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The Power of Collaboration CRS Intranet Catholic Relief Services Or Dashevsky October, 2008 1.

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1 The Power of Collaboration CRS Intranet Catholic Relief Services Or Dashevsky October, 2008 1

2 Agenda Business Context – Vision – Capabilities & Benefits – Principles – Conceptual Architecture – User Groups – Content Management – Quality Management Architecture – Technical Architecture – Application Architecture – Navigation – Content Space Templates

3 Intranet Vision All CRS employees have real-time access to information, tools, collaborative forums, and expert advice that significantly enhance their ability to: Increase Capacity Improve Operational Effectiveness Adjust Rapidly to Change

4 Intranet Capabilities and Benefits Access to CRS’ knowledge base anywhere within the world – Staff have, at their fingertips, organized, relevant, and current knowledge resources critical to carrying out CRS’ mission Ability to collaborate with staff members and selected partners doing like work any place in the world – Staff participate in active and sustainable communities that demonstrate thought leadership, evolve the state of their practice, and mentor and support their members Access to CRS’ suite of business critical systems – Staff take advantage of automation to improve efficiency and lower risk Enhanced communications – Staff are informed and identify with CRS

5 Intranet Capabilities and Benefits Knowledge Infrastructure Knowledge Base Knowledge Communities Knowledge Processes CRS Knowledge Environment Agency Management Infrastructure Agency Management Repositories Agency Management Teams Agency Management Processes CRS Agency Management Environment Project Infrastructure Project Repository Project Team Project Processes CRS Project Environment Intranet

6 Intranet Principles Benefits – Don’t have to know who produced a resource to find it – Don’t have to know which technology provides a resource to use it – Don’t have to justify your need for knowledge resources – Don’t encounter gates to contributing to CRS’ knowledge base Producer Orientation Consumer Orientation Disparate Technologies Integrated Technologies Justify Need to Know Justify Need to Protect Content Approval Content Moderation Selected Access Universal Access

7 Conceptual Architecture The Intranet is a collection of content spaces targeted at specific user groups linked through navigation and search CRS Knowledge Repositories CRS Systems and Tools CRS Expertise Relevant Resources Content Space Content Space Content Space Content Space Search

8 Types of User Groups Supported Offices Worldwide – Headquarters – Regional Offices (US & Overseas) – Country Program Offices Communities – Programming Areas – Programming Support Functions Projects/Workgroups – Field Projects – Limited Duration Workgroups – Committees Individuals My Office My Community My Project Me

9 Content Management Approach Every content space has: – A sponsor who defines space scope and funds space management – A content manager who manages the space to meet the needs of its end users Content Manager – Maintains space configuration – Moderates content uploaded by end users and content producers – Actively searches for and pulls in external content of interest – Ensures all content is organized and tagged to meet end user needs

10 Quality Management Approach Universal Tags Content Types Space Specific Tags Content Tagging Online Feedback Provide Feedback User Surveys Proactive analysis of usage statistics Content Moderation ? Content Management Community Content and Site Organization Country Program Space Related Projects Site Index

11 Application Architecture The Power of Collaboration 11

12 Navigation


14 Content Space Templates Site TemplateDescription Global SpaceA space dedicated to the common needs of all CRS employees that recognizes variations in domestic, international and domestic employee benefits, resources, and services. Regional SpaceA space dedicated to regional office staff and external staff working with the region. It is also as a publishing center for regional news & information for all country staff working in that region. Country SpaceA space dedicated to country program office staff but also as a publishing center for publishing country news & information to all country program staff. Functional SpaceA space dedicated to one or more units that have management responsibility for some subset of CRS’ work such as a staff department. Knowledge Community Space A space dedicated to a community of practice that shares and evolves knowledge around a common aspect of their work: a programming area/sector, a programming support function, a common role, or a specialty. Project SpaceA space dedicated to a project, a short-term workgroup, or a committee for the duration of its existence. Multiple templates will be provided to address the full range of CRS projects. Emergency SpaceA project space customized for projects dedicated to responding to an emergency. The site template allows a quick rollout of common content and features needed for working in an emergency on the Intranet.

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