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Build It and They Will Come: SharePoint 2013 User Adoption Stacy L. Deere-Strole.

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1 Build It and They Will Come: SharePoint 2013 User Adoption Stacy L. Deere-Strole

2 Who is Stacy Deere-Strole




6 Fun Facts Yankee Stadium – 1.5B Great American Ballpark – 290M Citi Field – 900M Nationals Park – 611M Chase Field – 354M Marlins Park – 550M Safeco Field – 518M PNC Park – 216M Turner Field – 209M Oakland Coliseum – 25.5M Angel Stadium – 24M Dodger Stadium – 23M Fenway Park – 650K Wrigley Field – 250K SharePoint Environment Build Ranges: 12,000 – 150,000

7 Agenda The History Where Did We Start? Project Kick-off? Discovery Recommend & Build More Statistics Following Up Initiatives

8 Where Did We Start? Initial Meeting – Introductions – Review Scope of Project – Learn Company Culture – Learn How They Communicate – Provide Governance Template – Agreement to “Step out of your comfort zone”!

9 Where Did We Start? Central Admin, App & WFE SQL Very lower user adoption & understanding of SharePoint

10 Where Did We Start?

11 Project Kick-Off Identify & Approve Timelines Review Process for Discovery Sessions – Who to Invite – Types of Questions – Ensuring Interaction – The Promises!! – Follow-Ups Tour the Company Formal Communication Plan Executive Sponsor Meeting\Involvement Getting to know the company & business

12 Project Team Identify Team & Roles – Executive Sponsor – Project Manager – IT Support – Site Owners – Consulting Team Get to know and bond with team members. Learn their strengths & weaknesses…

13 Discovery Getting Honest Responses Provide leading questions… When they state “I wish it could do x” let them know it can. If time at end of day I’ll show you. Discuss Full Project Involvement Executive Sponsor – Step In show support Communication SDPS Assessment

14 What Did We Discover

15 Discoveries Nobody Trusts The DataDuplication of All Major Processes Duplication of Data No Standardizations (Browsers, etc.) No SLA’s of any kind Really only use the site for forms… Graphic Request – Not a true request No Formal Training No Governance No Understanding of Automation\Forms Don’t Trust Reporting Location inability to utilize tools Aware there are better ways… Communication seemed to be a bad word Contributor Permissions to All Sites Nobody Aware of Permission Issues

16 2010 Statistics 78% 38,301 Page Views

17 SharePoint 2010 Portal

18 Site Architecture

19 Site Architecture

20 Site Architecture

21 147

22 “The historical sense involves a perception, not only of the pastness of the past, but of its presence” ― T.S. Eliot, Four QuartetsT.S. EliotFour Quartets “Disregard for the past will never do us any good. Without it we cannot know truly who we are.” ― Syd MooreSyd Moore Quotes Keeping Us Moving Forward


24 Here’s where the fun and the hard work pays off.

25 New Architecture

26 Design Decisions


28 In-Line with Building a Baseball Stadium

29 Sites, Navigation, Databases Oh My! Web Applications Site Collections Navigation Content Databases Managed Metadata Quotas

30 The Source

31 Team Sites

32 17

33 Site Architecture & Topology

34 “This Totally Goes Against Our Culture!” ― Anonymous Quotes Killing a Project Before it Starts

35 The Source

36 Usage Statistics (5 Months)

37 Search Statistics

38 Never Forget to Follow-Up Training Developers, End Users & Site Administrators Governance Phase 2 (Backlog) Communication Responsibilities & Roles Provide Tools

39 Now What? Automation is a DirectiveInternet Site Convertion to SharePoint Technology Standardization Selling Product Online!! Governance All Locations are Equal Going Mobile Additional Environments

40 Feedback Training Still Needed Accessing & Getting too Information much easier. Navigation Has Elevated Communication Has Elevated Performance Excited about Automation IT & Strategic Planning are more plugged into the Organization & our needs Critical Date Calendar has really drawn departments closer together.

41 Great American Ballpark

42 42 Stacy Deere-Strole @sldeere BLOG: COMPANY:

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