birth Date: October 21, 1989 Address: 23 Atob, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Sammy Lucente Lim Mother: Amy Vanguardia Lim Involvements: LCG 4th Year Coordinator, Science & Math club member, Kagapas Assistant Head, English Club member, SSC 4th year Senator, The Sanctuary contributor Motto: Wisdom is not a gift. It is gained. Ambition: To be a Designer or Painter

34 LIM, DENISE CHRISTINE CAMINERO Birth Date: April 28, 1992 Address: Esperanza St., South Poblacion, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Rex Ang Hoa Lim Mother: Genelyn Caminero Involvements: Fil-English Club President, Sci-Math Club member, The Sanctuary Editor in Chief, Ang Sanctuaryo contributor, SASMA Music Ministry Treasurer, LCG member, Class Liturgy Officer, Curriculum Liturgy Officer. Motto: The impossible things are often the untried. Ambition: To be a CPA someday

35 MANUZON, FEBIE ANNE SANTOS Birth Date: Janaury 30, 1992 Address: San Lorenzo, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Benjamin Untalan Manuzon Mother: Juliet Santos Manuzon Involvements: Saliksi member, Likana member, Sci-Math club member, Motto: People who smile become winners while those who frown are losers. Ambition: To be a Nurse

36 MUERONG, TANYA GRACE GENESE Birth Date: September 4, 1992 Address: Collat, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Gerardo Sevilla Muerong Mother: Marilyn Genese Muerong Involvements: SASMA music ministry, The Sanctuary staffer, CAT Officer, Class Officer, Sci-Math club member, Saliksi member, Theater Arts member, English-Filipino club member, Likana member Motto: Live life to the fullest for the future is scarce. Ambition: To be a Nurse

37 PASCUAL, JUNE CHRISTELLE ELAMPARO Birth Date: June 5, 1992 Address: Cristina St., South Poblacion, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Engr. Julian M. Pascual Jr. Mother: Gemma Elamparo Pascual Involvements: Class officer, English club, Sci-Math club, CAT Officer, SASMA Music ministry President, Likana member, Saliksi member, Kagapas member, Ang Sanctuaryo Staffer, The Sanctuary contributor. Motto: Focus your eyes on what you really treasure. If you treasure your friends and love ones, you should not burry them by not fulfilling what you swear to them. Ambition: To be a successful Nurse

38 VIERNES, FYE QUITO Birth Date: March 4, 1992 Address: Inhobol, Masinloc, Zambales Father: Efren G. Viernes Mother: Evelyn Quito Viernes Involvements: SASMA Choir, Sci - Math club member, English – Filipino club member, Likana member, Kagapas member. Motto: Do your best and God will do the rest. Ambition: To be an Accountant

39 VIRAY, GRACIELA MARI MIANO Birth Date: June 7, 1990 Address: Kahawangan, Baloganon, Masinloc, Zambales Father: William Agsalud Viray Mother: Noressa Socorro Miano Viray Involvements: Curriculum Officer, Class Officer, Ang Sanctuaryo Contributor, CAT Officer, Scrabble Player, Motto: If my mind can conceive it. And my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it. Ambition: To be one of the best

40 Mrs. Lorna M. Odoño CLASS ADVISER

41 Prepared by: June Christelle E. Pascual Supervised by: Mr. Reg G. Maldia

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