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Wisteria In Bloom Song - Winter Created for Joy.

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2 Wisteria In Bloom Song - Winter Created for Joy


4 Of All the earthly Music that which reaches the farthest into Heaven is the beating of a Loving heart. Henry Ward Beacher


6 Love has the power to give in a moment what toil can scarcely reach in an age. Joann Wolfgang Von Goethe


8 True Love is the foundation from which everything good was Created… The source and substance of all life… The Beginning and the End of all that is. Light…..


10 True Love knows no limit to endurance, No end to trust, No fading of Hope… True Love can outlast anything and still stands when All else has fallen. 1 Corinthians 13:7-8


12 True Love grows constantly in the Heart of Childlike Trust and Dependence which matures into Devotion that is Rich, Pure and Eternal. Light….


14 The World affairs are many, the important matters are few, the flow of light in the darkness, the feeling of warmth in the cold, and above all the knowledge of Love to fill the great void. David Polis


16 St Therese Without Love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.


18 True Love brings forth fruit that gives wholeness and meaning to life … The True Vine of Love is strong and enduring giving nourishment to the Branches which reach to never ending Joy and fulfilment. Light…..


20 What’s the earth with all its art, verse, music, worth Compared with Love, found, gained and kept. Robert Browning


22 Love grows by giving. The Love we give away is the only Love we keep. The only way to retain Love is to give it away. Elbert Hubbard


24 The Dew of True Love nourishes the Heart its droplets of Kindness strengthens the Soul… Its moisture of Faith and Hope replenishes the dryness and bareness bringing forth an abundance of Joy and Peace that overflows into Eternity. Light …..

25 John 14 :5 -14

26 There is more hunger for Love and appreciation in this world than for bread. Spread Love everywhere you go: First of all in your own home. Give Love to your Children, to a Wife or Husband, to a next-door Neighbour. If we really want to Love we must learn how to forgive. Mother Teresa


28 To laugh often and Love much... to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to give ones self … This is to have succeeded. Ralph Waldo Emerson


30 True Love is the light in the Darkness the Peace in the Storm the Joy in the Morning the Hope and Life Eternal… Christ Jesus is True Love and in Him we will know the way of Truth … In Him we will have Rest. John 14 :5 -14

31 God is True Eternal Love Please Click To Exit

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