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Kickoff Meeting Jam 11/18/2011 © Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

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1 Kickoff Meeting Jam 11/18/2011 © Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

2 Agenda Jam Deployment and Adoption Overview Collaboration Business Drivers Roles and Responsibilities Organization Overview –Discussion of Champion Groups Launch Timeline Next Steps 2

3 Jam Launch Overview 3 InitiateDefineCreateTransferRollout

4 Jam Launch Overview Kickoff Meeting 1.Jam Deployment and Adoption Service Overview 2.Review Business Drivers for Collaboration 3.Define Project Roles and Responsibilities 4.Discuss Champions Workshop Groupings 5.Review Sample Launch Plan 4 Initiate DefineCreate Transfer Rollout

5 Jam Launch Overview 5 Initiate Define Create Transfer Rollout 1.Create Communication Plan 2.Recruit Champions Finalize Champion Groups Initial Communication to Management and Champions Schedule Collaboration Workshop 3. Finalize Launch Plan

6 Jam Launch Overview 6 InitiateDefine Create Transfer Rollout 1.Collaboration Workshops Jam Overview Collaboration Best Practices Sample Use Cases Use Cases Brainstorming Use Case Drill Down 2 Champions Create initial Groups and Content 3. Adoption Metric Discussion

7 Jam Launch Overview 7 Initiate Define Create Transfer Rollout 1.End User Training Plan 2.Administration Training 3.Introduction to Customer Success Team 4.Roll Out Checklist Review

8 Jam Launch Overview 8 Initiate Define Create Transfer Rollout 1.Champions invite users into Jam 2.Monitor Adoption Review adoption metrics Qualitative feedback from champions Strategies for addressing areas with low adoption

9 Collaboration Business Drivers Describe what your collaboration business drivers are What tools are in place today? What’s working today? What’s not? What is your definition of a successful Jam rollout? 9

10 Roles and Responsibilities 10 Sponsor Project Manager Coordinate Meetings Track Issues and Rollout Readiness Champions Types of Champions Key Contributors, Thought Leaders Content Generators Social Networking Enthusiasts Bridges – long tenured individuals, who have worked in different places in the company Cross-functional, spanning your target organization Include members of IT, HR and Management to ensure buy-in Communication and Training Plan Owners Administrators

11 Organization Overview 11 Overview of your organization Discussion of Champions

12 Launch Timeline 12 StepsTimeline Kickoff Meeting with Business Owners Recruit Champions Collaboration Workshop(s) Best Practices Examples Product Overview Brainstorming on Collaboration Use Cases Define Success Metrics Champions create initial groups and content Collaboration Workshop Follow-up Train Administrators Go-Live Checklist Meeting Monitor Adoption

13 Next Steps Identify Communication Plan Owner Meeting on Communication Plan Recruit Champions Finalize Champions Groups Send out initial communication to management and champions Schedule Champions Workshops Finalize Launch Plan 13

14 Thank You! 14

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