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Words for Production 1. fable [ `febL ] n. [C] a story which teaches a lesson or truth, especially one in which animals or objects speak 寓言故事 Fables.

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3 Words for Production 1. fable [ `febL ] n. [C] a story which teaches a lesson or truth, especially one in which animals or objects speak 寓言故事 Fables use simple language, but the kind of wisdom they present to us is not simple or easy to practice.

4 Words for Production 2. character [ `k8rIkt2 ] n. [C][U] a person in a story or play; the qualities which make a person, thing, place, etc. different from another 人 物; ( 人的 ) 性格, ( 物的 ) 特性 PS. The example sentences are on the next page.

5 Words for Production 2. character Most people like the play because all the characters in it are very real. When they pulled down the old church in the center of town, the whole character of the place was changed.

6 Words for Production 3. weakness [ `wiknIs ] n. [C] a weak part; a fault in character 弱點 Drinking is his weakness. If he could get rid of it, he would be a perfect man.

7 Words for Production 4. temptation [ tEmp`teS1n ] n. [C] a strong desire to have or do something even though one knows he/she should not; something that attracts ( 心想要做 … 的 ) 誘惑;誘惑 PS. The example sentences are on the next page.

8 Words for Production 4. temptation Many people cannot resist the temptation to get a large amount of money in a short time. All that fame is certainly a big temptation for the young actor. Would you like to know more...

9 tempt [ tEmpt ] vt. 誘惑,引誘 Bad friends tempted him to cheat on the examination.

10 Words for Production 5. insight [ `In&saIt ] n. [U] the power of using one ’ s mind to understand something deeply 洞察 力,深刻的了解 Visiting London on my own gave me an insight into the lives of people who live there.

11 Words for Production 6. moral [ `mOr1l ] n. [C] a good lesson in behavior or the right way of leading one ’ s life that can be learned from a story or event ( 故事、 事件等的 ) 教訓,寓意 You can draw a moral from the story: no pain, no gain. Would you like to know more...

12 moral [ `mOr1l ] adj. 道德 ( 上 ) 的 The government should pay more attention to moral education.

13 Words for Production 7. orchard [ `OrtS2d ] n. [C] a field where fruit trees are grown 果 園 His apple orchard is open to the public. Every weekend lots of people go there to pick fruit.

14 Words for Production 8. line [ laIn ] vt. to form rows along 沿 … 排列成行 There was a serious traffic jam over there because both sides of the street were lined with cars.

15 Words for Production 9. load [ lod ] vt. to put an amount on or in (something) 往上加重量,裝載 The farmer loaded his truck with fresh vegetables and fruits. Would you like to know more...

16 load [ lod ] vt. 確認 Trucks can carry heavy loads of materials.

17 Words for Production 10. juicy [ `dZusI ] adj. having a lot of juice 多汁的 The look of that juicy melon makes my mouth water.

18 Words for Production 11. spy [ spaI ] vt. to notice; to catch sight of 注意到,看 見 Surprisingly, I spied an unidentified flying object in the sky last night. Would you like to know more...

19 spy [ spaI ] n. [C] 間諜,密探 As a British spy, James Bond found out lots of secret information about other countries.

20 Words for Production 12. bunch [ b^ntS ] n. [C] a number of things (usually small and of the same kind) fastened, held, or growing together at one point ( 一 ) 串, ( 一 ) 束 Robert sent his girlfriend a bunch of roses to show how much he loved her.

21 Words for Production 13. determined [ dI`t3mInd ] adj. firm; having a strong will 決意的,堅 決的 Mary is determined to study abroad as soon as she graduates from college. Would you like to know more...

22 determine [ dI`t3mIn ] vt. 決定 We all have the right to determine our own future.

23 determination [ dI&t3m1`neS1n ] n. [U] 決心 Her firm determination to pass the entrance exam made her study even harder.

24 Words for Production 14. directly [ d1`rEktlI ] adv. exactly; precisely 正好地,恰好 I’ll meet you directly opposite the train station at 6 p.m. Would you like to know more...

25 direct [ d1`rEkt ] adj. 直接的 When being asked when to get married, he avoided giving a direct answer.

26 direct [ d1`rEkt ] vt. 指揮 I am a grown-up. Don’t direct me what to do all the time.

27 Words for Production 15. pond [ pAnd ] n. [C] an area of still water, smaller than a lake 池塘 Many children stood by the pond in the park to feed the ducks.

28 Words for Production 16. meadow [ `mEdo ] n. [U] grassland on which cattle or sheep may feed 牧場,草地 Seldom seeing animals, those children from big cities excitedly ran after the sheep in the meadow.

29 Words for Production 17. crush [ kr^S ] vt. to press with great force so as to break or destroy something 壓壞,壓 碎 In the accident his car was crushed beneath the truck. Amazingly, he was only slightly hurt.

30 Words for Production 18. hop [ hAp ] vi. (of small creatures) to jump; (of people) to jump on one leg ( 小動物 ) 齊足跳, ( 人 ) 單腳跳 I put some seeds in my hand. Then, the bird hopped onto my fingers.

31 Words for Production 19. fright [ fraIt ] n. [U] the feeling of fear 驚嚇,害怕 When she was riding the roller coaster, she cried out in fright. Would you like to know more...

32 frighten [ `fraItN ] vt. 使 … 驚嚇,使 … 害怕 His strange behavior frightened me.

33 frightened [ `fraItNd ] adj. 受驚的,害怕的 The student was frightened at the thought of his coming examination.

34 Words for Production 20. beast [ bist ] n. [C] a large, dangerous, wild animal 野獸 It is said that the lion is the king of beasts.

35 Words for Production 21. exclaim [ Ik`sklem ] vt. to say suddenly and loudly, because of strong feeling 大聲說,大叫 “Good heavens!” he exclaimed. “It’s 6 o’clock already. I will be late for my date.”

36 Words for Production 22. fight [ faIt ] vt. to use violence (against others) 與 … 打架,與 … 戰鬥 Two boys were fighting each other. One boy hit the other on the head. Would you like to know more...

37 fight [ faIt ] n. [C] 打架,戰鬥 The police were called to stop a fight on the street.

38 Words for Production 23. rubbish [ `r^bIS ] n. [U] nonsense 胡說,廢話 Don’t talk rubbish. Let’s have a serious talk.

39 Words for Production 24. swallow [ `swAlo ] vt. to move (food or drink) down the throat from the mouth 吞下,嚥下 Chew carefully before you swallow your food.

40 Words for Production 25. certainly [ `s3t1nlI ] adv. without doubt; surely 必定,一定 He studies very hard. I think he’ll certainly pass the exam.

41 Words for Production 26. burst [ b3st ] vi. to break suddenly, especially by pressure from within 脹破,爆裂 The driver lost control of the car when a tire burst.

42 Words for Production 27. shut [ S^t ] vt. to close 閉上,關上 Shut the door so the dog can’t get out.

43 Words for Production 28. enemy [ `En1mI ] n. [C] a person whom one hates or dislikes 敵人 His angry and uncompromising style has made him many enemies.

44 Words for Production 29. manage [ `m8nIdZ ] vt. to succeed in dealing with (a problem) 設法做 I think I’ll manage to finish the work by Friday.

45 1. Aesop [ `is1p ] n. a Greek who told stories with lessons in about 500 years before the birth of Christ 伊索 (620-560 B.C. 左右 ) Words for Recognition

46 2. Christ [ kraIst ] n. also Jesus Christ, the man who established Christianity, considered by the Christians to be the son of God 耶穌基 督 Words for Recognition

47 3. vine [ vaIn ] n. [C] a climbing plant that produces bunches of juicy green or purple fruit 葡萄藤 Words for Recognition

48 4. ox [ Aks ] n. [C] a large animal of the cattle type, wild or used by man 公牛 Words for Recognition

49 5. cattle [ `k8tL ] n. pl. large four-legged animals, especially cows kept for their meat or milk 牛群 Words for Recognition

50 1. out of one’s reach beyond one ’ s reach 在 … 拿不到的地 方 The medicine should be kept out of children’s reach. Idioms and Phrases

51 2. one way or another anyway 無論如何 We must finish our homework one way or another. Idioms and Phrases

52 3. with no success without success; in vain 不成功,徒勞 無功 I felt down because I had tried hard but with no success. Idioms and Phrases

53 4. with one’s nose in the air haughtily; in a way showing that you are better than others 高傲地 She put on her fur coat and walked past us with her nose in the air. Idioms and Phrases

54 5. care for to like 想要;喜歡 ( 用於疑問和否定句 ) “Would you care for tea or coffee?” “Coffee, please.” Idioms and Phrases

55 6. by and by before long; soon 不久以後 Don’t keep yelling at me. I will do it by and by. Idioms and Phrases

56 7. with that after saying that or doing that 說 ( 做 ) 完後接著 … Sharon gave a little wave and with that she left. Idioms and Phrases

57 8. set to work to... to start (doing something) 開始做 … If you set to work to do your homework, you’ll finish it in less than an hour. Idioms and Phrases

58 9. look on to watch while others take part 旁觀 As they fought on the street, a crowd looked on. Idioms and Phrases

59 10. at last finally 最後 At last, he found out that the shiny object he saw in the sky was not a flying saucer but an airplane. Idioms and Phrases

60 11. as it was as it turned out 照當時的實情;事實 上 He could have won first prize. But, as it was, he got stage fright. Idioms and Phrases

61 12. not do anything but to do nothing but 只是 If you don’t do anything but complain, you will achieve nothing. Idioms and Phrases

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